What Next?


by Joseph DeMaio, ©2020

Screenshot: C-Span

(Feb. 5, 2020) — Now that the sad and extraordinarily sorry spectacle of the mono-partisan impeachment and removal effort against President Trump is finally over, it is prudent to pause and reflect upon what, exactly, has happened and what yet remains to be done.  Rest assured, faithful P&E reader, the damage that the Democrat PIT (“Party of Intellectual Termites”) members have done to the Constitution; to the rule of law; to the American people and, if fact, to themselves, is deep and serious and will take years to heal.  If not a generation or two.

Yet, as they say, time heals all wounds.  But not all wounds have the same origin.  Some are visited upon the body politic from external sources while others are inflicted from within.  Under President Trump, an injury or wound coming from, say, Iran via the killing of U.S. troops or the attempted takeover of the U.S. embassy in Baghdad will be dealt with swiftly and effectively, the leftist teeth-gnashing and media howling over “disproportionality” aside.  If he were still walking around, just go ask Qasem Soleimani.

However, it is the other species of wound which now requires attention: the “home-grown” strain which seeks – even now, following President Trump’s acquittal – to once again launch “investigations” (better termed PIT waterboardings) to inflict yet another impeachment (or serial impeachments) upon the nation.

After all, from a PIT perspective, now that the First Impeachment has failed – miserably, but mercifully – no time can be lost in bringing another one to the floor of the Senate.  This, of course, is because the general election is now less than ten months away and even the chance that President Trump could be re-elected is unacceptable.  In prior times, this would have been called “sedition.”  But that was then…, and now is now.

This is not fantasy, but instead is fact: Art. 1, § 3, Cl. 7 of the Constitution provides that in addition to removal, persons convicted on articles of impeachment are thereafter also disqualified forever “to hold and enjoy any Office of honor, Trust or Profit under the United States.”  One strike and you’re out.  The PIT whiffed on the first swing, but from their perspective, there is plenty of time left for at least one or two more swings before November.

Stated otherwise, from the perspective of PIT members, “If at first you don’t succeed…, try…, try again.”  They are guided solely by their hateful chant of “Orange Man Bad” and by the sense that there is no time to lose, because the electorate cannot be allowed even the opportunity to re-elect President Trump.  Yikes… look what happened the last time the unwashed, un-woke Wal-Marters were allowed that “privilege”…, as if citizen suffrage were something doled out at the whim and discretion of the PIT rather than existing as a right cemented into the Constitution.

Since in their warped, neurotic minds the triumvirate of the Deep State, the media and the PIT is the only organism equipped to ensure that he is disqualified under the Constitution – and thus, ineligible to ever again hold the office of the presidency – bold action in the form of another impeachment is imperative.  The future of a nation dominated by leftists, socialists, progressives – and even a Marxist or two – depends on their efforts.  Patriotic duty calls!

It is far beyond ironic that this troika – yes, Virginia…, a Russian term – would seek to have President Trump “disqualified” and rendered forever “ineligible” to serve again as president when for the past dozen years, it has repeatedly – and proudly – ignored the actual constitutional ineligibility of one Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.

And by the way, why are we still paying a federal pension to a guy who likely usurped the presidency for eight years?  Huh?  Mr. Barr?  Mr. Durham?  Anyone home?  As noted here, another qui tam action addressing BHO’s eligibility might be appropriate.

But I digress.  The groundless, repetitive, tedious, rambling, repetitive, boring, repetitive, didactic, repetitive and on occasion plain idiotic arguments advanced by Pelosi’s Seven Dwarfs on the floor of the Senate are – for now – over.  Ummmm… who the heck was their trial advocacy coach, Bozo the Clown at the PIT Nocturnal Online School of Law?   And their hypocritical calls for a “fair trial” and the demand for more witnesses to compensate for their own incompetence in the House of Representatives proceedings rang as hollow and vacuous as the interstellar space beyond Neptune.

Seriously, the PIT “House Managers” made the Keystone Kops look like rocket scientists.  And Jerrold Nadler’s surprise usurpation of House Manager Chairman Adam Schiff’s closing answer to the Senators’ questions graphically underscored the disarray of the PIT “A-Team” effort to remove President Trump.  Check out the startled and amused looks on the faces of the Senate staffers behind Nadler as he launches into his final belch, with Schiff looking on in bug-eyed bewilderment.  BTW, where was Nadler on Friday for the closing arguments?  And don’t forget: these folks want to govern you and everything that you do into the future. Ouch.

