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June 14, 2020

Eraring Power Station, New South Wales, Australia  Attribution: CSIRO, Permission: CC by SA 3.0

Dear Editor,

Again, Terry McCrann’s right on the money (“Big Business Backs Energy Insanity,” HS, 22/5/20) when he berates the likes of Australian Business Council Executive Director Jennifer Westacott (and her big-business colleagues’) insane direct and indirect support for shutting down Australia’s so-cheap coal-powered energy and huge, for the average Australian, money-making exporting of coal!

[Editor’s Note:  The referenced article is completely obscured by the Herald Sun‘s paywall.]

It’s bad enough that the world now faces the Covid-19 pandemic without simultaneously having to face that – won’t-go-away – Man-made Global Warming (“MmGW”) Mania pandemic being further spread by the likes of Westacott !

So, criticism of those infecting the world’s young people with “MmGW Mania” is right on the money because the penny is yet to drop for “notable” Australians: Jennifer Westacott, Tim Flannery, Richard Di Natale and Chris Barrie – each doing his or her best to pass on the “MmGW Mania” affliction to Australia’s young people (whilst destroying their futures)!

And Jennifer Westacott, a 16-year-old Swede (now said to have tested positive for the coronavirus and whose country invented the now cursed marine-life-threatening plastic bag) excoriates world leaders, and the world’s most powerful man – President Donald Trump – is attacked for a tweet commenting on the young activist.

As this 16-year-old has chosen to take to the world’s stage and assert her views, you could say she is playing with the big boys and girls! And as you know, Jennifer Westacott, being on top of your game requires accepting winning and losing; being cheered and being booed. Can you and this 16-year-old handle all this?  Only time will tell!

And, as time would have it, last century this young girl’s country was the “inventor” of the plastic bag.

Perhaps the strength to excoriate world leaders can be attributed to her excoriating leaders in her homeland for profiting from plastic bags, via tax hikes, rather than banning them.  Hence, she perceives a great need for (now calling for an independent investigation into the origins of Covid-19) Aussie PM Scott Morrison’s truly laudable mission of urging world leaders to rid our oceans of the terrible scourge of plastics (including the plastic bag invented last century in Sweden, but merely for filthy lucre: not banned this century, in hypocritical Lefty-darlings’ Sweden).

Finally, Jennifer Westacott: does this ever-so-stricken-with-“MmGW-Mania” young Swedish girl-child “doom & gloom” guru have what it takes to lead the world’s children?

Is schooling in Sweden is so void of teaching history with accuracy as is the case in Australia?  I suspect not!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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