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(Apr. 14, 2020) — Gun violence is a critical topic that needs to be discussed, especially when looking at the United States. In fact, gun violence seems to be most concerning in the USA when compared to other countries. About 313 individuals are shot every single day within the country. Among these, about 103 end up dying, while 210 are able to survive the injury sustained.

In one publication, it is reported that an estimated 40% of all households in the United States have one or more guns among its residents. Among developed countries, manslaughter and murder by a firearm are the highest within the United States, too.

Clearly, there is an urgent need for solutions to gun violence in the United States. A few strategies can be implemented, which may help to bring down the rate of violence related to firearms in the country.

1. Implementing More Effective Gun Licensing Requirements

There are a few license requirements in place when buying a gun in the United States, but many people have found that these are too loose. They are not even as strict as getting a license for driving a car – more people die from firearms than from auto accidents.

With this in mind, learning how to prevent gun violence in the United States should really start with stricter license requirements for people who want to buy a gun.

Selling a firearm should ideally require a minimum age – but also a license. The license should only be provided to the person once they have undergone a more in-depth course on gun control and safety measures. This will ensure the person is better prepared to handle a gun – and also ensure those who want to buy a gun for criminal purposes have a reduced chance of getting their hands on these firearms.

2. Improved Parent Education About Gun Safety

There are many homes in the United States where guns and children are located simultaneously. Guns pose a threat to young children – especially if the gun is not securely stored in a safe.

Pediatricians should be provided with data that ensure they are able to effectively implement safety precautions among parents with guns in the home. The pediatrician should ensure they ask about guns in the home whenever they receive a new patient.

Parents who agree that they do have a gun at home should be provided with information on gun safety. The parents should also be made aware that young children are curious – and in some cases, a child as young as three years will be able to pick up a gun and shoot it.

The parents should be asked if they have a gun safe and where the gun is being stored. They should also acknowledge they understand the dangers.

3. Implementing Smart Technology In Firearms

Smart technology has made the world much more convenient. When it comes to writing a gun control essay, one of the best solutions that could be suggested is to implement smart technology in the firearms used among people in the United States.

Smartphones use face detection features and fingerprint sensors to verify it is the owner of the mobile device that wants to unlock it. The technology is used in a wide range of appliances and electronics – so why not implement a similar solution with firearms?

These details are often provided in a gun control essay, too. Examples can be seen at Fingerprint sensors can be used to calibrate the gun to the owner upon purchase. This ensures only the owner of the gun, who presented a gun license during the purchasing process, is able to unlock and use the gun.

This would reduce firearm theft – and there is a significant number of cases where stolen firearms are used in criminal activities.

4. Stop Giving Firearm Manufacturers Immunity

One of the biggest issues with firearm violence in the United States is the fact that gun manufacturers are provided legal immunity. This means the misuse of products these companies manufacture cannot be blamed on the business or brand.

With other products, there are often legal steps taken – when a supplement causes people to experience harmful health effects, the supplement is taken off the market. Improvements need to be made and reviewed before the supplement can be returned to the market.

Nothing like this has been in place for gun manufacturers since the year 2005.

Gun manufacturers need to be held responsible for failing to implement appropriate safety features in the firearms they produce. This would at least ensure these manufacturers research new ways to make firearms purchased by the average consumer a significantly safer product to own.

The immunity given to gun manufacturers is considered pro-gun action. Without any laws that govern the manufacturing of these companies, safety features will not become a priority, which means the world will continue to see a significant number of accidents happening among households that own a firearm. Increasing gun safety features is not a complete solution to gun control, but at least it could help reduce the risk of these accidents.


The United States is faced with a serious problem related to gun violence. A solution to gun control is urgently needed to reduce the rate at which people are killed with firearms in the country. There are a few different options that can be considered. Ultimately, cooperation from the citizens of the country would also be needed.

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  1. Contributor wrote:
    “About 313 individuals are shot every single day within the country. Among these, about 103 end up dying, while 210 are able to survive the injury sustained.”

    According to the CDC, suicides account for 60% of gun deaths in America, murders account for 37% of gun deaths in America and all other gun-related deaths (including mass shootings) account for 3% of gun deaths in America.

    37% of 103 = 38 murders by guns every single day in America.

    About 2,739 individuals are murdered every single day in America via abortion on demand.

    That’s SEVENTY TWO times as many as by guns.

    The Unites States is indeed faced with a serious problem. A solution to abortion on demand is indeed urgently needed to reduce the rate at which people are murdered with the tools of abortion in the country. There are indeed a few different options that can be considered. Ultimately, cooperation from the citizens of the country would indeed also be needed.

  2. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.”

    Why should we listen to people who either cannot read the Constitution or do not respect it?

  3. When I was a presidential candidate in 2012, one of my platforms was have gun safety and marksmanship taught at the high school level and upon graduating all girls who passed the courses would be given a lightweight revolver along with her diploma.

    One has to wonder if there would be any gun-violence victims if the victims were likewise armed.