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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, website photo

(Jan. 11, 2020) — Nancy Pelosi (0:09) proposed a deal with the Devil, “If you give me Trump on a platter I will sell my soul to the highest bidder.”

The Devil thought it over and said, “I can’t give you Trump on a platter, but I’ll give you the opportunity to make a fool of yourself that will guarantee immortality.”

Nancy thought about it and said, “Good enough, but let the voters remain stupid so I get reelected time after time.”

This time the Devil pondered and then said, “That’s too easy; make it at least worth my while.”

Then Pelosi blurted out, “Okay, then, let the record show that whatever happens is all news to me. Make the voters believe that the Democratic Party has the Constitution at heart; that illegal immigrants are good for the country; and that Islam is a misunderstood and peaceful religion.

And the Devil concluded the deal by saying, “You are indeed a masterful politician: you walk in it; you shovel it; and you even dish it out. I can’t help you because you don’t need me: you do it all yourself.”

After a minute Pelosi asked, “Because I pushed the Russian Collusion for the past three years?

At which the Devil answered, “Well, there’s that, and then there’s you being caught on tape wanting to impeach President Trump on absolutely no evidence. Heck, Adam Schiff called me and asked for help but no could do. I tried, but sometimes you have to bite the bullet.”

Nancy stated, “But being me, I look out for myself and my Party and the heck with the country and Trump and everyone who voted for him. I have standards, you know.”

Photo credit: Comfreak at Pixabay, License

At which point the Devil concluded, “No you don’t; you stand for absolutely nothing that has been good for the Republic. You kept on harping that Trump was bad for Democracy when he is just the opposite; you warned the people that expediency was worth more than honesty and look what it got you: you developed dementia; you were exposed to be the hypocrite that you are; you got bit.”


Goodbye Baby” (2:05)


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