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by Bob Russell, ©2020

Bill de Blasio, Gage Skidmore, Wikimedia Commons

(May 21, 2020) — The deep-state political machine is using the coronavirus scam to implement its global police state in the formerly free United States of America.  Police in some cities are issuing tickets and/or arresting people attending church services even though they are following the unconstitutional “social distancing suggestions/edicts.”  Some, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio for one, have threatened to permanently close churches and synagogues that refuse to comply, choosing to obey God rather than obey man.  I find it interesting that bars, liquor stores, abortion clinics, and mosques are not subject to these unconstitutional edicts to shut down the American way of life. I find it both interesting and distressing that satan’s establishments are “deemed” “essential” to society but small businesses and churches are “places of hazard” to society.

The coronavirus is a minor flu-like illness that has been hyped and used to enslave We the People.  Just as gun control is about control, not guns, “shelter at home” is about control, not health.  I have seen many cases where the same politicians who put out the unconstitutional edicts violate those edicts themselves.  Of course, rules are for peasants to obey and don’t apply to the ruling class.  The double standard shows the true intent of the new “laws” intended solely to subjugate We the People.

The globalists are now pushing for mandatory testing and vaccinations, bringing out the same tactics used many times in the past for genocide against societies.  The article I linked to lists several occurrences of this in the last century alone.  Technology is now available to implant programmable microchips in people that will be used to implement the “mark of the beast” as foretold in the Bible’s Book of Revelation.  I WILL NOT COMPLY.  Identity papers, such as a national ID card, and arrest for non-existent offenses are being pushed in the name of “health safety,” and it isn’t only democrats pushing for these tyrannical actions.  New and more tyrannical gun-control rules are being pushed because they know an armed populace is one that can resist tyranny and they don’t want us to be able to push back.  I have the training and battle experience to be a real thorn in their side but am old (70) and very disabled from a severe stroke suffered in 2014 but I will resist any way I can.  I WILL NOT roll over and surrender to tyranny.  As Patrick Henry said, “Give me liberty or give me death” and as Charlton Heston said, “They can have my guns when they pry my cold dead fingers off the barrels.”

I am paralyzed on my left side so don’t know how much of or how long a fight I can put up but will give it my all, fighting to the death to preserve as much liberty as I can.  I realize statements contained herein, and in other items I have written, put a target on me but that is fine with me as I will not hide and cower in fear before the agents of satan.  I am a servant of Almighty God and look to Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, not fearing what man can do to me for my future is in God’s hand and my eternity is with Jesus in Heaven.  If I can’t live free in this world let me live free in God’s eternal realm and return as part of God’s army when Jesus comes back to defeat satan’s minions and judge the world.

Government entities, state, county, and city are setting up call-in lines, dubbed “snitch” lines, for people to report anyone not adhering to government edicts.  I have no doubt the federal government has them, too, but I just haven’t become aware of them yet. The federal government has the FEMA camps, funded, built, supplied, and staffed under the globalist George W. Bush, ready for patriots to be confined for having the temerity to stand up for liberty.   I have no doubt that I am on a hit list somewhere because of my being so outspoken for liberty and for Almighty God but if so that is fine with me as I have no fear of death.  This snitch line situation is reminiscent of Nazi Germany where citizens would be rewarded for reporting others for real or imagined violations of tyrannical edicts, or just to eliminate someone they had a grudge against.  I find it sad that Americans who have lived under liberty obtained and defended with the lives of patriots will turn on their neighbors for a few dollars, just as Judas sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.  Go ahead and sell me if you want to, I fear no man and will remain defiant to tyranny as long as I live.

I pray daily that this nation will repent, seek God, and turn from its wicked ways (2 Chronicles 7:14) so He will hear my pleas, forgive our nation’s sin, and heal our land.  Abortion, the murder of innocent children, is an abomination before God, as are homosexuality, greed, secular humanist religion, and idol worship.  America is guilty of all these affronts to Almighty God and He will soon judge this nation harshly for its sins.  I ask Him in my daily prayers to touch the hearts of people and to draw them to Him with repentant hearts to save their souls, and the nation, from God’s wrath in judgment.  I have yet to see any repenting in the political realm but I keep praying with the hope that the November elections will see major changes to the political landscape and an unprecedented revival break out in the nation, one that will dwarf the scope of the previous Great Awakenings in their combined numbers and effect.  Nutty nancy pelosi, upchuck schumer, mad maxine polluted waters, adam pile of schiff, the satanists omar and tlaib, and the rest of satan’s minions in Congress must be removed from office and replaced by decent people who will honor the Word of God and govern by His standards rather than rule by satan’s standards, those of hatred, vitriol, and tyranny.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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  1. https://newswithviews.com/the-proper-response-of-law-enforcement-to-unconstitutional-executive-orders/
    “The Proper Response of Law Enforcement to Unconstitutional Executive Orders”
    Jake Macaulay|May 13th, 2020

    “Emergency Powers” legislation. They are not “law” & they don’t have the force of law. Understand that they are not law & can’t lawfully be enforced. No governor in any state has the authority to suspend the Constitution. And no pretended “Emergency Powers” legislation can give it to him because the legislature cannot give the Governor an authority that they, themselves, do not have. This is the nature of executive [state] orders: They are directives or policy instructions addressed to and binding upon persons who are already under the authority of the executive, but they have no binding effect on anyone else. They are not “law” and they do not have the force of law.

  2. A-men to that.

    I am sick of the television commercials telling us we have to keep a “social distance” in these “trying times”.

    I’m not buying into the hype they think they are pushing down our throats. The Chinese flu is just that: a strain of the flu and it is not the dreaded Pox.

    I will stand with any man who will stand by me in the fight for our country against our common enemies , from within and out.

    I’m not buying into the insane orders by governors and mayors who wouldn’t know a feint from a faint, as exemplified by the insane drivel out of the mouths of the like of the governors of California and Michigan, New York and Illinois, Main and New Jersey.

    Paybacks are infinitely a magnitude above what was dished-out, something that those who pushed and those who believed in the Russian Collusion Hoax best take heed.