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February 27, 2020


Dear Editor,

Tony Perkins, the conservative Christian chairman of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (advisors to the U.S. Government) is right on the money: “US body demands India protect Muslims,” The Australian, 28/2, in calling for the Indian government to protect India’s Muslims (and for Perkins’ indirectly calling out of Donald Trump’s inaction on the matter)!

With China’s ever-growing COVID-19 virus and other financial worries, India is in the box-seat to steal so much Western business (not to mention investment) permanently away from China, but only if India offers internal stability, because India has enough problems already with endemic corruption at so many levels!

As a totalitarian state, China can brutally suppress (with gulags) ‘troublesome’ minorities and have a standardised level of corruption. However, India, as a democracy, can have neither (though Indian PM Madi’s shift on religious freedom is about to lock the gate on Muslims’ civic and commercial freedoms).


Howard Hutchins

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  1. Howard Hutchins;

    Where to start?

    #1. Unlike India, our neighbors don’t have a history of killing us, at least not to the extent of what the Muslims have done to the peaceful people of India.
    We’ve had our 9-11, but then they’ve suffered at the hands of Muslims for the last 1,400 years.
    Besides India’s never-ending war in Kashmir, Muslims have been on the rampage: kidnapping, torture and murdering Hindus, and there’s some darn good examples abound, like in train stations and hotels.

    #2. Islam is not, as Tony Perkins believes, a “religion”, but rather a political movement that rules by draconian methods to keep the Totalitarian State fed by the spilling of blood. This modus operandi has served the ruling class of Islam very successfully for over a millennium and India, for one, is rather tired of it, just as I am rather tired of explaining the facts-of-life to sophomoric minds who believe in the hype, such as Obama was born in Hawaii and Socialism is a viable and self-sustaining rule of government (NEWS: Socialism has never been a success, is not now a success, and will never be a success).

    #3. May I remind you that the Council of American-Muslim Relations (CAIR) is a fundraising organization for Hamas, a terror organization, and that the Muslim Brotherhood is banned in many countries, just as it should be banned here in the United States, or would I be wasting my time? I hope you’ll join me in advocating the deportation of every Muslim within our borders.