Why Our Police MUST be Ex-Military


by OPOVV, ©2020

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(May 4, 2020) — When I ran for president in 2012, one of my presidential platforms was to require that ALL* law enforcement officers be ex-military who earned an Honorable Discharge.

No exceptions.

The reason is that ex-military took the Oath to the United States Constitution and not to “job security,” a ‘Sanctuary City’ mayor, or an anti-American governor.

The Internet is chalk-full of reports and videos of GESTAPO tactics that have taken place in our country which violate our Bill of Rights.

[*ALL: that means that every cop must have served in our military and, therefore, raised his or her right hand and taken an Oath to support and defend THE CONSTITUTION: nothing else matters. The way our country is imploding is that many — not all, mind you — but many of our cops are operating outside the law. Outside the law means that they are breaking the law, the very people who we rely on to uphold the law. Now I ask you, who protects us from the lawbreakers? And what is it that they want; what do they expect from their actions? What is the end-game? When we get checkmated? When all our freedoms have been squashed as in Venezuela?]

One Tin Soldier” (3:25)


One Response to "Why Our Police MUST be Ex-Military"

  1. Dave Fisherman   Sunday, May 31, 2020 at 10:38 PM

    A great article very intresting.
    I belive the auther is right I agree the POLICE should have military
    exsprence with honory discharges.
    I don’t belive in Police-Brutallity or An American Police state, or that crap.
    in my opion, Their should be an American natinal Police-corp,
    like Canda has and the Russian-Federation has.
    or these private=military company contractors here in America should.
    help, fight crime, as well.
    Thanks Dave-Fisherman.-N.Y.

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