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by Bob Russell, ©2020

Illustration from “Chicken Little,” 1916, public domain

(Jun. 8, 2020) — The political and media hype of a virus no more dangerous than seasonal flu has grown to a point of being extremely annoying.  I already despised commercials because most of them insult the intelligence of an acorn but the last six months have seen them go downhill from the previous low-IQ appeal.  Every restaurant is hyping its contactless drive-thru or delivery and network promos are stuck on “stay at home alone with us,” running ad nauseum.  One commercial pushes online contact with one of the people wearing one of those stupid masks; another shows a guy, all alone, wearing a mask while cleaning his vehicle.  It is getting to the point that watching TV is even less appealing than it used to be.  I mute when commercials and promos come on but lately muting isn’t enough.  I haven’t bought into the “chicken little” game and haven’t changed anything I have any control over.  My volunteer work has stopped but because they put it on hold, not me, and church activity has dropped way off: their decision, not mine.

The millions of deaths the “computer models” predicted did not happen, as I expected, and the predicted “hospital overflow” hasn’t happened, either.  As a matter of fact, hospitals have furloughed and/or laid off many employees because elective surgeries were cancelled due to projected need due to the coronavirus that turned out to be fake news, chicken little alarmism designed to hurt the economy, thereby hurting President Trump’s re-election hopes.  As it turns out, it looks as though the plan of the leftists is blowing up in their faces.  Despite the lies of the left it looks as if President Trump’s handling of the hoax has been very good.  The devilcrats and their propagandist arm called the media aren’t looking as good in this as they had hoped.  Devilcrat-run states, especially New York, and cities, especially New York City, have been the hardest-hit in both the health and economy areas.  New York and California both had US Navy hospital ships stationed in their ports, ships that could hold in excess of 500 patients. Each had fewer than a dozen combined, and a portable Army facility in New York was just dismantled without treating any coronavirus patients at all.  New York has run up a $61 billion deficit and California a $64 billion deficit, and both expect the federal government to bail them out with taxpayer funds.  I fail to understand why mismanagement at the state or city level is the responsibility of taxpayers across the nation to cover.  Michigan and Minnesota, both devilcrat-dominated states, have the most tyrannical lockdown rules in place while the privileged ruling class do as they please because restrictions don’t apply to them.  Church members and clergy are fined or arrested for violating unconstitutional restrictions while the antifa and blm terrorists get a pass from their devilcrat benefactors.

I also wonder why churches are shut down as “dangerous to public health” while bars, liquor stores, abortion clinics, and mosques are allowed to operate unhindered.  I know the leftists hate God as much as they hate America but they have gone overboard to show just how much hatred they have for both.  One day the leftists will regret all this because Jesus Christ is going to come back and they will have to explain to Him how they are right and He is “hateful,” “unenlightened,” “intolerant,” and homophobic.”  That is going to be an interesting time as He has the power to cast them into the Lake of Fire and won’t be one bit intimidated by their name-calling hatefest.  If they think I am “intolerant,” how “tolerant” is the One who wrote the rules going to be?  All I do is follow the rules and recite them to the leftists.

President Trump, finally, recently came out and told governors to back off churches or face federal government action against them.  This came much later than it should have but he did come out publicly supporting the right to worship without interference from the government.  Jewish conservative and author David Horowitz has written a book about the “pandemic” and Christianity titled “Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America,” citing his concern that this “pandemic” scam is a dry run for outright persecution of Christians with the intent to eradicate the Christian faith in this nation.  Something the left doesn’t seem to understand is that wherever governments are trying to stamp out the church it is growing exponentially as people hear the message of redemption through Jesus Christ and are very willing to suffer any punishment, even death, to worship Him.  Communist China has been persecuting Christians for decades yet the church is growing.  Moslem-run nations are seeing the same result from their persecution of the church.  In the early days the Romans saw the very same result.  Rome killed followers by the thousands through beheadings, crucifixions, feeding believers to lions, forcing believers to fight as gladiators and various other forms of torturous deaths.  Some were coated in oil, hung on crosses, and set on fire to provide light for nighttime persecutions so people could see the slaughter.

The hype over the coronavirus is the left seeing how far We the People are willing to be pushed.  One significant factor of the American Revolution was American clergy denouncing tyranny from the pulpit, but today’s clergy seem more interested in not making the leftist political ruling class upset with them.  Churches have gone to online only or having services in parking lots with people staying in their cars because politicians threatened fines and/or arrest for meeting inside their building and even then people in Mississippi were fined for following the unconstitutional edicts of the anti-God, anti-America political ruling class.  When pastors don’t have the courage to lead worship, how can we expect to overcome tyranny?  People in communist and moslem-controlled countries are willing to die if necessary to honor their Lord and Savior.  There isn’t much church members can do if leadership won’t give them the opportunity to obey God rather than man.  Some pastors have defied the shutdown orders but not nearly enough.  If every pastor in America, or even a substantial number, defied the orders, the political ruling class would have to back down and we would see the New World Order plan defeated.  God will again bless this nation when people begin to honor Him again, but until then the slide to global tyranny will continue.

Grand_Scient, Pixabay, License

The critical factor in getting the One World Government established is to convince people that government is god and that the government “god” is all they need.  Once government gains the global control it wants, people will see the true “god” they have been following, a “god” named satan.  I expect to see another round of “the sky is falling” hype in the fall as the flu season arrives.  If this first round wasn’t enough, we can expect to see a much more severe crackdown then because the left is already laying the groundwork for extreme tyranny, saying a rebound in the fall will be much worse.  Worse than the non-event this turned out to be?  Where was all this fear-mongering hype when the swine flu and ebola hit during the obama regime?  Well, fuhrer obama was their darling, the hoped-for satanic messiah, so the propagandist machine played the sickness and deaths down in order to prevent hurting their darling’s policies that amounted to denying anything was happening.

The pastors of the two churches I have attended since the coronavirus hoax started have stated that they followed the health department recommendations to be on the safe side but once they figured out this is all a scam, things changed.  Both went back to service as usual several weeks ago and have said that if the government tries to pull this again that they won’t comply.  Neither church is playing the “social distancing” game and handshakes are very common.  This is refreshing because I understand taking immediate precautions until facts are known then going back to worship as usual once they figured out what was going on.  The political ruling class and their “the sky is falling” propagandists closed the country down for two reasons, I believe.  As David Horowitz contends in the previously-linked message, they are trying to eradicate the Christian faith, and are gauging how much pushback they are going to get from the population.  Global dictatorship is what I see as their ultimate goal, and destroying Christianity and President Trump are the top items on their agenda to accomplish what they want to do.

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