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by Tom Arnold, ©2020

President Donald Trump speaks at April 7, 2020 White House Coronavirus Task Force briefing

(Apr. 9, 2020) — On April 7, 2020, President Trump stated in regard to “Obama” not endorsing Joe Biden, “HE (‘OBAMA’) KNOWS SOMETHING THAT YOU DON’T KNOW, THAT I THINK I KNOW, THAT YOU DON’T KNOW.”

Anyone care to reveal, or even take a wild guess, as to what President Trump meant by that statement?

My own guess (an educated guess, but one resulting from having followed and investigated “Barack Hussein Obama” for more than a decade) is that Trump knows that former VP Biden was chosen by and served under a constitutionally-unqualified “president” who called himself “Barack Hussein Obama.”  Whether Biden knew it or not (considering “Uncle Joe’s” rather deficient mental capacity) is not known.  However, ODDS ARE THAT BIDEN DID KNOW THAT “OBAMA” WAS AN UNDOCUMENTED, FOREIGN-BORN MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, FRAUD, AND USURPER, not a natural born American Citizen (required by Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of our U.S. Constitution).


If Biden himself isn’t guilty of treason, he most certainly is guilty of MISPRISION OF TREASON.

Even I, a rather ordinary American citizen (albeit a military veteran and a retired law-enforcement officer) am aware of the following facts and sick treasonous truths about “Barack Hussein Obama.”  Do you think that Joe Biden does not know these things?  Not a chance!

“Obama” was/is FOREIGN-BORN by his own admission.  In a 1991 bio, “Barack Hussein Obama” was said to have been born in KENYA.  This revelation remained intact and unchallenged for over sixteen years until 2007, when “Obama” and his handlers decided that the time was right for him to run for president/dictator of the United States.  “Obama’s” birth was then said to have been in Hawaii.  Do any of you suppose that, for all those years (1991-2007), “Obama” forgot to proofread his own bio?  I say, “Heck, no!”  In all likelihood, “Obama” wrote the bio!

“Obama’s” alleged Hawaiian birth certificate (which he released to the American public on or about 2011 after its existence had been questioned by Donald J. Trump) is a FORGERY.  One theory is that the CIA, in the person of John Brennan, was responsible for producing the forgery.

“Obama’s” Social Security Number is not real.  In fact, “Obama” has used dozens of SNNs throughout his life and even filed his federal income taxes for the year 2009 with the IRS in 2010 using one of the bogus SSNs (which belonged to a dead man) while he was president!  CAN YOU SAY “IDENTITY THEFT?”  “TAX FRAUD?”

“Obama,” or others acting on his behalf (the Chicago draft board?) BACKDATED AND FORGED his Selective Service registration form (draft card).  This offense DISQUALIFIES the guilty party from ever serving as commander-in-chief (president).  So, how did “Obama” become commander-in-chief and president?  I suggest that you ask John Brennan, the CIA, and the DNC.

All of the above, which you mayor may not have read, can be easily researched and verified, and much, much more.

SO, WHAT’S JOE BIDEN’S MODUS OPERANDI (aside from being a co-conspirator and pawn of treasoner “Barack Hussein Obama”)?  What about political interference in the Ukraine (Burisma) and big monetary profits for the Biden family, and, more of the same from Communist China?

Tell me I’m wrong (and be prepared to prove it).  Otherwise, I say that former VP Joe Biden is a crook and a remorseless “Obama” criminal co-conspirator.

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  1. My comments on muslim Obama are pending moderation, whatever it means, and from Whom?
    Why are you protecting this traitor? His birth certificate has been sealed, democrats are protecting his true identity. Same goes for Michael true gender.

  2. Muslim Obama’s arrogance is portrayed on fake media, like a super hero.

    Exposed crimes are finally surfacing about Barak, Michael and their sick trashy mob.

    AG Barr & Supreme Court must get involved in arresting these traitors.

  3. Randy Disher, “Trump lies a lot”? That’s your argument? Obama practices organized prevarication known as “Taqiya”, a part of his “Muslim faith”. Yes. Obama referred to his “Muslim faith” in an interview with George Stephanopolous.

