by Br. Alexis Bugnolo,, ©2020

(May 23, 2020) —[Editor’s Note:  The video to which the author refers can be viewed here.]

This is the video Attorney Edoardo Polacco attempted to publish on Facebook.

Facebook’s motive for action against the Attorney is not clear, but it appears to have been done at the request of the Government of Giuseppe Conte who is attempting to shut down all political opposition.

The other day in Parliament, when Sarah Cunial bitterly reproached Conte to his face for his lies, injustices, frauds and deceit, his eyes were filled with such a profound and vivid hatred, that I personally fear for the personal safety of the Parliamentarian.

From sight of that, I saw that this man, Conte, has, if not the talent, the evil intent to become a dictator and suppress all liberty in the country. This blocking of Attorney Polacco’s simply explanatory discourse to his legal clients on how to file a legal complaint against the fines they received, is a gross violation of the principles of democracy and legal ethics, which Giuseppe Conte as an attorney is sworn in Italian Law to uphold, when he was admitted to the bar.

For that reason, I believe that Conte may very well be planning to establish a dictatorship, if he can just find enough support inside or outside of Italy to support him.

Alas, I suspect that China and the USA will support them: because they are both homelands of powerful men who want a complete tyranny.

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  1. Just peripherally, if you use Facebook (or any social media) to “share” your personal photos and video, imagine the miscreants that have access to it. I used to have the argument all of the time where someone would say “They don’t look at your pictures.”

    And I already knew that MAYBE ‘they’ don’t (but their AI (which no one believed was a thing) does–I mean, I could write a program that recognized homonyms, what could a team of real programmers do?), BUT you sure do have to be suspicious of ANY concern/company that is SOOO invested in “helping” you in your “sharing” of personal information.

    And now we are getting a good picture as to why they were so intent on doing it all for ‘free’ and got so much ‘money’ for it…not just in the form of advertising revenue, but huge subsidies.

    They’ve been contact tracing us for as long as there has been social media online dating, and more, and before.

    So, be careful in the distinction between a capitalist and a globalist. The capitalist is the one that gives value back to you. The globalist is the one that disguises his/her/their agenda as value, regardless of the scale. The mini-globalist is still a globalist.

  2. facebook censors everything that doesn’t support their new world order agenda. I got banned for standing against the global dictatorship.