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by Tom Arnold, ©2020

U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts was nominated by President George W. Bush and was considered a “conservative”

(Jun. 19, 2020) — He knowingly and conspiratorially (Speaker Pelosi, the DNC, the CIA, and others) received and swore in to office a constitutionally-ineligible “president” in 2008 and again in 2012.  That was “BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.”  The High Court also intentionally evades hearing any cases which would clarify and define Art 2, Sec 1, Cl 5, the natural born American citizen requirement to be president or vice-president.  Look how this has negatively affected our country for the last decade plus, and consider the very real possibility that it will happen again (this election year?).

The Chief “Justice” saved Obamacare for the usurper’s legacy.

He came down on the side of LGBTQ, and now, unless I’m mistaken, a person can declare his/her own sex (regardless of science) and become involved in activities that were available previously but separate according to each of the two sexes.

Now, with the Chief “Justice’s” leadership and wisdom, it looks as if people can choose for themselves from several different LGBTQ “sexual identities,” even if not supported by science or reality.

DACA has been accepted and conditionally extended.

I am not a lawyer or a student of the constitution, but I am an American citizen, a military veteran, a retired peace officer, and an Independent-registered voter.  However, no one gets to VOTE for these elitist jurists!  They are appointed for life as if they were gods entrusted with our country’s constitution given to us by our wise founding fathers.

Note that no matter what anybody thinks, “Obama” is not and never will be one of, nor the equivalent of, any of the founding fathers, much less a legitimate leader worthy of any acclaim, celebration, or prominent place in American history.  In fact, quite the opposite.  He is much more Arab-American (44% ethnicity) than black (only 6%).  He is a radically-disposed Muslim who, without having any proper and valid documentation, stole our country’s presidency.  Everyone in Washington, DC knows it (the “Open Secret”), including, of course, Supreme Court Chief “Justice” Roberts and his merry men and women associate justices.

ISN’T THERE A LAWFUL REMEDY (IMPEACHMENT? ARREST?) FOR SUCH ANTI-AMERICAN BEHAVIOR?  As for Chief “Justice” Roberts, you might check to see if Malta has an extradition treaty with the United States!

Or, are we giving them the “no one is above the law” treatment?  A get-out-of-jail-free card!

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  1. Judiciary, John roberts did not do his job right to defend the integrity of this election , he is a traitor & need to be fired. in general ,Democrats are organized cheaters & used COVID-19 to do it. I would call this election as a ” KUDETA” against Trump.

  2. George W Bush put you on the court,I thought you would be conservative but you have not voted that way. The way you voted You should have been appointed by a democrat.

  3. Brent Terry: Continue to use the word “sex” as it relates to purposely procreating human beings or else just for male/female intimacy without the need to procreate the human race. Not a problem. You also could expound on that shortened word “sex” and say – perhaps “sexual intercourse”. Lots of alternate phrases and words, out there, but I don’t wish to use them on the Internet.

    Anyhow, my point is: Pull-out your and your spouse’s birth certificates from their safe-keeping and read the label within the birth certificate’s block entry that designates whether you are a male or female. Does the block entry say “sex” or “gender”?

  4. Please use “gender” rather than “sex”.
    To me, sex is an act I have with my wife and gender is male or female.