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by Sharon Rondeau


(Feb. 21, 2020) — As of Friday morning, the virus originating in the city of Wuhan in central China known as the “novel coronavirus” has spread to Japan and South Korea in significant numbers.

The virus can cause high fever, respiratory trouble, and coughing, according to the CDC.

Confirmed diagnoses in South Korea are now said to be at 204, an increase of 176 in a week’s time, CNN reported, with two deaths as of Friday morning. The increase is attributed to congregants at a church in Daegu, the South China Morning Post reported.

The way in which Chinese health authorities confirm new cases has changed more than once since December, when the outbreak is said to have begun.  On Sunday, U.S. Senator Tom Cotton told “Sunday Morning Futures” host Maria Bartiromo that China has not been honest about when the virus first appeared, its cause and severity for which he was criticized by the mainstream media.

While not confirming the theory that a Wuhan biomedical laboratory could have been the place of origination for the virus as opposed to a food market, which was first reported, Cotton on Tuesday told Fox News host Martha McCallum that “we need to be open to all possibilities.”

Cotton said that the “Chinese Communist Party” has not been transparent as to the circumstances leading to the outbreak, which has spread to Iran and Lebanon, among many others.

As of Friday, two Chinese doctors were reported to have succumbed to the illness.

China confirmed more than 75,000 cases as of Friday morning in the United States, with more than 2,200 deaths and 42,000 still hospitalized in China.  The outbreak has caused Chinese businesses to close and the production of items such as personal computers to slow significantly.

The tourism industry has also been impacted as would-be passengers cancel or avoid cruises and airline travel.

On Friday the South China Morning Post reported a total of 76,794 confirmed cases; 2,250 deaths; and 18,631 individuals as having “recovered” from the virus.  The total United States cases remains at 15, with no deaths reported.  Japan has reported 727 infected with three deaths; Hong Kong reports two deaths, while Iran has reported four; France and the Philippines have each reported low infection numbers and one death, according to SCMP.

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  1. Re-emphasis is needed, but I need to make it simple.

    If 100 asians are standing in a room together and one person has the virus in question, 90 of them will get it. If 100 people of european extraction are standing in a room together and one person has the virus in question, 50 of them will get it.

    This is a disease with a genetic foundation.