    It’s Obama who is the liar. His mendacities are many and his fraud against the United States is a immutable fact. Obama usurped the presidency by fraud during time of war. That makes Obama both a Traitor and a Spy under 18USC and 10USC respectively.

  4. Bad advice from politicians around President Donald J. Trump before the 2016 presidential election of 2016 is the reason
    he Donald J. Trump as presidential candidate said he believed that Obama was born in the US without saying Obama is NBC.

  5. Reportedly, Barry’s publicist, Acton & Dystel, revised his bio in their multi-bio pamphlet multiple times from 1991 to 2007 to reflect additions to his life story. If that is true then only a fool or truth denier would believe that Barry never read it and never noticed that the the first sentence said he was born in Kenya.

    Also, I recall Trump upping his $5 Million offer to $50 Million…crickets from Barry.

    Barack Hussein Obama, alias Barry Soetoro (Indonesian grade school registration), alias Soebarkah (mother’s passport) lied on his application to be on the Democrat primary ballot in 2008…he intentionally left the “Alias” box blank.

  6. Trump was one of the very few high-profile people that challenged Barry. Trump offered $5 million to a charity of Barry’s choice if Barry released his school records. Barry and the media cares so little about helping people that a Barry did nothing and the media attacked Trump.

    As for writing his own bio, of corse Barry did. He is the only person that knows all of what he has done in life. I am a published author of a book used in colleges and had to write my bio. How could someone at the publishing corporation know my full background?

  7. Thanks for that article Tom Arnold. I believe Joe Biden knows the truth about Barry. This is my opinion based on evidence and information available from events which occurred in 2008, during the Democrat presidential primary of when and why Hillary Clinton became a huge part of The Obama Fraud and its still on-going cover-up:
    I believe Joe Biden was present at a meeting in 2008 called by George Soros and his puppet presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama. Hillary said during the Democrat Primary in 2008 that she had proof Obama was not eligible and was going to release it……That prompted the quickly called meeting with Hillary prior to the evidence being released and I believe she was given an offer she had better not refuse………that offer was to accept the Secretary of State Job in Obama’s regime and the after Obama presidency in return for dropping out of the Dem primary which she could still have won. There was IMO no way the creators and enablers of “Obama” (Soros, Brennan, Pelosi, etc.), where going to let the years of money, preparation and timing for his installation as American’s putative president be wasted by Hillary revealing proof of Obama’s ineligibility. I also believe Hillary would have never given up her lifelong dream and still viable chance of winning the primary in 2008 and being elected president without something like this happening. Hillary dropped out, Obama was installed and Hillary took the lucrative Secretary of State position she was promised to await her turn as president.

    The plan for Obama to weaken America in every way possible was successful until the “birther” and Obama’s biggest nemesis Donald Trump defeated Hillary in 2016. That created big-time panic to remove President Trump from office which had already began when it looked as if Trump might beat Hillary. The many complicit in The Obama Fraud went nuts trying to protect each other to protect themselves from being held accountable for their part in the biggest criminal act against America citizens and her Constitution in history by far,……..which effectively gave America’s government and her military to the enemy in the form off the Globalist/Deep State puppet Barack Hussein Obama. The Obama media, which had invested all their credibility in protecting Obama both as a candidate and during his 8 year usurpation of the presidency joined the all-out effort to remove President Trump from office……
    Hillary’s failure and the election of President Trump gave America one last chance to recover from being almost totally under the complete control of Socialist/Communist…………..the significance of her failure is evidenced by the irrational and panicked actions and words of all complicit in The Obama Fraud…….which was/is a crime against American citizens and her Constitution like no other……..and the final outcome remains uncertain………

  8. Stephen, The 2008 election was a totally bi-partisan attempt to usurp the Presidency. Neither McCain OR Obama were eligible. Neither of them were Natural Born Citizens. The cover-up may equally be bi-partisan.

  9. A “Natural Born [U.S.] Citizen” is one born IN the United States to parents who are both U.S. citizens themselves. -Minor v Happersett.

    If President Trump does know that Obama usurped the Presidency, he is duty bound to act on it.

    Further delay in acting on such information would make President Trump guilty of misprision of felony and treason. The case against Obama is extremely damning on it’s face. I can only wonder why President Trump’s Justice Department has not taken Obama before the Federal Grand Jury.