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by Joseph DeMaio, ©2020

GDJ, Pixabay, License

(May 31, 2020) — As the nation slides ever closer toward open civil war, several points need to be made and direct questions need to be asked.

Point One: the death of George Floyd was a horrific and completely unnecessary one.  No rational human being will disagree that the force used by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin to subdue Floyd was excessive.  Equally criminal was the failure of the three other police officers at the scene to stop Chauvin, which omissions were inexcusable and rendered them accessories if not themselves felony murderers.

But in the United States – even in Minnesota – if the rule of law is tossed out the window and replaced by bricks and Molotov cocktails launched through windows – of police cars in Philadelphia, retail stores in Brooklyn and even the headquarters of CNN in Atlanta – you know that anarchy cannot be far off.  And that, Virginia, would be a bad thing.

Point Two: the legitimate protests over George Floyd’s death have metastasized into something quite different, and far more ominous.  Thanks to incitements from radical agitators, purveyors of unrest like George Soros, Antifa and feckless Democrat governors and mayors – with the possible exception of Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms – what began as constitutionally-protected assemblies and protests have become anarchistic precursors to civil war.

And with enablers like the Minnesota Freedom Fund – facilitated by not-so-level-playing-field PayPal funneling bail donations to MFF from Joe Biden Campaign workers, thereby placing rioters back on the streets of Minneapolis and elsewhere to repeat their crimes…, what could possibly go wrong?  Anyone?  Barack?  Joe?  Hillary?  Nancy?

Point Three: the rioters need to understand that, at some point in time, if their crimes and violent actions do not stop, the police will lose patience and restraint.  People will get hurt.  Some may even not see another sunrise.  And if the police… or the National Guard… or the Secret Service – after being spat upon, cursed and assaulted with bottles and rocks – begin responding with force…, and dogs…, things will get exponentially worse.

Weary and fed up with the carnage being wrought on their cities by malevolent thugs…, yes, Virginia, to quote the Second Usurper-in-Chief of the United States, common thugs, pray that the general populace resists exercising vigilante justice in the middle of a pack of rioters.  That, Virginia, would be a really bad thing.

Turning to the questions which must be posed, first: where are the voices of reason in the black community urging non-violence?  Martin Luther King, Jr. would have been one of the first voices to forcefully and emotionally condemn the death of George Floyd at the hands of Derek Chauvin.  But in his next breath, he would have condemned the violence and destruction now being loosed upon the nation by thugs… thugs of all ethnicities.

Back in 2015 during his final term as Second Usurper-in-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., minced no words in calling the rioters and arsonists in Baltimore “thugs.”  He even corrected his immediate prior mistaken use of the word “protestors” following the riots caused there by the death of one Freddy Gray while in police custody.

Second, while following George Floyd’s death, Obama has issued a statement lamenting the persistence of racism in the nation and the need to prevent the acceptance of that circumstance as a “new normal”…, his message contains nothing about condemning primal violence as a legitimate response.  Instead, it seems to convey, through its silence, an apparent willingness to accept a different “new normal.”  Why?

That “new normal” embodied in the “between-the-lines” silence of his statement would seem to justify, if not legitimize, the looting and destruction of property, the assaulting of police officers and the shredding of the rule of law if you are angry.  Coming from someone who purportedly taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago, this is an odd omission from his statement.  Or maybe not.

Third, did faithful P&E readers note that Obama also included in his statement a reference to a song composed by 12-year-old Keedron Bryant, “I Just Want to Live”?  Keedron has become quite an Internet star with his composition.  Interestingly, on his Instagram page, Keedron is seen wearing a black T-shirt, apparently gifted to him by a fan, emblazoned with this message “8L4CK 1N73ll163NC3.”  Keedron comments: “Thanks for this dope [for P&E readers over 50: “cool”] shirt.”

At first glance, the message appears obscure, a jumbled blend of numbers and letters.  But on closer examination – and employing the new “alphanumeric slang” taking hold in urban and cyberspace lexicon – the semi-hidden message “Black Intelligence” emerges.  The species of slang at issue is a variant of the phenomenon which acknowledges that people can interpret and read “wrods and sentneces evne if the wrods aer jumlbde, as logn as all teh lerttes adn nubmres aer prsenet.”

Significantly, the phrase on Keedron’s T-shirt is a part of a longer sentence attributed to now-departed uber-theoretical astrophysicist Stephen Hawking: “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”  Indeed, there is also a T-shirt with that very phrase emblazoned in alphanumeric slang.  There is a lesson to be learned here; stay with me.

Obama could have said a lot more in his George Floyd statement to tamp down the passions now inflaming the urban areas of the nation.  A lot more.  But he did not do that.  Whether his omission was intentional or not is yet to be determined.  But the fact remains, when presented with the opportunity to say something more to calm things down and condemn criminal behavior…, he remained silent.  This, mind you, after rioters in Lafayette Park just across the street outside the White House – Obama’s residence for 8 years – assaulted Secret Service personnel and forced “The People’s House” into a brief lockdown.  And they claim “White Silence is Violence.”  Nice.  If hypocrisy did not already exist, a liberal would invent it at breakfast merely to survive until lunch.

What has Obama’s “hope and change” wrought?

Obama’s campaign motto was “hope and change.”  As “president,” he definitely brought a lot of “change” to the United States.  There were scores of millions of Americans who were appalled and repulsed by those changes.  But the vast majority of them did the intelligent thing as counseled by Hawking: they adapted and they survived.  They may have despised the results of the 2008 and 2012 elections, but they did not riot.  They did not loot or smash CNN office windows.  They did not toss Molotov cocktails at the police.  Meanwhile, the Democrats, the leftists, the radicals, Antifa and its enablers, the mainstream media, all had their time to fawn and swoon while Obama sullied the Oval Office.

But when Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton and assumed the presidency after Obama left, all of those who had basked in the glow of America’s first “black president” – ignoring for the moment that even Obama has labeled himself as a “tragic mulatto” – were horrified.  Not only were they horrified, they were determined to reverse the outrage of denying to Hillary Clinton the coronation she so rightly “deserved.”

Thus, the Deep State mobilized; the “Resistance” grew; and the refusal to adapt to the policies of a new president became the “new normal.”  The peaceful transition of power that had separated this nation from the monarchies and dictatorships of history was sabotaged and then cast aside as “Orange Man Bad” became the Left’s war cry.  Stupid.  And dangerous.

Stated otherwise, if, as Stephen Hawking noted, intelligence is the ability to adapt to change, ask yourself this: who has better adapted here…, the leftist radicals and Democrats or the rest of us?  Vote carefully in November, because the future of the Republic may depend on it.  Literally.

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