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by Joseph DeMaio, ©2020

DieGrueneKiste, Pixabay, License

(Jun. 8, 2020) — OK, so the lunacy of the Left now takes center stage.  Specifically, a veto-proof (9 out of 13) majority of the city council of the People’s Republic of Minneapolis has given an official indication that in the near future, it will disband the city police department.  It is a bit unclear what department – if any – will take its place, but this much is clear: weapons of any kind will be disallowed and stern words of warning will be disfavored.

This bold (some would say “insane”) move could serve as a petri dish experiment to be studied by other cities nationwide.  Whether it will succeed in bringing peace and harmony to the city, or devolve into an even greater state of anarchy, arson, looting, burglaries, homicides, rapes, assaults and similar acts of “protest” against the purported “systemic racism” permeating the nation remains to be seen.  But do not bet the farm, faithful P&E reader, on the former scenario being the result.

However, in the interest of accelerating an answer, here is a modest proposal: Why wait for a formal vote?  Every single Minneapolis police officer – from the Chief of Police or Commissioner down to the rookie on desk duty – should on Monday morning, June 8, 2020…, resign, effective immediately.  That’s right: quit.  If you have a police pension, forget about it: the city hates you so much they will find a way to forfeit your pension anyway.  Chalk it up to experience and move on…, or more precisely, move away.

Make plans to immediately move to a jurisdiction where you will not be hated or reviled.  Maybe a city or county in Florida, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Montana or Wyoming… forget Colorado.  There is always a need for trained police and law enforcement officers in urban areas, at least in those areas where the “rule of law” instead of the “law of the jungle” still prevails.  Minneapolis appears to be headed for a place where wild animals roam free.  Yikes… get out while the getting is good.

It will be a difficult decision, both for you and your families, but just remember these facts: they hate you; they hate your family; and they hate your dog, your cat and that Second Amendment device you keep in the nightstand.  Those “peaceful” Black Lives Matter folks carry signs including “Kill a Cop – Save a Life,” “What Do We Want? Dead Cops!  When Do We Want It?  Now!” and “#*%& the Police.”  With due respect to the docile BLM movement, these are not exactly expressions of tolerance and love.

By resigning en masse on Monday, June 8, 2020, you will also deny the city council the opportunity to come to its collective senses and recant its threat to disband the department.  Moreover, you will assist in speeding up, let us call it, the “Minneapolis Petri Dish Experiment,” or for short, the “MPDE.”  As an added bonus, it will give the Democrat National Committee an excuse to cancel its planned convention in Minneapolis next August, thereby allowing Joe (“Want-some-candy-little-girl?”) Biden to remain hidden in his bunker, N95 mask in place and comfortable in his own befuddlement.

Hey, they’re going to terminate your job anyway, so why not beat them to the punch?  As President Trump would say: “Whatta ya got to lose?”

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