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(Apr. 25, 2020) — It’s the time of the year where homeowners get “the itch” to start making some changes to their homes. They’ve survived some harsh winters and now that the sun is out and the weather is nice, it’s time for some home renovations. Unfortunately, there’s only one thing standing in their way… the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Coronavirus has undoubtedly impacted many lives and taken the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. So how is the world supposed to get through the pandemic? By staying at home to flatten the curve.

The government’s orders to stay home are still ongoing, but for how long? Staying home has caused many people to lose their jobs and forced people to adapt and adjust to new living arrangements. And if you know the pandemic is affecting the lives of people, just imagine the impact it’s having on the market, nationally and globally.

To be fair, due to the pandemic, certain industries have definitely benefited such as online sales and remote work, but the industries that require physical contact have been hit pretty hard… builders and contractors especially… Businesses in that industry and market are severely impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. In the realm of home renovations, there are two major considerations to think about, for both the contractor company and the homeowner:

  1. Is the project considered as essential?
  2. Is the project indoors or outdoors?

Those are two very important questions to ask yourself, especially as a homeowner. Your home is supposed to be your safe space and if you let someone in your home, you’re just putting the safety of your home at risk. So if you absolutely need to have a particular renovation done, ask yourself if it’s worth that risk… is it truly an essential renovation?

What is an Essential Renovation?

According to the Federation of Master Builders, an essential renovation or project is one that is required to make a site or home weatherproof and secure. And that includes projects or renovations dealing with water or plumbing as well as heating and cooling systems. Anything outside the realm of ensuring the inhabitants of a home are safe and secure would be a project or renovation that can more than likely wait.

To be fair, it’s also still important to look at the other factor that plays in the essential renovation realm. Maybe the renovation you want done isn’t essential… That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to completely give up on the idea of your home renovations. The next question would be where would your renovation take place?

Is your non-essential renovation indoors or outdoors?

A Good Rule of Thumb: Keep Your Renovations Outdoors

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Under normal circumstances, it would be nothing to hire a contractor to come in your home to update your kitchen or bathroom but we are indeed under a health crisis, so indoor renovations aren’t the safest route right now… try to avoid those at all costs. But if you have some outdoor renovations you want done, there are definitely ways to get those projects completed all while helping those contractors keep steady work.

Despite the administration’s three-phase plan to re-open the US economy, it still hasn’t happened yet. Plus, this re-opening isn’t going to happen all at once, either… some states will open up before others, so you still want to take the safety precautions to stay home.

In staying home, families have found other ways to bond and stay at home together, and a lot of it is revolving around being outdoors. Since the stay-home orders were put in place, people have been having outdoor renovations done to make staying at home more enjoyable.

Everything from landscaping and replacing the shingles on your roof to cleaning your gutters, there are ways to have outdoor renovations done to your home without exposing you and your family to potentially harmful germs.

If you have a large enough backyard, you can hire some of the best deck builders to create an outdoor living space your entire family will love. In fact, families all over the world have found a new respect for family time simply by being outdoors, and adding a deck to your home will definitely help in family bonding.

According to axios.com, coronavirus is reshaping family dynamics, having families grow closer as they’re being forced to ride the pandemic wave as a family. Families are cooking more and cooking together, they’re spending less time with electronics, and overall turning their home into one large space, indoors and outdoors combined.

From the kitchen to the deck, and the stove to the grill, one thing’s for sure… the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects will never be forgotten.



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