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by Joseph DeMaio, ©2020


(Apr. 11, 2020) — By now, unless you limit your information sources to CNN, MSNBC, the Gray Trollop or the Wa (“Democracy Dies in Darkness”) Po, you know that the core reason why the Wuhan/COVID-19 pandemic has enveloped the world in both a clinical as well as an economic calamity resides in the blatant lies originally (and still) offered up by the Chinese Communist Party of Mainland China.  Those lies included that (1) the virus could not be transmitted between humans; (2) the outbreak had been contained to the City of Wuhan; (3) the virus was, in any event, not the product of a Wuhan “wet market” but instead had been deployed by U.S. military forces in that city, and (4) a travel ban on Chinese air travelers would be ineffective.

All four of those statements were lies.  Recall that a “lie” is a statement known by the speaker of the lie to be false with the intent that the recipient of the lie accept it as true and rely upon it as true.  Thus, a mere careless or negligent misstatement of a fact, while false, is not a true “lie.”   Stated otherwise, China lied…, people died.

The Leftist/Democrat sycophant media in this country picked up on the lies and launched a 24/7 attack on President Trump because he had the nerve to doubt the lies and, in particular, because he purportedly “overreacted” with the slander that he was a “xenophobe” when early in the game – January 31, 2020, to be exact – he barred the entry into the United States of foreign travelers from China.  Even the “vaunted” (more on that adjective later) Dr. Anthony Fauci from the White House pandemic task force characterized that one action as going a long way toward fighting the spread of the virus in this country.

However, not only did China lie and not only did the media hyenas enthusiastically repeat the lies, the same were ratified and perpetuated by that watchdog over global health matters, the World Health Organization… the “WHO.”  This organization, of course, is not to be confused with “Dr. Who,” a time-traveling alien intent on saving civilizations and helping people in need.  Today’s WHO is becoming the antithesis of Dr. Who.

The current “Director General” of the Geneva-based United Nations-spawned organization is one Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, an Ethiopian microbiologist and internationally-recognized malaria researcher.  Remember that malaria connection, as it will come in handy later.

Throughout this ordeal, Ghebreyesus has been a puppet defender of China and the lies it has spread – as well as the truthful facts it has suppressed – all to the patent detriment of the world.  When President Trump suggested that the United States was considering suspending the annual multi-millions of dollars in donations it makes to the WHO because of its conspiratorial actions with its partner in crime, China, Ghebreyesus had the gall to admonish President Trump to “please don’t politicize this virus.”

Really?  Pointing out that Ghebreyesus and the WHO are the enablers for China’s continued lies and spread of the pandemic is political?   Since when has the exposure of deadly, toxic deceit morphed into a “political” attack?  Oh, wait…, right…, when China and the American mainstream media deem it so.

Ghebreyesus goes on in his YouTube soliloquy to suggest that President Trump is “exploiting” the situation and that, as a result, “there will be many more body bags.”  Memo to Ghebreyesus: how many fewer body bags would have been needed had you not lied and covered-up for China? He adds that “[w]e don’t do politics in WHO, we don’t … but I assure you, we would do everything right in WHO.  We would do everything that we can to serve humanity.”  That too, is a lie.  What he means is that WHO (under his “leadership”) will do that which China will either (a) direct him to do, or (b) allow him to do.  Ghebreyesus is, to use a polite, clinical term, a jerk.  Pretty much all you need to know about the incestuous relationship between and among AdhanomGhebreyesus, the WHO and China is chronicled here.

NIAID Director Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, Wikimedia Commons, public domain

Oh, and don’t forget that Dr. Anthony (“papers, please?” Fauci on the White House virus task force, when asked at the March 25, 2020 virus briefing press conference for his opinion on Ghebreyesus, responded:

“So, Tedros is really an outstanding person.  I’ve known him from the time that he was the Minister of Health of Ethiopia.  I mean, obviously, over the years, anyone who says that the WHO has not had problems has not been watching the WHO.  But I think, under his leadership, they’ve done very well.  He has been all over this.  I was on the phone with him a few hours ago leading a WHO call.”

Tedros?  Cozy first-name buddies, huh, Dr. Fauci?  Recall as well that Ghebreyesus, as a malaria research expert, knows about hydroxychloroquine.  Faithful P&E readers also know about it and the dramatic – even lifesaving – benefits it has thus far confirmed in the fight against the virus while a vaccine gets developed.

So what is the position of the WHO and Ghebreyesus regarding hydroxychloroquine?  Glad you asked: https://www.who.int/blueprint/priority-diseases/key-action/RD-Blueprint-expert-group-on-CQ-call-Mar-13-2020.pdf?ua=1.  At p. 4 of the WHO “R&D Blueprint for fighting the Wuhan/COVID-19 virus,” we find this:

“A recent in vitro study shows hydroxychloroquine to have greater antiviral activity against SARS CoV-2 in Vero cell lines than chloroquine. However, another recently published RCT study in China with hydroxychloroquine involving 30 COVID 19 patients with mild to moderate symptoms shows no significant reduction in time to clinical improvement or viral clearance in the hydroxychloroquine arm compared to the conventional therapy control group.” (Emphasis added)

So, against the “on the ground, real-time, rubber meets the road” results documented by U.S. doctors who have successfully administered hydroxychloroquine to hundreds of their patients – and, in the process, put them on the path to recovery – the WHO offers up a research study on 30 Chinese patients in China where the drug showed – purportedly, so they say… wink… wink… – “no significant reduction in time to clinical improvement.”  Amazing.  The pogrom against the use of the drug in this fight thus appears to be firmly entrenched in the minds of the Chinese, the WHO, Ghebreyesus, Fauci and America’s propaganda jackals at CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, the Gray Trollop and the WaPo.

Not only is the statement by “Tedros” that the WHO is doing everything possible to “serve humanity” false, it is dangerously false.  While China, the WHO, Ghebreyesus and Fauci may not be fans of hydroxychloroquine, the people who have thus far seen swift, sometimes immediate “clinical improvement” are.  So when Fauci says of Ghebreyesus that “he has been all over this,” by the term “all over,” he probably means that “Tedros” was “finished” with considering the drug as an effective interim palliative rather than that he was “concentrating on examining its utility.”

With “friends” like “Tedros” at the WHO – ahem, claimed by Fauci as “a really outstanding person” – President Trump does not need more enemies.

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