by Sharon Rondeau

(May 5, 2020) — Last week, The Post & Email had the pleasure of interviewing Linda Goudsmit, the author of a sizable series published on her blog over nearly three years.  Recently Goudsmit compiled all 50 articles into a book titled, The Book of Humanitarian Hoaxes:  Killing America with ‘Kindness’.

Her articles can be found at The Post & Email and have also been carried by RenewAmerica, Canada Free Press, and RightSideNews.

Linda dedicated her new book to her husband, Rob, as well as to author, columnist and registered nurse Joan Swirsky, whose work is also published at The Post & Email, Canada Free Press, and other sites.

Goudsmit told us that her series arose from her conclusion that there is “a monstrous power-grab” aimed at consolidating authority under the United Nations to enable “one-world government.”

Contemplating her launch of the articles, which total 50, Goudsmit told us, “To me, it’s so interesting.  I’m 72 years old; I never, ever dreamed that in my retirement, I would become a political analyst.  I was an English major in college, and reading and analyzing books was my life.  I have four children, the oldest born in 1973 and the youngest in 1979, the year President Carter established the U.S. Department of Education.  I noticed the change in education when my youngest child was in elementary school in the 80s.  It was called ‘cooperative learning.’  Instead of individual learning, students learned in groups and the schools started introducing pro-collectivist materials into the educational curriculum.”

Fast-forward to today, Goudsmit observed, “It’s frightening.  Now we’re in the third generation of students indoctrinated toward collectivism and one-world government. I didn’t understand then what I was looking at, but what I understood was that when I was young, there were social pressures.  At that time, you grew up; you became a solid citizen, you pledged allegiance to the United States of America. People had differences of opinion but we loved the country; we were taught to love the country.”

Continuing, she said:

I could see that there was enormous regressive pressure not to grow up, and I could see how disruptive it was to society.  Chronological adults were behaving like adolescents. Today, when you look at some of these protesters, they act as if they’re having temper tantrums.  Even in politics, you see how out-of-control they are with what they say and do. We’re encouraged not to assume adult responsibilities.

So in 1995, I started writing down my observations and wrote a philosophy book titled, Dear America: Who’s Driving the Bus?  I couldn’t get it published; no one wanted it, so I threw it in a drawer.  In 2011, when self-publishing started, I figured, “OK, I’m going to do this.”  When it was in the editorial phase, I had a marvelous editor, and she remarked, “This is really political.”  I was confused because I didn’t write Dear America to be political.  I wrote down my observations about the regressive pressures in society and presented a behavioral paradigm that I’m really, really proud of, even more than I was then.

When I was in college, there was nothing that ever really satisfied me to explain why people do what they do.  Explanations were either too parochial and too “this religion says this” and “this religion says that”; or were cultural. I wanted some universal answers to my questions. For myself, I answered it, and that is the paradigm I present in Dear America. Basically, what it’s saying is that we’re all the sum of our parts and that we all develop psychologically on the emotional side in precisely the same way.  So there’s the emotional or psychological development and then there’s physical development.  With the physical, if you’re lucky enough and don’t get hit by a car, you grow up to maturity.

From the emotional point of view, my theory of behavior is this:  we each develop inner entities which stay with us throughout our whole life even though they’re buried deep inside.  A lot of them come from trauma. Let’s say you’re ten and your father dies:  that’s a very sad ten-year-old who lives inside you.  My theory is that we live on a continuum and that our most rational adult self is who should be driving the bus.  The seminal question is, “Who’s driving the bus?”  Is it the most rational adult self or the sad ten-year-old or the angry adolescent or the crying two-year-old?  They all live inside of us and are like lobbyists, all vying for control.  My point is that we have to be responsible for of our entities and all of our decisions.

The entities continue to develop as we age as a natural thing.  My theory is that we can be triggered to have a younger entity take control of the bus, and then society’s in trouble, because freedom is an adult enterprise.  Freedom requires self-restraint and the acknowledgement of other:  that you, Sharon, are as important as I, Linda.  We may disagree, but we agree that we each are important entities that have value.  A narcissist doesn’t think like that; we all start out as total self-absorbed narcissists; a five-year-old doesn’t care that Mom and Dad are knocking themselves out to put food on the table; he just wants the food.

