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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2020


(Jun. 12, 2020) — It had to be stress.

Our family was in the middle of massive stress when our 16-year-old boy ran away after doing something he shouldn’t have.   He didn’t tell us where he was for five days, in which time my husband and I didn’t sleep, were praying nonstop and calling everyone we could think of to find him.  During this time, I noticed my husband Rich looking a little more than emotionally exhausted. He was complaining of aches, nausea, extreme fatigue, headache and fever and chills.  It never entered our heads that he was sick with anything but stress, fatigue and a little flu.

I knew something wasn’t right when he said he needed to stay home from work.  He is the type who would have to be practically dead to miss work.  I knew that. The next morning, he was worse and couldn’t go to work again.  I called his boss and he said someone at work had tested positive recently with Covid-19. He urged Rich to get tested.  That day we both went to our fairgrounds where they were testing people for Covid-19. I felt fine and had no symptoms, but Rich was getting more ill each day.  Two days later he was called with the results. He tested positive.  My test results came in the following week and I was negative.

It wasn’t stress. It was Covid-19.

Everything changed very quickly.  We were isolated and stuck with a severe illness hovering God knows where.  We lived in a small three-bedroom, two-bath house with Covid-19 lurking down the halls.  Rich wore his mask while in the house and kept his distance from us, trying not to infect us.   I sprayed Lysol on everything:  phone, TV remote, doorknobs and such.  I washed everything I could think of and moved to the guest room in our house.  I kept a close eye on my husband and watched his symptoms closely to see if he needed to go to the hospital or just try and recover at home.  It was intense and real.

We had to isolate ourselves in part from each other and were desperately trying to keep our son, who is a Type 1 Diabetic and had fragile health, from getting it.  He was definitely high-risk.   Thank God he didn’t get it.  We were all very careful with him.

My routine had to change immediately as well.  I was the piano player and main singer for specials and choruses at our little church.  Suddenly, they didn’t have a piano player or any music for several Sundays while I was isolated with my husband and son at home.

Fortunately, my boy and I didn’t get Covid-19.  Last week my husband had been symptom-free for four days and was allowed to go back to work.  He just finished his first whole week at work again.  Everyone at work now wears masks and gloves as they journey through this ongoing pandemic.  Rich still gets tired really easily and has to build up his stamina.  Bit by bit he is coming back.

Regarding church, I have started playing piano and singing again but most watch on Facebook and only 20 or so come and are spread out with masks on.

We have all survived as a family but I can tell you that Covid-19 is real and horrific to experience.  We will all get through this but must continue to be careful, practice social distancing and wear masks if you can.

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  1. Did anyone get hydroxychloriquine? I have mine, just in case, legally. (I am not a Dr.) See http://www.corsination.com if you are interested in securing some for yourself, Dr. Corsi has linked up with a teledoc site thru his website, available as a preventative, or in case you get sick. Sharon, keep up the good work!