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by Joseph DeMaio, ©2020


(Apr. 13, 2020) — OK, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Boris Johnson, has been released from St. Thomas’ Hospital in London after having been treated for (and essentially “cured”) of the Wuhan/COVID-19 virus.  The short version of the story (the long version is found here: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8211821/Ive-got-b-r-thing-Boris-Johnsons-verdict-battling-coronavirus.html) is that Johnson first tried to battle the virus on his own, but when that was failing, he was convinced that he should go to the hospital.

When first admitted, he was placed on an oxygen tube administered nasally.  But when he continued to deteriorate, he was secretly moved to a special intensive care unit (“ICU”) on the top floor of the hospital.  Oddly, the news reports suggest that he was not placed on a ventilator, despite being transferred to the ICU, and received only “standard oxygen treatment.”  When first moved to the ICU, his chances of survival were described as “50/50,” and people began seriously to worry.

It was then that Johnson was, apparently, administered the only element responsible for his recovery and eventual discharge from the hospital: oxygen.  In a video he released after his discharge, he offered effusive thanks to the medical personnel at the hospital and to the National Health Service (“NHS”).  In the video, he singles out in particular two nurses – Jenny from New Zealand and Luis from Portugal – as staying by his ICU bedside for 48 hours straight monitoring the steady flow of oxygen into his lungs.

The only element mentioned by Johnson as being part of his “miraculous” recovery was oxygen: no mention of hydroxychloroquine; no mention of azithromycin; no mention of zinc.  The first two medicines and the one element (zinc) are the three most often-cited commodities as ingredients in a “cocktail” which has been successfully administered to thousands of Wuhan/COVID19 patients, leading to their swift recovery.  The fact that the two medicines and the one element have not yet completed many months, if not years, of “clinical trials” to validate their efficacy for “off-label” use today is irrelevant: they work; they should be seriously considered for use if a doctor-patient relationship – as opposed to a government agency directive or WaPo editorial – justifies it.

The London Daily Mail has reported (see long story version link above) that the hospital switchboard “melted down” with calls from everywhere, including calls from the White House offering drugs to treat Johnson as well as calls from China making similar offers.  While the newspaper article does not identify the drugs being offered by the “White House” – presumably referencing President Trump – it is a safe bet that those drugs were hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin and/or zinc.  One can only guess what the Chinese were offering, but it is also a relatively safe bet that it was not elixir of Wuhan bat.

The Daily Mail reports that “[n]one of the offers was accepted…,” and added a quote reading: “We’re confident the Prime Minister is receiving the best possible care from the National Health Service,’ No10 [Downing Street] said curtly on Tuesday morning.”

Curtly?  Really?

OK, let us assume that Johnson did not take any of the noted medicines or zinc and yet still…, miraculously…, with the attention of Jenny and Luis and lots of pure oxygen, he recovered.  The video he released does, in fact, confirm that the person who was once on death’s doorstep is now past the crisis, on the mend and recuperating nicely.  Hmmm… this sounds a lot like the experience of dozens of “anecdotal” (i.e., doctor-speak for “not-yet-clinically-proven-thus-inconclusive-and-maybe-dangerous”) cases where patients who took the “cocktail” are now free of the virus and up and about, complete with antibodies.

One such politician is Michigan state Democrat legislator Karen Whitsett, who thanked President Trump for mentioning hydroxychloroquine, leading her to get her doctor to prescribe it for her.  While Boris Johnson thanks the NHS, Jenny and Luis for saving his life (with the help of oxygen), Whitsett thanks President Trump.  Whitsett may be one Democrat who your humble servant would exempt from the advice that all Democrats be voted out of office in November.  And, by the way, has anyone heard if Chris Cuomo is taking any medications?


The bottom line here is that the “cocktail” appears to be an efficacious stopgap remedy for a serious pandemic until a vaccine can be developed and “clinical trials” completed… maybe sometime in late 2021 or early 2022.  Until then, the medicinal approach – maybe even hydroxychloroquine + oxygen – with proper physician prescription and patient-informed consent, is no longer an “anecdotal” weapon in the battle, despite what the nation is being told by China, the WHO, CNN, MSNBC, the Gray Trollop and, inferentially, Drs. Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx of the White House Wuhan/COVID-19 Response Task Force.

Accordingly, while President Trump continues to call this a battle with an “invisible enemy,” it is not.  The true enemy is China and its enablers and, for anyone willing to remove his or her blindfold, all are quite visible.  Chief among those enablers is the WHO.  Had China and the WHO told the world the truth about the virus – rather than lied about it – when it first slithered out of Wuhan, the planet would be an entirely different place than it is today.

For the time being, it also probably makes sense to withhold judgment on whether the launch of the virus was precipitated by gross negligence…, or willful intent.  Many experts have already opined that the virus is “definitely not” a biological weapon but instead a mutated strain of a “naturally evolving” virus.  Dean Cheng, Senior Research Fellow for Asian studies at The Heritage Foundation, notes that “far deadlier pathogens exist.  If the Chinese wanted to develop a biological weapon, it’s likely its communist government would have aimed for something far more lethal than COVID-19.”

However, for that very reason, it may well have been that the virus was developed as a “natural” one rather than as a constructed “pathogen” in order to camouflage its true nature, thus undermining any conclusion that it was a biological “weapon.”  This view, of course, comes close to tinfoil hat conspiracy theories, but even such theories have on occasion proven to be true.

In this regard, it is noteworthy that the theory that the virus is “natural” and is not a camouflaged weapon is being severely eroded by China’s attempts to now frustrate researchers in their efforts to trace and identify its origins.  Much like the ongoing criminal investigation efforts of John Durham to discover the origins of the Deep State’s seditious pogrom against President Trump, only time will tell if the Wuhan/COVID-19 virus was a “natural” occurrence…, or something else.

Why, pray tell, would China want to frustrate efforts to find out what happened?  Might there be something to hide?  If ultimately it is discovered that China intentionally loosed this pandemic on the world, that action – by definition – would constitute an act of war.  And if proof of that emerges as the reality, then the question becomes: Now what?

At bottom, however, given the experience President Trump endured when he spoke favorably, but cautiously, about hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, one can only hope that, following Boris Johnson’s recovery, the president does not speak favorably of the element “oxygen.”  The media hyenas’ brains would explode across the Internet.

Wait…, wait…, would that really be a bad thing …. ?

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  1. I don’t think that you can be too tinfoil hat when it comes to China. I’m constantly derided for racism when I say this…I guess having eyes open is racist…in Eastern Europe there are twenty times more Chinese than there were only FIVE years ago. They are NOT coming here to assimilate because they are “escaping” the CCP. They proud communists and they will tell you that. They are also being sponsored by both China and the country that they are occupying, and intend to convert to a little Chinese model. The people will tell you nothing about what they are actually doing in these places.