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(Mar. 18, 2020) — Today will mark the very first St. Patrick’s Day that my wife Pat and I will be enjoying our corned beef n’ cabbage (and, of course, a glass of Guinness or two) by ourselves – with no bagpipers, and no Irish step dancers (like our granddaughter Meghan, who just returned from a competition in Killarney, Ireland). We now sit comfortably, for today mind you, while watching our entire world outside, as we knew it, go to hell in a hand basket.

Left in Los Angeles are letting the prisoners out for their own safety

I read an article the other day with the following quote by Alfred Henry Lewis wherein he stated, “There are only nine meals between mankind [in a safe society] and anarchy.” And, that my dear friends, is truly where we find ourselves today, Tuesday, March 17, 2020.

It appears that liberal governors and mayors of major cities all across our fair land, with special honorable mention to California, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut (to name only a few) are in a race to the bottom for who can come up with the most-foolish-short-sighted-no-warning-ordinance such as closing all the schools, bars and restaurants, theaters, sporting events and, as of today, keeping their overly-crowded mass transportation systems running – along with the ruling that there will be no gathering of people in groups of more than ten, or was the number fifty? No matter, either number would be a physical impossibility, even for National Guardsmen on every subway platform stationed at every-train-door-opening, in order to keep the peace. Have any of you ever witnessed the closest thing to a human-sardine-can-condition at a rush-hour-ride in the NYC subway system?

And, on the far-left-side-of-the-country, just to keep the crazy-race-going-full-speed-over-the-cliff-of-sanity, not only has San Francisco shut down completely, we just found out that in LA they are letting the prisoners out for their own safety. Allow me to repeat that once again:  they are setting free, out into society, the people who have been incarcerated for committing crimes against that same society, for the sake of the prisoners’ safety. So, that ices it, then, and here we thought that prison cells would offer the maximum social distancing. But, now it makes perfect sense, so that they will now have plenty of room in those empty prison cells for all the eleventh, twelfth or more gathering persons.

Extreme totalitarian-mind-set-of-all-our-liberal-politicians. Control! Control! Control!

And, back to my ‘former beloved city’ we first hear:  “That cannot happen. It cannot happen legally,” Cuomo said at a news briefing, saying, “The mayor of New York City doesn’t have that authority and he doesn’t want to lock down cities.” [NO! I am in charge here], and “No city in this state can quarantine itself without state approval and I have no interest whatsoever, and no plan whatsoever, to quarantine any city.”

And, directly across town, we hear in direct contradiction, “Under the emergency powers I can do curfews, road restrictions, all sorts of shutdowns,” Mayor de Blasio said during an interview on WPIX television. “All of that is on the table right now.”

For people who do not prepare, every day is a crisis.

So, let us make a calculated guesstimate that by Friday, March 20th, competitively-crazed-mayor de Blasio of NYC will be forced into closing down all subways and buses in the Big Apple. And then, if you will, come back with me to the earlier quote regarding what can happen when/if the daily bread is nowhere to be found for an extended period of time, that give or take a day, by Monday, March 23rd, New York City will be in total chaos with riots, looting, fires, and mayhem this city has not seen since the days when MLK was killed in April of 1968.

Martial Law of a wider area will soon follow.

And, in the end, for most reading this, it will be just another example of the extreme totalitarian-mind-set-of-all-our-liberal-politicians. Control! Control! Control! With little to no concern of how their actions will harm so many people. One of the blindly collective motivations is to blame all of this on President Trump, as just another ends-justifying-the-means way to dirty him up in the court of public opinion. Hopefully, within a short enough period of time, more rational solutions will be found, to include a medical breakthrough (not a vaccine), that is readily available to all.

Prepare yourself, physically, mentally and, most importantly, spiritually because God the Father is fully in charge. And, so we pray ‘Thy Will Be Done.’ Amen.

Fredy Lowe — Bio and Archives

Fredy Lowe served proudly in the United States Marine Corps and the New York City police Department. He has been a citizen journalist for nearly ten years writing for Canada Free Press, Before It’s News, Conservative News & Views, Ammoland, The Post & Mail, and others.

He and his wife Pat, now of 50 years, are the proud parents of two children and six grandchildren. Fredy prays daily for the safety of our President Donald J. Trump, for our Armed Forces, for our Police Officers and especially for our country during this extremely volatile period of time in our nation’s history, and he asked if you would take a minute to pray together with him. Thank you.

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