Rest assured, after President Trump is re-elected in November, unless the Dwarfs and their Democrat colleagues in the House of Representatives are voted out of office, the entire charade will begin again.  More investigations; more false documents; more whistleblower complaints; more Deep State treachery.  Watch for “Pelosi and the Seven Dwarfs 2.0.”

But this time, look for even more sophisticated “evidence” of Trump’s purported defalcations, far more damaging than nonexistent prankster pictures of “naked Trump”).  For example, why rely on pieces of paper or preprinted “whistleblower” complaints when one can now produce extraordinarily deceptive “Deepfake” videos and other computer-generated imagery (“CGI”).

Those creations can depict a Trump avatar doing and saying all sorts of things in order to “prove” his commission of bribery, treason or other high crimes and misdemeanors.  After all, paper is sooooo Twentieth Century and, regrettably, also requires an ability to read English.  Not so with a video.  How about a Deepfake/CGI/Hollywood-produced video showing a Trump avatar at a dinner in Moscow where Vladimir Putin congratulates him on his First Impeachment Trial acquittal?  Make sure as well to have the avatar promise – over the caviar-stuffed lobster thermidor, for instance – that he will arrange, through Rudy Giuliani, to have a couple of “backpack” nukes delivered to Putin for forwarding to Tehran.  The “quid pro quo” for such an act would be in exchange for, say, fifty billion dollars to be deposited in his secret Cayman Islands bank account… plus one evening at Putin’s penthouse with that “hot” secretary Trump saw outside the top Russian executive’s inner office earlier in the day.  Now that’s first-degree bribery.

But to add false authenticity, have the video mimic a clandestine recording of the event, with some odd, jerking angles and hard-to-hear but still discernible audio, as if captured on a smartphone by a server at the dinner.   Wow… let’s see Trump survive an impeachment based on that.  I mean, videos don’t lie… do they?  If you think this species of perfidy would be beyond PIT members before Trump’s acquittal, imagine what it will now be like after his acquittal.  Revenge is the venomous fuel now propelling Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the PIT cabal. 

Enough, already.  For the umpteenth time, the American electorate must understand that the Democrat PIT has unequivocally and irredeemably forfeited any claim of right, capability or competence to govern a free people in a constitutional republic such as this.  The stumbling, incompetent performance of the House Managers during the Senate impeachment proceeding merely gives sad visibility to this reality…, and Nadler’s closing stunt was burlesque comedy.

From its “open borders” policies to its multi-trillion-dollar “Green New Deal” to its “Medicare for all, including illegals” plans to its “Repeal the Second Amendment” push to its “Abolish the Electoral College” quest, Democrats – at least those in Congress – have again proven that they hate America as it was in the past; how it is now under President Trump; and how it will be in the future unless their ultra-radical policies and schemes are imposed on a stupid, Trump-supporting electorate.   And the PIT enablers at CNN who guffaw at the “credulous boomer rubes” are merely the icing on the cake.  These folks give new meaning to the term “deplorable.”

Memo to current PIT members who are not serving in Congress: do the right thing.  Abandon that neurotic political morass – as did President Ronald Reagan, – re-think your life and re-register as an Independent or a Republican before November 3, 2020.  You, your kids and grandkids will be better off for it.

Stated otherwise, unless the electorate yearns for another four years of impeachment carnival and hyper-partisan D.C. gridlock; four more years of 24/7 DNC-orchestrated CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, NYT and WaPo bashing of a duly-elected president; and four more years of an even more toxic polarization between Red and Blue America…, it needs to vote all Democrats up for congressional re-election, whether in the House or in the Senate, … out…, of…, office.  Oh, and be sure to retain GOP control of the Senate, because if that is lost and the House remains in PIT control…, Katie bar the door.  Or, as Han Solo said: “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

Period.  Full stop.  Boom.

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One Response to "What Next?"

  1. Ralph   Thursday, February 6, 2020 at 10:29 AM

    Conservatives need to learn how to preempt the actions of the opposition.
    IMHO, the most effective means is by informing the public by real, not faux, transparency.
    The establishment ‘news’ media has been taken over by the cabal. We the People have begun the process of providing information by alternative means, largely based on the internet which has become a movement & a Great Awakening.
    Yes, it will take time. We’ve lost a whole generation to Common Core dumbing down by a corrupted government controlled self-serving public education system. We’ve created generations of welfare dependent, under-educated, under-employed zombies.
    I could go on, but I think this is a start.

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