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June 2, 2020

“The Day Miami Burned” by Mike Shaheen, Miami Beach, FL.  Free use with attribution, courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

The riotous arson, property damage, widespread thievery and violence that has torn our nation over this past week was the predicable outcome of a stupid failure to intervene in a crime – and of “ready-to-implement” planning by those who want to wrest control of our country and replace it with anarchy first, and socialism/communism later.

The inhumane and murderous treatment of an African-American citizen by a zealous cop in Minneapolis that led to that citizen’s death was witnessed and even filmed by fellow officers who could not have avoided hearing the victim’s cries for help and to see that he was being asphyxiated.  When the video was first broadcast, all should have noted that the other cops were just standing there, watching.  What were they thinking?  Had they forgotten that their oath is protect citizens and prevent crime?

Finally, this morning, Judge Napolitano on Fox News said that those bystander cops should be brought up on charges.  Amen!  (What took so long?)  The police union should not try to defend the inaction by those bystander cops or the charges that should be brought against them.  The lesson here is that not only did they witness a murder and do nothing, but their inaction was also a precursor to the riots and arson and looting here in the US and also to condemnation and demonstrations among friendly nations around the world.

From that fateful day forward, every cop has to know that his or her failure to intervene in any situation like that will be used to “justify” all sorts of unlawful behavior all around the country.  That those bozos couldn’t see any of this as the event was unfolding is tragic.  At what cost?  What kind of better “training” is required for our police forces to make them think more clearly?  They are our protectors, we must have them, and we understandably pay them for their services.  But, really, how could those bozos NOT see this tragedy for what it was and what it would eventuate, as it was happening?

In the military, we are trained to intervene and not permit cruelty or murder among our own.  Failure to act is a courts-martial offense.

Now as far as the rent-a-riot crowd-supporters are concerned, they too must pay a price.  Whoever funded the travel of out-of-staters, organized the riots, and even provided and prepositioned pallet-loads of bricks and sent “organizers” out to foment the mob violence and even direct their activities must be brought to justice.  Nobody gains by tearing our country apart in the name of “change” – also known as violent revolution.  None of this is permitted by the constitution; yet some in our “education” establishment regularly imply that such would be appropriate.

Finally, fools who think that a “social” revolution would make us better are genuine lunatics.  The socialist-left suggests that under their governance, only the best-qualified would run things — and some sillies among us sign on.  But, in EVERY case, history shows that “brilliant technocrats” and “thinkers” who helped bring about “change” never ended up running things.  In fact, once the “revolution” takes hold, those “enablers” are locked up or exiled (or exterminated) by the genuine thugs who seize control.  You see, the “enablers” might not be satisfied and might wish to seek further “change.”  And the thugs couldn’t let that happen.  And please, don’t pretend that Lenin was a “good guy” and no thug; but rather, that Stalin was the “bad guy” who “stole the revolution.”  Or don’t pretend that Mao and his little Red Book was a good guy, or that Fidel or Che, or Chavez and the goons who trashed Venezuela were doing it “for the people” and thus were/are “good guys.”  Only those who take college courses from America-hating professors would try and make you believe such tragic nonsense.

Old Frank

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