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February 26, 2020

Photo: terjeaeriksen, Pixabay, License

To the Editor:

In the latter half  of the 20th century, we started to hear (ad nauseam) about the Democrats’ “Big Tent.”   The draw, of course, was to attract the multitudes, suggesting that everyone, everything and every idea (regardless of how bizarre it may be) was welcome under the tent .   Now, on the surface, the invitation was/is seductively attractive, it seems sincere enough, and even suggests a degree of benevolence.   However, like our old friend Lee Corso used to say, “Not so fast, my friend.”

So let’s take a peek into the “Big Tent” to see exactly who/what the Democrats attracted over the past 60 years and the resulting philosophy regarding Democrat governance.  First, they’ve done a masterful job in convincing blacks and other minorities they are victims (polarization of the masses), they’re supporters of free love, defenders of women’s rights, including abortion-on-demand (that has evolved into infanticide), the restriction of free speech, the confiscation of all guns, the loss of our sovereignty resulting from open borders, the catering to illegal aliens at the expense of American citizens, no reference to God in their formal platform, will attempt to destroy anyone who seriously opposes them, openly attack Christians at every opportunity, free stuff for everyone, etc., etc.

But all is not well in Mudville, folks!  Why?  Simple:  the Dems made two monumental mistakes with the “Big Tent” appeal; first, they’ve effectively driven out all moderates and conservatives from the party, and second, they did virtually no vetting of those numerous socialists, communists and any number of other misfits accepted into the party.   They’ve unwittingly handed over the party to those having little or no allegiance to America or the U.S. Constitution.  They openly and repeatedly voice their displeasure with our country and its history and will do everything to change it all if given the opportunity.

The blow-back from the aforementioned mistakes are potentially catastrophic to the Democrat Party’s future.  We are a short eight months from one of the more important general elections in our history, and the current standard-bearer for the Democrats isn’t even a Democrat!!? That would be Senator Bernie SANDERS (aka, ‘The Bern’), (I-VT), an avowed socialist, who at one point honeymooned in Moscow!?   The DNC and the power-brokers in the Democrat Party have already (openly) started their assault to take down “The Bern” and his followers.  It is highly probable they’ll succeed, but the ensuing fracture within the party may prove to be irreparable.  Irony of ironies, the “Big Tent” philosophy may well prove to be a guarantee for President Trump’s reelection with the mass defection of Bernie’s’ supporters!   One needs only to reflect back on what occurred at the Democrat convention in 2016.   Milwaukee may well prove to be a real hoot!


Mike Latham

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