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by Joseph DeMaio, ©2020

Josef Goebbels giving a political speech in 1932 (Wikimedia Commons, Bundesarchiv, Bild 119-2406-01 / CC-BY-SA 3.0 Germany)

(May 8, 2020) — The Wuhan COVID-19 virus pandemic has produced a wide spectrum of problematic impacts on the world and, in particular, the United States.  However tragic the deaths of people are from this pandemic, the greater tragedy is the threat that the virus has produced in the class of people otherwise charged with “protecting” us from pandemics such as this.

While some members of this class have had the courage to “do the right thing” by addressing the threat in a scientifically rational and apolitical way – more on that later – others have seen the scourge as nothing less than a crisis to be exploited and “not allowed to go to waste.”  Persons in the first group are normally called “first responder heroes” while persons in the second group are properly called either “liberals,” “progressives” or “Democrats.”

Let us focus for a moment on the second group.  One of the leaders of the modern radical “progressive” movement was one Saul Alinsky, an American communist and “community organizer” most widely known for his book, “Rules for Radicals: a Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals.”  That primer, of course, has been the substitute Bible for folks like Bill Ayers of “Weather Underground” fame, Hillary (“BleachBit-What-BleachBit?”) Clinton and, of course, our nation’s second “Usurper-in-Chief,” Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.

As relevant to the current Wuhan COVID-19 mess, Alinsky reportedly once said, “Control healthcare and you control the people.”   That quote goes a long way to explaining the mutant creature called “Obamacare” and, now, the nation’s reaction to the virus from…, yes, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls…, China.

But I digress.

One of the other “under-the-radar” real victims of the present healthcare seizure is the First Amendment and the freedom of speech it guarantees… unless, of course, you speak in contravention of the “Community Guidelines” of YouTube.  Case in point: two medical doctors from Bakersfield, California recently had the temerity…, the outright gall to publicly state their opinion that the “soft lockdown” recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”), and now implemented nationwide by the fifty governors of the states, has outlived its utility and should be stopped, both for medical and economic reasons.

Doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi, owner/operators of the “Accelerated Urgent Care” clinic in Bakersfield, met on April 22, 2020 with a group of reporters to explain why they believed that the “lockdown” actions of many state governors, including their own Governor Newsom, were unnecessary, counterproductive and no longer a wise “mitigation” response to the virus.

For that “thought crime” and deviation from the CDC narrative that we must “flatten the curve” by “staying home” and ramping up to nearly universal “testing” and “tracing” – which, by the way, are unattainable goals, and thus appealing to lunatics like Nancy Pelosi – the two doctors have been ridiculed and lampooned by the Left and, unsurprisingly, leftist “newspapers” such as The Washington (“Democracy Dies in Darkness”) Post.

Their presentation, lasting a little over an hour, was originally posted on YouTube, but then almost immediately removed (i.e., censored) and taken down for purportedly violating the YouTube “community guidelines” to refrain from posting false, misleading or “unsubstantiated  information.”  Really?  One wonders where the censors were when the Democrats posted the “Steele Dossier.” An examination of those guidelines discloses zero basis for the removal of the doctors’ video, and yet YouTube purged it.

Rational folks (i.e., those who still understand and value the First Amendment) objected, including Tucker Carlson.  He slammed the YouTube censoring, warning that the nation is headed in a dangerous direction when “social media” platforms – enjoying congressionally-approved liability immunities – can at their own whim silence dissent and deviations from “established governmental orthodoxy.”  In the non-digital, analog years preceding World War II, that was one of the ways Adolph Hitler, aided by his Reich Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, rose to power.  Not good.

Interestingly, the leftists at YouTube need to do a better job of censoring, as the video can still be accessed at another one of their sub-sites here: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJprwe_rWeM).  If and/or when YouTube reads this P&E post and purges the video from that address, it can still be accessed on another site here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/C5HwHVyXtRXz/.  Faithful P&E readers should download it to their own digital devices against the possibility that the censors will eventually find all copies still on the Internet and kill them, too.


Insofar as the Wuhan-COVID-19 virus and our nation’s reaction to it are concerned, if they have not already done so, P&E readers should watch the entire Erickson/Massihi video – seriously, folks – as it makes a compelling case for lifting the likely unconstitutional “stay-at-home” orders now in place across the country.  Then, make your own decisions.  As Dr. Erickson notes at one point in the video: “If you’re going to dance on someone’s constitutional rights, you better have some pretty good scientific reasons.”

Although those reasons may have existed at the outset of the pandemic, the doctors assert that the actual scientific data – as contrasted with the ever-changing and demonstrably erroneous “projections” relied upon by the CDC and the “academics” advising President Trump – no longer exist here.  They also point out that this is the first time where not only are the infected being quarantined, but with them, the healthy as well.  That is not science: that is tyranny masquerading as a quest for “safety.”  Think back to what Alinsky said about controlling healthcare…

If, as President Trump has asserted, this is a “war” against an “invisible enemy” – yes, originating in China – remember that the first victim in any war is truth.  YouTube has proven that the best way to fight truth is to remove it from your website so that it won’t infect others and threaten the “accepted narrative.”  Oh…, and by the way…, vote very carefully in November.

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