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by John Porter, ©2020

Food market in Maracaibo, Venezuela.  Credit: Pixabay, License

(Apr. 27, 2020) — Ladies and gentlemen, my fellow American citizens, I ask that we together consider something for a few moments concerning the situation in which we find ourselves as a people.

This has nothing to do with any politician or political party. It has everything to do with an ideology (a system of ideas and ideals).

As every person in America is aware, we are living a life we have never lived before. In reality we are living the life we are permitted to live or not permitted to live. We are not living by rights and freedoms. We are living by permission, period.

Let us do our best to eliminate from considering the “why” we are living by permission, for it hasn’t anything to do with the subject of “how” our government is permitting us to live or not, by force. The “why” could be for many reasons of their choosing.

Let’s consider that, without permission, we are not being allowed to congregate in groups of more than ten (privately or publicly), must stay six feet apart, businesses closed, bare grocery shelves, can’t have surgery, can’t go to church, can’t buy certain products, can’t go to public parks, can’t hold school classes, can’t hold sporting events, can’t go to work to make a living, can’t visit your family members or friends, and the list goes on. None of these things are allowed without permission from the governor of your state, and then only with permission from the federal government.

We are being led to believe that all will be well because our government will take care of us with the money we need to survive; we don’t need to worry about not being able work or open our businesses, for the government treasury is wide open. No one will be able to prosper but we will be allowed to survive. Our government is saying to us, “You no longer need to depend on yourself and your ability to work and advance in life, for we will take care of you and help you survive.”

Now, states and even cities are asking for federal money for their survival. Everyone reading this knows full-well that government money must and will run out at a point in time. When that time arrives, and it is inevitable, what is left? Businesses are gone, jobs are gone, the food supply chain has dried up, manufacturing is gone, personal incomes no longer exist.

I fully realize this is a pretty bleak picture, but it is reality in the making. What we are experiencing here is but a taste of Socialism. Now, keep in mind that the reason is immaterial; the fact remains it IS SOCIALISM!! You live the way you are told to live and you are allowed to do no more on your own.

Now one last consideration: ask yourself:  Socialism, how does it taste? How do I like it so far?

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