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(Jan. 28, 2020) — Every personal injury claim is different, but one feature is quite common. Mistakes in any of them can be quite costly! Yes, they can complicate the legal process and you might even end up losing the case. So, let’s look at some mistakes you ought to avoid in any personal injury lawsuit in New York.

Mistakes to avoid in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Representing Yourself

The legal process can be intimidating, especially if you have little or no legal knowledge. For example, chances are that you will be dealing with an insurance company that can do anything in its power to delay compensation, reduce the amount, or avoid paying altogether. In other words, don’t represent yourself in a personal injury case, especially if it’s a big one. With that in mind, you should find the right lawyer for the case. Jacoby & Meyers Personal Injury Attorneys has the best personal injury attorneys in New York that can help you push for proper compensation. Just don’t underestimate the complexity of personal injury cases no matter how straightforward the liability and damages might look to you.

Working with Any Lawyer 

There are many qualified and certified lawyers in New York City, but not all of them are competent enough to handle personal injury lawsuits. You should bear in mind that any incompetent legal assistance or working with a lawyer with little personal injury lawsuits’ experience will reduce your odds of getting the compensation you deserve. To avoid this mistake, learn more about how to choose a personal injury attorney for your case. Ensure you factor in aspects such as their specialty, personal injury lawsuit experience levels, and testimonials from clients, etc.

Underestimating the Injury 

Personal injury is a vast area covering car accidents, occupational hazards, medical malpractice, and others. If you fail to consider how the injury affects your mental health, ability to work, the medical costs in the short and long-term, getting additional compensation may be futile. One of the perks of getting a qualified personal lawsuit lawyer is professional assistance in estimating the short and long-term injury and equating that to the right compensation for you.

Posting on Social Media 

Sharing information about your case online can also destroy it. The truth is, after suing the defendant, your life becomes the defense team’s affair, and they can decide to monitor you closely on social media to see if the information you share can be used against you. For example, posting photos on social media of you skiing when you claim that you are severely injured can ruin the case. Moreover, the information shared online can be misinterpreted, and that will complicate the litigation process. Thus, it’s best to avoid sharing a lot of personal information online during the process.

Withholding Information 

Many injured people make the mistake of withholding information by assuming it is insignificant. The most common scenario though is one where an injured party hides information when they are partially responsible. As a matter of fact, not revealing how the injury is affecting you might even lead to lower compensation. Be as forthcoming as you can and let your personal injury attorney handle the situation. You should know that the other party will also have time to present their side of the story, and withholding information will only complicate matters in your case.

Final Remarks:

There are fine margins when it comes to winning a personal injury case in New York and mistakes will definitely hurt your claim. Avoid the mistakes we have highlighted and work as a team with your lawyer to ensure you build up a strong argument that proves liability.

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