Mother of Police Officer Murdered by Illegal Alien Asks for Prayers for Another “Angel Mom”


by Sharon Rondeau

“Angel Moms” Mary Ann Mendoza and Kathy Inman, 2019

(Mar. 27, 2020) — On Thursday evening, “Angel Mom” Mary Ann Mendoza tweeted that Georgia resident Kathy Inman, who lost her son in a 2000 car accident caused by an illegal alien, was hospitalized after suffering “4 very severe seizures.”

Mendoza reported that Inman “has been unresponsive at the hospital” and asked her followers to “PLEASE PRAY!!!”

In May 2014, Mendoza’s own son Brandon, a Mesa, AZ police officer, was killed by an illegal-alien driver who was “intoxicated.”  Mendoza since founded Angel Families and become a leading voice for those who have lost loved ones at the hands of illegal aliens.

Last year, Mendoza organized a fundraiser for the Inmans to remodel their bathroom to accommodate Kathy’s wheelchair, to which she has been confined since the accident.  Kathy has also suffered seizures and a condition known as “dystonia,” her husband Billy told The Post & Email in a June 2017 interview.

As the Inmans observed a stop sign on their way to a Fathers’ Day weekend retreat on June 15, 2000, Gonzalo Harrell-Gonzalez, an illegal alien from Mexico who later escaped from authorities, slammed into the back of their car at 62 miles per hour. Kathy and Billy Inman’s only child, Dustin, was killed instantly, along with the family dog.  Dustin was 16.

Billy and Kathy suffered concussions and other injuries and were unable to attend their son’s funeral.  Due to Kathy’s permanent impairment, Billy became her caretaker.

Of the perpetrator who took their son’s life, Billy told us, “Our government knows where he’s at today. They say they can’t do anything about it because he’s in Mexico. I found out he has three kids, and I’m pretty sure that two of them came into the world at the expense of American taxpayers. When my son was born, he had a cleft palate. We were young and on our own, paying our own bills; we missed two payments on that totaling $600, and they came after my wife’s wages over that. But we do this for people who aren’t even supposed to be in our country.”

Billy said he was encouraged by President Trump’s actions on border security and the constant flow of illegal aliens.

Of the responsibility of caring for his wife, he said, “It’s been kinda hard trying to work and take care of her.  She has something called dystonia.  It’s from the brain, and it twists your body.  She has scar tissue on her brain which gets worse as she gets older, and it just breaks my heart.”

Last June, Billy died of a sudden heart attack, after which Kathy was hospitalized once her situation was discovered.  Mendoza’s fundraiser unexpectedly served to cover Billy’s funeral costs just two months after its launch.

A video of the remodel is posted on the home page of Angel Families dedicated to Billy.

Mendoza’s last update on the fundraiser, dated September 3, 2019, states, “Billy’s funeral expenses were all taken care of. We are moving ahead with our original plan to remodel Kathy’s bathroom to handicap accessible and we are needing an additional $3000+ to take out the old carpet and put new flooring in to make it easier for Kathy in her wheelchair. We are arriving in Georgia in approx 3.5 weeks to get this started! We couldn’t be more excited and as the time approaches, Kathy is beyond excited to see this remodel happen. After 19 years in her wheelchair after losing her only child, Dustin and then losing her husband in June, we can’t wait for her to have something to look forward to to make her life a little easier.”

As of press time, Mendoza has not issued an update to her report of Kathy Inman’s hospitalization.





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  1. James Carter   Monday, March 30, 2020 at 10:03 AM

    Mary Ann Mendoza et al “Angle Moms”:

    My 96 year old mother’s last words to my three siblings and myself at her bedside were: “Don’t cry. God is taking me to Heaven so I can be with Daddy. I love you.”

    “Seven Spanish Angels”

    God Bless You.

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