by Sharon Rondeau

(May 23, 2020) — After approximately 10½ years of usage and no previous issues, on Thursday The Post & Email was notified by email time-stamped 6:30 a.m. that its PayPal account was “restricted.”

We initially reported the email as a likely “spoof,” as we have received dozens of such emails over the years, particularly recently, and because it was followed by an email to the same account inviting us to upgrade a service using a new Paypal feature.

The later email, time-stamped at 11:01 a.m. on May 21, begins:

Dear Sharon,

Thanks for choosing PayPal for your WooCommerce store. Now, you can add our latest integration, PayPal Checkout, and help support your business with additional PayPal benefits:

By Thursday evening, The Post & Email was able to confirm with PayPal that the company did, in fact, send the email and “restrict” not only our P&E account, but also the account which we utilized for the aforementioned unrelated business to which it had promoted the service upgrade.

Strangely, the notification email was sent to the email address associated with the unrelated business but had referred only to “the nature of your activities” at The Post & Email. While the email suggested an issue with the website, the explanation within the PayPal interface referenced “activity in your account.”

When we logged in, we found that both accounts were frozen.  We found nothing applicable to either within Paypal’s User Agreement.

The customer service representative with whom we spoke was unable to provide a reason for the restrictions and promised to send an email to with the address of PayPal’s legal department where we might write. We never received that email, nor did it go to our other account.

The Post & Email is now using SquareUp for donations, advertising payments and invoicing. We have found the system to be simple and quite user-friendly.

Later on Thursday evening, an email was sent to all who had supported the newspaper in any form dating back to January 1 notifying them of Paypal’s closure of our account. For those who were supporting the newspaper on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, such payments can be made here if you so desire.

Updated with wording from promotional email and time-stamps of both emails at 11:42 a.m. EDT.

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  1. PayPal did it to our fund raising and donation account during my lawsuit Kerchner et al vs Obama and Congress et al. They also did it to Atty Taitz and others back then.They froze our account for months claiming violations of their TOS, etc, without any valid specifics. After months of battling with them we finally got it re-instated and unfrozen and access to the frozen money balance. We then quickly moved the balance to Attorney Mario Apuzzo’s escrow account, to which the fund raising account was linked, and then never allowed any substantial balance to accumulate there where it could be frozen. It was a tactic of PayPal and others back then to do whatever they could (the far left) to disrupt the money raising efforts of conservatives trying to take action to expose Obama or other constitutional protection efforts. Remember what the IRS did to the Tea Party organizations trying to raise money and applying for tax exempt status. The far left infests many, many institutions and they use that influence to roll rocks down the hill in the path of conservatives and conservative organizations. They did it more recently to Alex Jones’ InfoWars account. He did sue them but closed the case a few months later at which time he reported that he did so because of something in the agreement when you sign up to use PayPal that you agree not to sue them and instead must use arbitration. IMO, they do what they do just to throw rocks in the path of constitutional conservatives and effective websites in said ranks. They obviously targeted the Post&Email because Sharon’s writings and articles are effective and over the target and thus targeted for flak. They fear her website so they wish to cause her grief. I’m glad to learn that Sharon has moved her funding vehicle to another company. Let’s all test the new service and make a donation to help Sharon. I will. CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret) –

  2. PayPal is a rogue company. Besides anti-Christian, anti-Conservative, it is a company that almost, always supports vendors instead of the customers who buy from them. I have a case where the vendor was unable to supply the goods I ordered and paid for through PayPal. The vendor did not refund the money on time. When I complained to PayPal, it sided with the vendor and said they couldn’t help. (The vendor eventually returned the money after which PayPal said they have ruled in my favor!!!). I am trying my very best to NOT use PayPal unless I have no choice.

  3. I ordered something online recently using PayPal (which I have been using without problems for many years). I received a product not even close to what I ordered. The cost was $104. I filed for a refund. PayPal sided with the scammer, and told me I would have to return the bogus product at my expense to China. It also had to have a return receipt and insured for $750 all at cost of $48 to me to get my $104 returned. The product I received was 10 mini rolls of toilet paper. I instead contacted my credit card company which did the right thing and returned my money to my account with no problem.