by Sharon Rondeau

(Jan. 14, 2020) — Mainstream media reported Tuesday evening that former Trump National Security Advisor Michael T. Flynn has filed papers to withdraw his December 1, 2017 “guilty” plea for allegedly lying to the FBI prior to a sentencing date of January 28.

While originally Justice Department prosecutors appeared amenable to requesting no jail time for Flynn, who reportedly cooperated with the Mueller “Russia collusion” investigation, last week a brief filed in federal court asked for 0-6 months behind bars for the 33-year combat veteran, a retired lieutenant general, director of Obama’s Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), and Trump’s first national-security adviser.

Flynn was forced to resign the post on February 13, 2017 after his leaked conversations with then-Russian ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak appeared to show that he lied to Vice President-Elect Mike Pence about the nature of the communications.

Flynn’s new attorney, Sidney Powell, a former Justice Department prosecutor herself, has claimed that by “egregious misconduct,” the government withheld Brady,” or “exculpatory,” evidence in the case.  “There never would have been a plea to begin with if the government had disclosed Brady information about what it knew before the plea agreement,” Powell said in September.

In early June, investigative journalist John Solomon reported on “Hannity” that exculpatory evidence exists within the DIA relevant to the case against Flynn.  “On the eve of his December sentencing hearing, John Solomon of The Hill told Hannity that ‘the office of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) holds a document containing exculpatory evidence pertaining to the “guilty” plea Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn (Ret) accepted…'” The Post & Email reported on June 6.

Sen. Charles Grassley, who formerly chaired the Senate Judiciary Committee, has reportedly been seeking the release of the reported exculpatory information from the DIA since August 2017.  On January 2, 2019, Solomon reported, “For nearly two years now, the intelligence community has kept secret evidence in the Russia collusion case that directly undercuts the portrayal of retired Army general and former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn as a Russian stooge.”

Update, 10:42 p.m. EST:  On “The Ingraham Angle,” House Intelligence Committee ranking member Devin Nunes (R-CA22) told host Laura Ingraham, “We were briefed by the FBI that Flynn didn’t lie.  He needs to withdraw the plea, and some of us need to speak on his behalf.”


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