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(Jan. 12, 2020) — Quietly, without debate, one of the most dangerous attacks on American freedom and sovereignty is moving through Congress and headed to President Trump’s desk for signing,. The USMCA agreement will create a North American Union worse than the European Union. Yet there is no voice of opposition being heard. My friend Rich Loudenback has written a urgent, detailed report on this looming disaster. He shows clearly that this is not an improvement over NAFTA as claimed. In fact it contains most of the provisions of NAFTA, plus a lot more. It will be a disaster to American industry, especially for agriculture. Efforts to change some of the worst provisions have been ignored. Why do you think Nancy Pelosi has allowed it to pass the House? Please read and share with as many people as possible. This must be stopped now! — Tom DeWeese

President Trump is being lied to by his trusted advisors and he is clueless about their deceit.  Why is he clueless? Because he can’t possibly be supporting something that is so comprehensively bad for America and even antithetical to his wall.  Perhaps he so strongly wants to believe in the USMCA, that he’s been easier to be ‘covertly convinced’ about ‘the deal.’

Lest one good American with his ear can open his eyes before this arrives on his desk, it’s a real ‘done deal.’ It appears he is ready to sign it immediately, leaving with these advisors, his trust.  He will be screwed!  And America will be ‘transformed’ into a different world.

Believe it or not, I have actually had a couple people tell me they think it’s possible that Trump does know the truth about the USMCA, which would make him also part of the problem.  Like most devout Trumpers, I choose to believe that that’s not possible.  I am all in for him, but this USMCA just doesn’t comport with his many, many incredible accomplishments and persona projecting American greatness.

Trump’s signing the USMCA will, in fact, be the biggest mistake of his presidency to date and unfortunately will probably become his enduring legacy.  He will be ‘The US President That Signed Off America’ to be run by the UN/globalist community steered most largely in America by the clandestine deep state managers at the Council on Foreign Relations in lockstep with their UN/globalist comrades.

Once he signs this monstrosity of deception with all its controlling tentacles that will render our government and our Constitution feckless, President Trump doesn’t get a do-over.  He was able to cancel TTP and TTIP because they were still looming bills in congress.

When he signs this as law, that’s it!  It has a six year review written into it and an 18 year renewal statement.  Trying to get out of it will be like England’s’ BREXIT but tougher, because a lot more money will be easily spent to hold us down since we are the globalists’ biggest threat.

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  1. I’ve sent messages to as many media people as I can…might not hurt if others did the same.

    Also, one of the best ways to get someone’s attention is fax. If you have the capability to fax, you can fax many of your reps and senators (which I suppose are also “reps”). Faxzero has, on their website, the ability to fax for free to congress…along with all of the contact information. You can even fax other reps, if you don’t trust your own…which I don’t.

  2. Bob68, I agree. nutty nan wouldn’t support anything that is good for the nation. she is a power hungry wannabe despot who will do anything she can to destroy our republic and install a global dictatorship that she expects to rule over. she is as evil as hitlery clinton!!!!!

  3. I find it difficult to believe that President Trump would support this if he truly knew what it will do to the nation. I know We the People can’t trust the elephant wing of the New World Order Socialist Party any more than we can trust the donkey wing. Trump has too many deep state operatives in his administration. I hope he drives those swamp rats out before he unwittingly helps them destroy the last vestiges of freedom from America.

  4. This is all about regionalizing the West. Once the west is regionalized, the one world government is in control. Sovereignty? What sovereignty!!

  5. Obama already signed the USMCA, which was written mostly by the UN. The NAU was written by Heidi Cruz while she was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and was working for Goldmn Sachs. Her husband Ted approved it.

  6. President Trump will NOT be listening to these same advisers during his second term. He’s a fast learner and smarter than every one of them.

  7. The one item that has always bugged me about a treaty was Mexico is that we are not allowed to execute any of their rapists, child molesters and murderers, all we’re allowed to do is to deport them so they can return and do to us all over again.

  8. I and many others wondered why Pelosi and the Democrats went along with something we have been told by President Trump will be very beneficial to the U.S.A. and therefore beneficial to President Trump. If this article accurately sums up the USMCA agreement, it appears it may be something Pelosi actually did read before supporting it. I would like to hear a response to this article from the Trump Administration. I won’t be reading the entire 1809 pages of the USMCA to try to figure it out myself, but the article makes if seem terrible for the U.S.A.. The question remains the same…….who can be trusted?