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(Jan. 25, 2020) — Legal reform activist and investigative reporter David Tulis delivered a letter Thursday to three criminal court judges in Hamilton County demanding a defense of their control over the grand jury.

Tulis lays out his grievance in a 10-page analysis [attached] chock full of court cases and statutory provisions. Judges’ naming of the grand jury foreman apart from the random selection process by which others arrive in that body is unconstitutional and puts criminal defendants’ rights, Tulis says.

In 2019 judges Tom Greenholtz, Barry Steelman and Don Poole named Hugh Moore grand jury foreman. Moore is a longtime attorney and former federal prosecutor.

Tulis is the owner of NoogaRadio 92.7 FM, the Jeff Styles, Sean Hannity and CBS Radio news affiliate. His weekday 1 p.m. show covers local economy and free markets and is a platform by which he calls for reform of law enforcement and the judiciary. His website,, focuses on abusive policing on roads and highways, which he says is often outside the scope of state law. He worked 24 years as a copy editor at the Chattanooga Times Free Press.

“In my estimation, every indictment in the state of Tennessee for the past 101 years is liable for a proper challenge on due process grounds. The bias and discrimination in the selection of the foreman may not be racist as it was in the 1960s and ’70s. But it makes every grand jury at least 1/13th unconstitutional since one member — the foreman — is a personal, professional and/or social favorite of the judges, and is put there by the judges. Often this person has a career bias in favor of cops, DAs and the state prosecution machinery.”

Tulis says the constitution and the law envision the grand jury as defending the rights and liberties of the people and hounding crooked city councils, sheriffs, police officers and state officials.

In the letter, Tulis asks the judges if members of the public should have confidence in the judicial system.


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  1. Robert,

    Thanks for pointing out the criminal usurpation of GJ presentments. Eliminating presentments via fraudulent rules or hand picking criminal conspirators as GJ members is probably the biggest criminal conspiracy in the US. The judiciaries intent, motive and purpose in those practices is MISPRISION OF TREASON. The corrupt judiciary are protecting themselves from having presentments of treason being issued against them and their fellow BAR conspirators whom are levying war against the United States where criminal prosecutions without any accuser is their prime weapon of war against the United States and the People. If our GJ’s were properly and lawfully functioning, the BAR conspirators fraudulently claiming a monopoly over interpreting the laws, monopoly over criminal prosecution and their violent criminal thugs posing as ‘law enforcement’ would have TREASON presentments issued against them, BAR members would be prohibted from presiding over their treason trials, where they would be convicted, senteced to death and executed for their on-going criminal empire. This is the only issue left discuss in the US because the US cannot reinstate the rule of law until their criminal empire is addressed and eliminated.

    The BAR conspirators are levying war on the United States using courts as a weapon of war, have over thrown the government, denied equal access to justice, fraudulently claim to be courts when they are actually, theft, extortion, fraud and human trafficking rackets, committing conspiratorial misprision to prevent their army of war from being brought to justice and are attempting to com0letely convert the US from a common law country into civil law country all by unconstitutional and criminal means.

    If the law were upheld the BAR conspirators and their thugs would all get the death penalty, have all their assets seized and every one ‘convicted’ of a crime under their criminal racket who never had an actual accuser from the people (not government) would be immediately be released from state custody and receive an equal share of the BAR conspirators seized assets as remedy.

    The People of the US must extracate the BAR from government, prohibit any local, state or federal funds from ever being paid to BAR members and permanently revoke their qualification to ever work in gov or as an officer of a court, if, the US is ever to return to the rule of law.

    Their crimes are so henious that presentment/indictment, prosecution, conviction, execution and eternal damnation of them is the only appropriate remedy.

  2. In 1946 errant rule makers of the newly developed Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure (FRCrimP) erroneously stated that “Presentments are obsolete”. That took the power from the people, who to this day, have the power of convening non-judicial Presentment Juries without ANY Judicial control. What the FCrimP authors did was unconstitutional and flawed from the onset. The Presentment is guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment, which remains the same as it did in 1787. This stance is supported by many well known Attorneys such as Leo Donofrio and Judges such as Antonin Scalia, God rest his soul. In Miranda v Arizona, the U.S. Supreme Court said that “no law, rule or regulation can serve to abrogate a right guaranteed by the Constitution”. That includes an unconstitutional “rule” of Federal Criminal procedure promulgated by errant rule makers in 1946.