Report: Trump Intends to Bring Back Pharmaceutical Manufacturing


by Sharon Rondeau

By White House under the Donald Trump administration –, Public Domain,

(Mar. 15, 2020) — On today’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” White House Adviser on Trade & Manufacturing Peter Navarro told host Maria Bartiromo that President Trump is planning to sign an executive order “by the end of this week” intended to return the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals to the U.S. from China.

The move was prompted by the coronavirus outbreak which ironically began in China, possibly as early as November but certainly by December, and has spread to more than 125 nations as of this writing.  The U.S. is dependent on China for billions of dollars’-worth of drugs, including antibiotics, each year, Fox News reported.

Certain drugs are assembled in India, which is dependent on China for their ingredients, Navarro added.

There are now more than 3,000 coronavirus confirmed cases in the U.S. and “at least 57 deaths,” Fox & Friends reported earlier Sunday, citing data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.  Investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson reported 61 deaths as of Saturday and detailed their origin and the ages of the victims when available.

The CDC’s website has not been updated since Friday; at that time, there were 41 deaths reported.

To prevent the spread of the virus, public health officials have told Americans to stay home if they are sick; refrain from interacting with people in large groups; avoid personal contact with the elderly, who are known to be more vulnerable to the effects of the virus; and work from home if possible.

On Wednesday, major sports events were canceled. Subsequently, many churches began offering online worship services only; dozens of school districts in various states across the country’s announced closures; and orchestra and other cultural events were canceled.

Navarro said the Obama regime was faced with the problem of U.S. dependency on Chinese drug manufacturing “three times” but “went back to sleep” about it, which he claimed the Trump administration will not do.

The White House is also advocating a complete elimination of payroll taxes through the end of the year, Navarro said and Trump has tweeted, in order to avoid or mitigate a recession.  The administration is employing a “three-pronged” strategy to mitigate the effects of the virus, to include legislative relief to workers and families, large businesses such as the airlines and cruise lines, and other government efforts.

Earlier, Bartiromo spoke with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who detailed his reasons for voting in favor of a coronavirus relief package early Saturday morning which the Senate will begin examining on Monday.  Some members of Congress did not vote for it, they said, because they had not had time to read it.

“We gotta do it in ‘Trump time,’ Navarro told Bartiromo at 10:29 a.m..  “The mission,” he added of the executive branch’s efforts to date, is to “flatten that curve,” a term which many medical professionals have utilized when describing the expected spike in cases of the virus based on those of other countries.

On Friday, Trump announced a national emergency at a Rose Garden press conference, which will permit the federal government to waive certain regulations regarding physicians working across state lines and allocate billions of dollars in relief to states and localities particularly hard-hit.

On Thursday the stock market plummeted on fears of the growing threat but bounced back to a certain degree during Trump’s press conference.

On Saturday afternoon, the White House Coronavirus Task Force provided an update, including that at 5:00 PM Sunday, additional information will be made available as to increased avenues of testing for the disease.

The Trump administration was initially criticized for the limited testing availability throughout the country after the virus began appearing last month.  Unlike the CDC’s initial rollout, testing is now available in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, and Navarro said a faster process is being sought whereby results could be available within “two hours.”

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  1. Joe Mayer   Wednesday, March 18, 2020 at 7:32 AM

    Democrat Operatives have been driving manufacturing out of America since the end of the Vietnam war in 1975. At wars end, the military and government lost masses of intelligent and experienced people that were not easy to replace and DNC crime bosses had easy pickin’s. The 80’s were filled with unreported corruption and breakdowns in the system, dirty deeds were being used to push contracts through that unscrupulous insiders were making money on. With the increase in breakdowns of the system, it was easy for exploiters to milk the system. Navy pilots were forced to fly F18’s with faulty oxygen generator systems endangering their lives and the aircraft for years until a retired female pilot exposed it and blew the whistle. Reportedly, 80% of the pilots were afraid to fly the planes as they could pass out when the systems would fail pulling G force manouvers causing them to lose control. Why was it allowed? We would have to ask chain of command for these answers and receive multiple answers back as some may be honest and others covered up as promotions and payoffs could have been in the wings while sacrificial lambs hung by the skin of their teeth being forced to fly under those conditions. We wonder why Navy pilot attrition is so high? It’s not just the pay that politicians never allow or want to be fair, it is knowing no one has your back and fly at your own risk is at hand, much different from the days of prior 1975 when accountability reined, screwups were held accountable and bad leadership was punished. Over the last several decades, it has been just the opposite and this type of corruption has been protected and nurtured during the “Millennial” transition where anything goes and everything is “ok”. Behind all this showmanship, crime bosses have been allowed to operate and flourish while cover-ups and corruption ran rampant and still is but Trump has exposed a lot and is trying to stop it which is one of the reasons they hate him so much. The free lunch and pork is coming to an end. We have seen worthless users like Pelosi, Biden, Clinton’s game the system for decades while things collapsed around us. What Democrats did to our cities they also did to our Military and it’s members over decades, running over reach, theft and corruption out of control. Dozens of our once great cities have been ruined and turned into crime infested slums and decadence that cannot be reversed. The money stolen and the costs of repairing the damage in beyond comprehension. Without Trump, America would have been destroyed by DNC Corruption and theft beyond imagination. Unfortunately, there is no one to replace Trump with his experience and his ability and after he is out we will see another wave of DNC power plays to take over again and be the wrecking ball they have always been. God help America.

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