In the 1990s my civilized mind simply could not process that society’s regression was deliberate. Now my working theory is: if you want to know the motive, look at the results.  I began to ask myself what happens to a society that’s reduced to childhood, where you have a bunch of chronological adults acting like five-year-olds?  The country is unsustainable.  So what happens when there’s social chaos?  Then comes the military takeover and the police state.

Who benefits from a regressed society?  It became so clear to me, and that’s when I started writing the “Hoax” articles.  I actually started writing political analysis because of Joan Swirsky.  I was thinking about these things but writing only editorials. Joan had written an article having to do with “Obama’s treachery” and her theory on why.  It was a fabulous article; I took issue with some of it and wrote an editorial, but at the time the comments were closed.  So I sent it directly to her because there was an email address.  That’s how I met her, and we started communicating, and we became very close friends.  She is one of the most extraordinary women I’ve ever met and a very persuasive human being. She said to me, “Linda, forget the editorials; you have to write articles.”  I said, “Huh?  Who wants to read what I’m thinking?”  But she said, “I promise you…” So I started writing articles, and then I couldn’t stop; it was one after another.  I started writing the “Hoax” articles and didn’t think of it as a series at the time. By maybe the tenth one, Joan is the one who said, “Linda, you have to turn this into a book.”  “Who wants to read that?” I thought. When I got to 50, I realized what was going on in terms of the attempted take-downs of a president of the United States.  I’m all for a good debate, but what I cannot stand is the cheating and the lying and the presenting of themselves as your advocate when really, they’re the enemy.

Once I understood that the whole globalist, leftist, Islamist axis is aligned in common cause to take down Trump, it really made me angry.  The enemies arrayed against Trump are all anti-American and anti-America-First policies.  Some of them are the globalists we know, like George Soros and Bill Gates; these are the people who want a one-world government. They want the UN “Agenda 2030” and its 17 Sustainable Goals which are a recipe and a blueprint for a one-world government, run, of course, by the global elite.  And the WHO is part of the UN.  When you see how deeply infected our own governmental agencies are with this — from Obama — he politicized every one of them. And the CDC?  Who would think in a million years that a public-health agency is as corrupt as the rest of them?

Goudsmit said she observed the push toward “globalism” prior to Trump’s election and was facilitated by “puppets” such as Obama and Joe Biden, Obama’s vice president and now the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee to face Trump in the fall.

Of her thoughts on Trump, she said, “He knows what he’s doing.  My personal feeling about Donald Trump is he came to office because he loves this country, and he wanted to run the country as a profitable family business — the American family business.  I don’t think ever in a million years he dreamed of how the depth and the breadth of the Washington swamp were against him.  I don’t think his civilized mind could absorb that, although it does now.  Think about who he had around him in the beginning; he had to get rid of Tillerson, McMaster — they were all globalists.  Look at Pelosi and Feinstein, the Chinese…my husband calls what is happening now with the COVID19 disinformation campaign ‘globalist Armageddon.’ They really, really want to remove Trump from office and put in one of their globalist puppets like Biden.”

Goudsmit also said that “corruption” and “insider trading” are rampant among America’s elected officials.  “It is an excellent argument for term limits,” she said.

If Trump is re-elected, she opined, “the entire infrastructure of the Deep State is going to be dismantled.  We’re going to see a huge change in this country.  Then he could really clean house,” which she envisions could include a full overhaul of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), current and former high-ranking FBI officials, and other former federal officials, of whom she said, “I wonder who is going to be the one to turn on Obama.”

“I think most Americans have no idea of the level of corruption or danger that they’re in in terms of their freedom,” Goudsmit said.  “The big lie is, ‘Everything is going to be great with socialism.’  If their critical-thinking skills hadn’t been pounded out of them in school, all they would have to do is look at any other country in the world where it’s been tried.”



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  1. Insectman wrote: “The battle front is for the hearts and minds of our children. See http colon //www dot insectman dot us/exodus-mandate-wv/index dot htm”

    The battle front is indeed for the hearts and minds of our children. See this: “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” — Communist Vladimir Lenin

  2. “I noticed the change in education when my youngest child was in elementary school in the 80s.”

