by Bob Russell, ©2020

(Jun. 12, 2020) — As if our nation isn’t facing enough problems we now hear the cacophony of leftists calling for surrender to the anarchists of antifa and blm.  Those overpaid morons in hollywood should stick to putting out their substandard movies and stay out of politics.  Of course, they and the corrupt political ruling class can afford personal protection, hollywood millionaires because they have the money, and corrupt politicians because they use our tax dollars for their protection.  The main victims of the riots resulting from the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis are their fellow black home- and business-owners.  I fail to see how black anarchists looting and burning property, all across the country, owned by other blacks hurts “whitey” but the point is to cause as much destruction to other blacks as possible and then use the corrupt propaganda system to falsely blame “whitey” for what blacks are doing.

Several devilcrat members of the House of “Representatives” want police totally eradicated while others, like the satanist idiot ilhan omar, also want federal laws allowing rioters to do as they wish without any opposition from law or military forces, leaving citizens who they want disarmed on their own to survive.  The globalist-dictatorship-minded want citizens totally defenseless in the face of tyranny and anarchy, keys to the desired global dictatorship succeeding.  If people have no guns they can’t defend themselves from roving gangs or government agents bent on enslaving them.  Sadly, many in the gop, including virtually all of the “leadership,” are part of the Deep State, owned, controlled, and financed by Nazi war criminal george soros.  We the People no longer have representation in government.  Our founders fought and defeated the strongest military of their day over “taxation without representation,” the “shot heard around the world” being fired on Lexington Green when British soldiers attempted to disarm farmers in order to further the dictatorial aspirations of King George III.

The founders understood firsthand the need for citizens to be able to defend themselves from armed military that could become abusive and deadly so they wrote the Second Amendment to the Constitution, one of if not THE right most violated by tyrannical politicians.  After the gang wars of the 1920s the political ruling class began limiting which firearms could be owned by citizens.  Those laws, unsurprisingly, didn’t stop criminals from getting machine guns and high-powered automatic weapons but did the job that was intended:  to limit the ability of citizens to defend themselves.  Criminals in the 1930s and 1940s still outgunned police because they didn’t obey gun laws.

Today the devilcrat/commiecrat party wants to outlaw gun possession by citizens.  However, statistics prove that honest citizens don’t use guns to commit robbery or murder and those who do commit those crimes have no problem at all accessing the guns they want.  Despite the lies of the left it isn’t “white supremacists” and “right-wing extremists” rioting in the streets, looting, vandalizing, burning businesses, and shooting police officers, including black ones.  The death of George Floyd is merely an excuse used by black anarchists to create chaos, damage, and death throughout the nation.  I can understand, to a point, the outrage in Minneapolis but the anarchy across the nation is inexcusable, merely using a tragedy to implement a larger conspiracy of anarchy.

Nazi war criminal george soros has long desired to destroy the American Republic and establish the global dictatorship he lusts for.  He got his start selling fellow Jews to the Nazis before and during World War II.  He was welcomed into this country by devilcrats after the war and has increased his wealth and implemented his evil plan ever since he got here.  It is no secret that soros is intent on doing evil, being behind a host of anarchy-promoting organizations.

There is only so much We the People can do.  Voting has become an exercise in futility as two political parties control the entire election process in order to keep outsiders at bay and their having no desire to obey the wishes of voters.  We the People are now seeing the “taxation without representation” that our founders went to war over.  Social Security was started to provide for a “safety net” for working-class people when they are old, but beginning with the very corrupt lyndon johnson, the political ruling class has steadily robbed Social Security to enrich themselves, their donors, and by using the money from the “lock box” to buy votes through welfare.  Today politicians deride Social Security as an “entitlement.”  I paid into that ponzi scheme for 50 years, so yes, I do feel “entitled” to the money that was confiscated from my paychecks without my permission.  As the system goes broke from theft and abuse illegal aliens who have never put one cent into it can get as much as three times as much as I get and the political ruling class says I am “stealing from the government” as if that money belongs to them.  Talk about an attitude of “entitlement”!!!!!  Since fuhrer obama, the ineligible usurper, came along moslems/satanists have invaded like roaches to add to the theft.

I know there are people who should not ever be allowed to wear a badge.  Too many take a uniform and badge as making them “god” with the unabridged power of life and death over citizens.  It doesn’t matter where they fall in the political spectrum because those who abuse that privilege abuse it against all citizens, not just particular races.  There are more white people than black people killed by cops every year but no one cares about whites wrongly killed by law enforcement.  Robert Lavoy Finicum was murdered in Oregon by fuhrer obama’s gestapo while standing next to his truck with his hands up.  I don’t remember al not-so-sharp prancing in the streets with his bull horn hollering, “Hands up, don’t shoot!”  That bit of theater is reserved for black thugs killed while committing a crime.  If whites went on a riot, committed vandalism and cop shootings every time a white was murdered by a cop the leftists would be defending the police, not the rioters.  Leftist hypocrisy is so blatant only those willfully blind can’t see it.  Leftists don’t want justice or equality; they want tyranny, with all citizens except them having the boot of tyranny on our throats.  I will not submit to the demands and threats of the left, not at any time nor for any reason.  I am old and disabled but more than ready to fight to the death if necessary to defeat the global dictatorship desired by soros and his satanic minions of the left in America.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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  1. Bob;

    As soon as the mayors and governors turn their backs on the police, there will be a vacuum and, as we all know, nature abhors a vacuum… so less than a nano second later there will be something that will take the place of whatever was vacated, and they have a name for it: “The Law of the Jungle”, a clear endorsement of why we should embrace our Second Amendment as if our lives depend upon it, because it does.

    The “fence” has been looted and burned: there is no possible excuse not to be armed, and if you have a problem with that, at least make doubly sure your loved ones are. As the motto says: “It’s better to have a gun and not need it, than to need a gun and not have it”.

    Professor Zorkophsky