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by Sharon Rondeau

Kimg Jong-Un in 2019, Wikimedia Commons.  Attribution: Kremlin.ru, permission to use

(Apr. 21, 2020) — Multiple reports between Monday evening and Tuesday morning EDT stated that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un may be seriously ill following a cardiac procedure reportedly on April 12.

The South Korean government, however, has refuted those reports, stating that it has seen no evidence of “unusual activity” surrounding the secretive communist leader.  China, too, appeared to have no confirmed information that Kim is unwell.

According to Bloomberg News, citing “U.S. officials who asked not to be identified,” Kim “was in critical condition after undergoing cardiovascular surgery.”

Kim is believed to have been born on January 8, 1983 or 1984, making him 36 or 37 years old.  He reportedly is a heavy drinker and appears rotund in photos.

North Korea claims Kim’s birthday is January 8, 1982.

Questions about his whereabouts and condition arose after he did not appear at an April 15 annual celebration of the birth of his grandfather, Kim Il Sung, who founded the repressive regime in 1948.

Kim Jong-Un’s last public appearance was April 11, several sources reported based on a North Korean media report stating that Kim was present at a meeting of the Workers’ Party, North Korea’s only permitted political party.

North Korea is a nuclear-armed nation which has suffered famine and holds many of its citizens in forced-labor camps as punishment for political activity. The country has been cited as one of the worst human-rights violators in the world.


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