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April 25, 2020

2009 Anzac Day, Photographs by Gnangarra…commons.wikimedia.org, CCA 2.5 Australia

Dear Editor,

With the centenary commemoration of WWI ending on Remembrance Day the 11th of November 2018 along with the 2018 100-year commemoration of the greatly historic WWI Battle of Hamel in which Australian and American troops fought shoulder-to-shoulder for  the first  time (and under the Australian Command of the great General Sir John Monash); and with Anzac Day 2020 just gone, why do we still have to suffer fools like former Australian Labor PM Paul Keating and his protégé, the “Castro-red Bandana Kid” journo/historian Peter FitzSimons so often stating/implying Australia should not have fought WWI? So, Keating and FitzSimons, Germany was  never on the march for territory? Then why was the so very lethal German armed-raider Emden blown sky-high by HMAS Sydney so very, very much closer to Broome than Berlin? (And as you’re an historian, Peter FitzSimons, at the very moment of the Emden meeting its doom, the  German Kaiser was only playing with model putt-putt boats in his bath?)

And Messrs Keating and FitzSimons, just north of us, in PNG today (where the first Aussie Diggers were killed in WWI taking out German military installations!) there are still place-names today of: The Bismarck Sea, Archipelago and Ranges; Finschaffen; Mt Wilhelm; New Hanover, etc.! Who the heck do you two blokes think they were named after…Somalis?

The Anzacs were (and had every) right to attack Turkey (and defend Britain and her European allies!) because – as recognised by then-Australian Labor PM Billy Hughes – Turkey was Germany’s greatest (and strongest) WWI ally.  Had Germany (and thus, Turkey) won the war, we Australians (only here, courtesy of  British Empire membership) would have become a German/Turkish “possession” (just as Germany’s PNG area “possessions” became Australia’s after WWI) and we Australians would have been subjugated by foreign powers (with our imports/exports killed off by German/Turkish naval power)! Don’t believe me? Then you two blokes….just ask Greek-Australians about Greece living under the Turks when subjugated by the Ottoman Empire for some 400 years!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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