    The battle front is for the hearts and minds of our children. See
    http colon //www dot insectman dot us/exodus-mandate-wv/index dot htm

  3. Yes, Welcome to the Apocalypse. The parallels with Christian v Islamic eschatology, which fit together like a puzzle, are astounding and disturbing.

    I don’t have the same affinity for term limits…unless you want everyone to serve one term. I think that could make a difference. But the crux of the issue seems to be that they have too much power and privilege. I think that some of their immunity should also be withheld. I’m afraid that I don’t know the right system for this, but I know that we don’t have it. Unless we can be sure that all politicians are “honest”…which, good luck.

    They work for us. Lower the salaries, keep a tight fist on the expenses, and surveil them BUT DON’T surveil us. Okay, maybe that’s a little far. I don’t want any non-criminal person surveilled. What I want is to make it very difficult for those in government to get away with what they’ve gotten away with. it seems silly to me that government be made up of people who all seem to be somewhat at the high-end if the income spectrum, as compared to regular people.

    Case in point, in Eastern Europe, absolutely EVERY govt official lives in areas where everything is “fabulous”; very high-income areas. The result is that they are completely out of touch with what EVERYONE else endures in these wretched excuses of a society. if you are not wealthy, you have motorcycles (and cars) speeding down your streets at almost all hours of the night and day, with illegal, after-market noise makers. And we’re talking at speeds over 100 mph, very often…very often.

    Watch a few videos on Russian motorcycle accidents on YouTube, if you want to get the full picture. It’s grisly. I have no aversion to blood, but those videos give me a sick feeling. You think watching a horror movie is bad…it’s nothing.

    In person, I have seen at least five instances of people riding over ninety miles per hour, popping a wheelie, on a crowded city street…in only eight years, which is when they started the influx of motorcycles here. I’ve seen, easily, eighty instances of speeds exceeding 100 mph…and I BARELY ever go to places where I could see such things…because it angers me to the point of criminality.

    Because it doesn’t happen in the areas where politicians live, they don’t give a flying…rat’s… You can write them all you want, you can vote all you want…there isn’t even a politician with a platform, much less one that benefits anyone in any way. There are no noise ordinances…and seem to be no safety standards. You want to sleep at ten o’clock? You have to wait for the motorcycles to stop. And when they stop, you never know when someone is going to start a fireworks show. And these are amateurs using professional grade fireworks. Here’s an interesting nuance to the law: it’s illegal to actually use fireworks, but there’s no restriction on selling them…none. Anyone can buy as much as they want. And despite it being illegal to use them, de jure, DE FACTO, no one will EVER do anything about it. And no one has ever done anything about it. I’ve seen fireworks go into the eaves of apartment buildings, almost enter the windows on upper floors, burn roofs of buildings and houses. You can probably find videos about that happening in Russia too.

    I used to think that these stupid laws were only in Eastern Europe. But the last time I was in the States, it looks as if they’ve adopted them there as well. In fact, it seems as if they tested the laws here first, then imported them to the West. Because whatever stupid thing I see here, I eventually see, or hear about, in the United States.

    With my insights from Eastern Europe, it is utterly obvious to me that if/when WE take down the left, we’ve got our work cut out for us. First, we will be an island of freedom in a veritable sea of deceit and ideologically communist countries. Even Canada will be moving in that direction, and I doubt that what the USA does will stop it. Without a doubt, the United States of Europe will be ideologically, if not actually, communist, at some point. There are twenty times more Chinese in Europe now than there were just five years ago. Additionally, there’s education. Let’s face it, our kids and grandkids are being taught to be gay, trans, communist, ashamed of any hint of their heritage…if it’s not black or brown, and this has all been happening since at the least the 90’s…and worst of all during the usurper in chief’s reign.

    And the worst part of all of this is that we have people who have been indoctrinated in that system to be stupid and think that they’re smart. But NOT ONLY…they are also HIGHLY sensitive. So, we have at least a few generations of pretty much VERY unstable people who might not be able to be trusted.

    Given all of this, it is my contention that our efforts in education have to be much greater than we currently have in place. Right now, we are sacrificing kids to the public schools. The schools are like Molech. They are eating our young. I’m not saying that everything has to be directed toward education, but we have to do a better job than is being done now to change things back to what they were, say, fifty years ago…or more.