6 Beautiful Valentine’s Day Gifts for Women


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(Mar. 29, 2020) — It’s important to show the special woman in your life that you love her all year round, but Valentine’s Day is a day where you can really pull out all the stops. This day is dedicated to grand gestures of love and beautiful trinkets, so it’s important to make sure that you have the perfect gift idea for your loved one.

This can be easier said than done, of course. How on earth can you ensure that you’ve picked out the perfect gift for your partner? That’s where we come in.

We’re dedicated to helping people find the most interesting and unique gifts on the internet, covering everything from makeup and beauty, to sports goods and snacks. Today, we’re going to be looking at 6 of our top Valentine’s Day gift suggestions for women. No matter whether your beloved is a foodie, self-care fanatic or astrology nerd, you’ll find great inspiration here.

Custom star map

To start off with, a beautiful gift that you could purchase for your loved one is a star map. Star maps are divine ways to commemorate a special event in your relationship – perhaps a first kiss, first date or wedding anniversary? The possibilities are endless.

These star maps from Twinkle In Time are a great example of how beautiful these gifts can be. They’re customizable, including a unique shape and color palette.

Iconic red lipstick

Red is a color that is heavily associated with Valentine’s Day, and if your loved one is a fan of makeup, a red lipstick could be a lovely gift. Make sure to pick out a shade that you think she’ll love – we’d recommend this Yves Saint Laurent lipstick as a great place to start. Why not attach this lipstick to a card with dinner reservations written on it as a surprise?


If you’re looking for a trendy yet unique gift to give to your beloved this Valentine’s Day, a planisphere is the best way to show her that she’s the center of your universe.  Planispheres are the perfect way to commemorate important dates and to celebrate a relationship.

Silver-plated rose

Roses are very traditional presents for Valentine’s Day, yet they can often feel overplayed. If you want to take it one step further, try to find a unique way to give her roses this year. Look for beautiful arrangements, or personalized trinkets.

This silver-plated rose from Getting Personal can be fully customized, and it comes in an exquisite gift box – take a look for some inspiration.

Engraved chocolates

Chocolates are another guaranteed win for Valentine’s Day. They’re tasty yet thoughtful, and can be elevated with a simple message or touch of personalization. There are plenty of wonderful chocolatiers online who create beautiful personal treats for days like this.

We particularly love this Valentine’s Day message chocolate set. It’s simple, yet absolutely effective – and you can add on a bottle of Prosecco as well.

Bath bomb selection

To finish up the post, a final idea is to provide your loved one with a self-care or beauty-themed gift. This is a great way to let her know that you think she’s beautiful, and that she deserves to relax. This Bath Bomb Set from Bathtime Boutique on Etsy would make a simply divine present.

To sum up

As you can see, there is an amazing selection of gifts available on the internet for you to purchase and enjoy. If you’re shopping with limited funds or you can only hand-make a present this year, don’t worry. It really is the thought that counts, and your loved one will cherish the fact that you got them something above all else.

When shopping online, always make sure to check out the product and shop reviews before you purchase. It may seem dull to research like this before shopping, but it can save you a lot of time and hassle in the long run. If you’re looking for more gift inspiration, check out this handy blog post by Cool Things Chicago.

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