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Photo: Bgmfotografia at Pixabay, License

(Apr. 22, 2020) — Who’s the most important person to break the news that you are pregnant? Your husband/partner, baby’s father, of course. Apart from the mother and the doctor, your husband or partner is next in line to know about the baby.

There is a slight pressure when it comes to breaking the news to them, especially if it unplanned. Telling your partner that he is going to be a dad for the first time is a big deal, which is why it is important to reveal your pregnancy in the best way possible. However, the more we think about it, the more we realize that there is no right way or best time. In this article, we explore ways to reveal a pregnancy, whether it is planned or unplanned.

First, let’s look at pregnancy announcements when it is planned by both partners.

Husband/Partner Planned Pregnancy Reveal

Pregnancy reveals to your husband can be anything you want- from the extravagant to the intimate and simple. The choice is entirely up to you to hire a photographer or spend money on a huge reveal. You can also make a more intimate announcement that is just as special and as creative. When it comes to announcing a pregnancy to your partner or husband, think about incorporating the items or subjects that he likes, such as a sports team, favorite foods, or a sentimental object.

At the end of the day, you want this pregnancy reveal to be memorable and unique, especially if this is your first time or you’ve been trying for a long time, and finally, you’re pregnant! This is a special time for both of you, and it deserves to be celebrated and cherished.

There are countless ways to reveal a pregnancy to your husband or partner. Here are a few ways to reveal a pregnancy to the excited father-to-be:

  • The Fatherhood Proposal

Well, he popped the question to you to ask you to be his wife, so why not make it an unforgettable proposal of fatherhood? Pop the question, “Are you ready to be a Father?” with a ring in a box and your pregnancy test inside if you want. This is a cute way of announcing, and it’s also sweet to have a ring given to him to commemorate the occasion.

  • The Fortune Cookie Announcement

If your man loves Chinese food, have Chinese takeout for dinner and give him a fortune cooking with the words ‘You’re going to be a father in 9 Months’. You can then show him the positive pregnancy test or even an ultrasound if you already have one.

  • The Coffee Cup Announcement

Who doesn’t love drinking coffee in the morning? If your husband is the kind that needs his morning caffeine kick, why not make him a cup of coffee and have the words ‘Ready to be a Daddy?’ pasted on the side of the cup? Or if you want, you can also get personalized mugs done specially for this reason.

  • The Simply Card Announcement

If you want some simple and convenient, a greeting card specially designed to help moms-to-be announce their pregnancy to their partners is just the way to go. You’d find plenty of cute cards that can be bought off the cart or personalized to your heart’s desire.

  • The Fridge Announcement

You can place your positive pregnancy test into an empty milk bottle (prominent and obvious enough) and place it in the fridge. At any point, your husband opens the fridge, let’s hope he notices this distinctive bottle with the positive test inside.

  • The Pizza Announcement

Who doesn’t love pizza? You can order a personalized pizza with the words “You’re going to be a father’ spelled out in pepperoni, or you can order a pizza and before you and your husband sit down to enjoy it, you can paste a note on the inside of the box so when he opens it, he reads the message that you’re pregnant!

  • The Baby Clothing Announcement

This announces especially ideal for the holiday season or when it’s your husband’s birthday. You can gift wrap clothes from a baby boy or baby girl collections and give it to your husband as a present. When he opens it, queue the quizzical look and wait for the news to sink in before you both celebrate this amazing news!

Husband/Partner Unplanned Pregnancy Reveal

How do you reveal a pregnancy that is unplanned? The first thing to do is to confirm that you are pregnant. If you’ve taken a pregnancy test and it’s positive but still want a more solid confirmation, get a doctor’s insight to verify your pregnancy.

An unplanned pregnancy is a shock, and it can be a little hard to handle for both partners – you and the soon-to-be father. Before you decide to tell him, take some time to let the news sink in for yourself. Once you are more composed, you can start considering how to tell the father.

It would be helpful to plan what to say, as much as you feel like winging it. Here are some ways that you can start the talk:

  • Get straight to the point and be honest- It can be a bit awkward and difficult, but the best way to announce or reveal an unplanned pregnancy is to say it in a direct way.
  • Talk in private- an unplanned pregnancy announcement is best made in private and in person. Even if you are elated and happy about it, your partner may not be in the same point of view. Having a discussion in a crowded or public setting is not always the best way. If you are worried about how he may react, have a friend or family nearby.
  • Give space- as much as you needed time to process this news; you need to give the father time to process it as well. He is also feeling all the emotions you felt when you knew about your pregnancy and be ready to face the confusion, fear, anger that may come. Be open to the fact that the immediate reaction may not be a positive one. However, it’s not okay if he becomes violently angry, and if you’re worried this may happen, then have a family member or friend with you.


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