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January 17, 2020

Union Jack, Wikipedia, public domain

Dear Editor,

“Fix Constitution or we’ll throw it into the sea” roars one of Australia’s “most respected” Aborigines in Galarrawut Yunupingu! Well, now (and I suppose Aboriginal social commentator, etc. Stan “Glitterati Gladiator” Grant will now say whitefella Aussies scream “uppity blackfella” at Yunupingu just as they are at 13-year-old girl-child-bullying and Australia-denigrating Aboriginal footballer Adam Goodes?), where would Yunupingu (and Grant and Goodes), really, be without British settlement?

I say:  “Salvation Day” (instead of Australia Day) for all Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders should be celebrated  26th January every year! Why? Because given that the options included Portuguese, Dutch and Spanish colonisation, there should be joyous and continuous commemoration of the 1788 British First Fleet’s – by far in the main over time – life-saving arrival for the aforementioned then-First Peoples who had earlier gotten rid of other (in some cases eaten up), much earlier Australian “first peoples” (not to mention Australia’s giant marsupials)!

Fed up with ungrateful modern-day Aborigines (most with at least 25%-75% whitefella DNA anyway) rubbishing “Australia Day” as “Invasion Day,” I’m proposing all Aussies of Anglo/Celtic and other European origins head back home to Britain, Ireland and Europe, taking all our doctors, surgeons, dentists and, worst of all for “Aboriginal” Australians, our vets!

Starting home, with the Royal Flying Doctor Service’s (pioneered by white Christian missionary The Reverend John Flynn, shocked by the outback death of Jimmy Darcy, an Aborigine) planes, nurses and doctors, resulting in 13- and 14-year-old Aboriginal girls (and their babies) dying during difficult births, along with Aboriginal boys bleeding to death after initiation ceremonies!

Not to mention taking home the type of whitefella medical treatment of horrendous injuries right up until the 1950s when remote-area (still very Stone-Age) young tribal warriors fought each other with barbed spears (and nulla-nullas!) over the very small pool of available females after the old men of the tribe had taken their second, third or fourth…wives! Then, followed by taking our vets home, resulting in so many Aborigines’ freezing  death on really cold, “three-dog nights” (sleeping with three dogs to stay warm); without whitefella vets keeping the dogs alive!

Sorry, sorry! Forgot about taking our sheep back home, resulting in Aborigines, the likes of Yunupingu and his ungrateful mates, including Stan Grant, having to throw another ‘koala cutlet’ (or platypus patty) on the barbie as they gather on the shores of Botany Bay every 26th of January, waiting (and praying) for the return of all those tall ships flying Great Britain’s…Union Jack!


Howard Hutchins

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