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January 8, 2020

Photo: By Unknown – http://farsi.khamenei.ir/photo-album?id=41944#i, CC BY 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=77269661

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Remember 9-11?  I do – vividly.  It turned out that the mastermind behind the planning and execution of that horror was known to then-President Bill Clinton and that his intelligence and defense experts had Osama Bin Laden in their cross-hairs and ready for a clean kill – without collateral damage – and refused to take the shot.  Months later, the Trade Center Towers went down and the heroes of Shanksville proved how courageous Americans truly are.

So today, the same, lame leftist-leaning thinking that led to 9-11 condemns President Trump for protecting America and American lives from another Islamic fundamentalist terrorist atrocity.  Doh!

Such knee-jerk attitudes must be either born out of hatred or sheer stupidity – perhaps a mix of both.  THIS WAS A CLEAN SHOT with no collateral damage – a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  Maybe this Iranian monster believed that our president’s hands were tied because of the nonstop impeachment charade being kept alive by our distrustful media.  But, in any case, there he was in the open, and we had him because we had been tracking him!  Maybe The New York Times and Washington Post didn’t know what he was up to, but fortunately, our intel and military guys did.  Every time our TV screens show a maimed American ex-serviceman or woman severely injured or blown to bits by increasingly more powerful IEDs – remember that the architect of those awful weapons, who was building them in Iran, finally got his just deserts!

This leftist love for the Mullahs and their regime started in the 70s, when Jimmy Carter helped drive the Shah of Iran out of power and replace him with the Ayatollahs.  At the time, the Shah was fighting stage  4 cancer and our Peanut-Farmer-In-Chief refused him entry to the US or any treatment by our world’s-best cancer treatment facilities.

Yes, the Shah’s regime had its SAVAK – an often brutal domestic-control apparatus.  The Shah knew that Islamism was rampant in certain segments of his population, as was communism, and he held them in check.  The SAVAK were brutish and our administrations tried to get the Shah to tone them down.  But, the Shah knew that he was sitting on a powder keg.  Meanwhile, the Iranian people dressed like us, traveled everywhere, and were friended everywhere.  The women were stylish and beautiful, and Iranian college students studied at U.S. universities.

So, Jimmy Carter and the American left cheered when the Shah left and the Mullahs – ‘holy men’ – ahem – all replaced his regime.  Then they took over our Embassy and held our staff for 444 days, while Jimmy Peanut fretted and stamped his foot.  The old SAVAK was back – big-time – but under new management.  “Holy’ management.  And all was good, according to the American left.

Some of us lived through this history.  Some of were in service to our country at the time and watched with horror as the new regime imposed its will on our ex-allies.  Funny how The Times and The Post can’t remember this history, even though they not only wrote on it, but helped shape it.

Thanks, Mr. President, for having the guts to rid the world of this monster by taking the “clean shot.”

Old Frank




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