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by John Droz, wiseenergy.org, ©2020

The hammer and sickle is a symbol of communism  Wikipedia, CC by SA 3.0

(Mar. 18, 2020) — The US COVID-19 response is giving the climate change alarmists essentially everything they have been demanding!

Dot #1: It is no secret that our Communist enemies (China and Russia) have been working in at least six areas, to bring America down.

Dot #2: In a parallel effort, the primary objective of climate change activists is to shut down the modern American lifestyle, as they consider it wasteful, unsustainable, unjust, etc., etc. The vehicle for accomplishing this was the claimed harm done to their utopian planet, by an invisible (to the naked eye) molecule: CO2.

Dot #3: Large numbers of intelligent, well-intentioned Americans bought into this thinking. In fact many of them claimed that the climate issue was so scientifically settled that they refused to even discuss it further. (It should be a major red flag when civilized discussion is arbitrarily halted.)

Dot #4: Since the Communists of Russia and China would be the biggest beneficiaries of an American collapse, the Communists not only support the climate narrative, but also side with (and clandestinely even fund some) US organizations aimed at American regression — e.g. antifracking. (See this for more details.)


Dot #5: Now, along comes another invisible (to the naked eye) molecule: SARS-CoV-2. (Note the C, O, and 2 similarities!)

Dot #6: Oh, and it comes from China. (BTW note that Russia — a very large country, right next to China — has only about a hundred COVID-19 cases as of 3-18-20.)

Dot #7: Anyways, we are so educated, and have such an advanced society, that this is what happened to America in 2± weeks:

Planes are grounded, cruise ships anchored, Disneyland shut down, casinos closing, concerts cancelled, festivals cancelled, public events cancelled, Broadway closed, tourists not traveling, hotels and motels unoccupied, restaurants vacant, bars shuttered, movie theaters gone dark, most professional sporting events postponed indefinitely, most college sporting events cancelled, many universities closed, courts cancelled, supermarket shelves bare, churches closed, schools closed, libraries closed, community centers closed, gyms closed, oil and coal prices crashing, stock markets cratering, businesses closing, bankruptcies rising, remaining employees are working from home, thousands of meetings cancelled, citizens advised to shelter in place, borders closing, governments hemorrhaging funds… Both citizens and politicians are panicking.  Has anyone really thought this through?

Dot #8: The bottom line: modern American lifestyle is being rapidly shut down — and it’s by an invisible molecule!

Dot #9: The Climate alarmists are getting their wish, as zero emissions are almost here. (That must mean that we’re nearing a state of Nirvana!)

Dot #10: Who benefits from this? 

(Hint: Panic is the fertilizer that lets tyranny grow.)

john droz, jr.  “aaprjohn” at “northnet” dot “org  3-18-20


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  1. I think that, as of today, Vietnam has 51 active cases. If you don’t know, Vietnam borders China and Chinese tourism in Vietnam is, obviously, a major part of the industry. By the way…not a SINGLE death in Vietnam.

    Then consider that every state in the USA has at least 7 deaths…perhaps more…haven’t checked today. What can you conclude? Vietnam’s strategy of sheltering on top of each other in rooms separated by fabric seems to be the model to emulate, but no one knows it yet.

    Yeah…that…or maybe there’s a little embellishing of numbers in the States. I still don’t know anyone who knows anyone who has it. And I’m from NYS. But, oh, my sister did say that someone’s baby had it…like a month ago. And so far that’s all the news from that person. The parents apparently didn’t get it, and so I have my doubts that there really is a case there. Maybe I’m wrong and somewhat unthoughtful…I don’t mean to be. But I have the feeling it was a farce…I have my reasons, and they have to do with money. Just like Chris Cuomo…right? Does anyone believe he had it? Does anyone not think that it was in order to stir up some sympathy and give credibility to him on the left…and discredit him on the right? That’s exactly what I think happened. Please, he just happens to have a brother who is governor of NY and he works at CNN and gets covid, and can we throw anything else on top of this. It was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. Apparently, when you get done with covid, you work out immediately. Says he lost thirteen pounds. If he lost thirteen pounds he wouldn’t be working out for at least a week. Also, I’m good with judging peoples’ body-weights. He didn’t lose three pounds, much less thirteen.

  2. Dear Theophilous, early this morning, words came to mind and I arose to write and share them with you.

    Recently, our President Trump declared Sunday, March 15 a national day of prayer for our welfare in the face of the current pandemic.

    At the same time, President Nelson of the Church of Jesus Christ in our day was calling upon all of God’s children to hear His, God’s, words.

    In the days of Seth, son of Adam and Eve, our first parents, men began to call upon the name of the Lord. (Genesis 4:25, 26)

    As a young boy serving the priest Eli, Samuel heard the voice of the Lord for the first time but mistook it for Eli’s until instructed otherwise. (1 Samuel 3:1-10)

    During His mortal sojourn, the Lord taught all mankind to pray to our Father in Heaven that His kingdom may come (Matthew 6:9, 10), that is, in the words of Peter, the Apostle, that we enter into His kingdom by repenting, being baptized, and receiving the Holy Ghost. (Acts 2:37, 38)

    Two hundred years ago as of this writing, when the fourteen-year-old Joseph Smith, Jr. prayed to his Father in Heaven asking in faith for His direction on the subject of religion, he saw the Father and the Son, and heard the Father’s voice inviting him to hear His Only Begotten, the Lamb of God.

    The bicentennial anniversary of this holy event is the focus of the Semi-annual General Conference in April this year, part of the ongoing restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ on the Earth.

    A few months ago, the Church introduced a program of home-centered, church-supported gospel instruction, with newly published curriculum materials for use at home.

    More recently, in response to the pandemic, public meetings of the Church worldwide have been temporarily suspended and bishops have issued instructions to those in the home who are ordained to the priesthood, for administering the Sacrament at home.

    If you would like assistance with any of this, you may contact your local bishop by navigating to the internet site https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/maps/meetinghouses and entering your street address.

    Best regards and God bless you.

    Norman Murray
    Tremonton, Utah