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(Jan. 8, 2020) — Nowadays, users can choose from a wide array of software tools, compatible with PCs and portable devices. The Outlook is not the only email client, but most of its rivals have flaws. Incredimail is entertaining but hardly suitable for formal e-communication. Thunderbird is free but is vulnerable to security breaches, and so on.

In many cases, the transfer of email to the Microsoft client is reasonable. Although some mail clients are free, none of them offer the same level of corporate functionality. To make use of the benefits provided by Outlook transfer, one may click here and find out more. Relocation requires file conversion, which is best achieved with the help of special utilities.

Flaws of Manual Methods

The unavoidable conflict of file formats makes transfer a challenge. Different programs save messages with their unique extensions, such as EML for Thunderbird, or MBX for the now obsolete Outlook Express. In rare cases when a manual conversion is possible, it poses risks due to potential loss of data.

Google will supply you with numerous tutorials explaining the necessary steps, but these cannot guarantee successful transfer. Besides, the process consumes significant time, and you need IT jargon to comprehend your actions. Finally, portions of the files could be damaged or even lost, which means you are taking unjustified risks.


Consider the specifics of a hypothetical move from Tbird. If you approach the task manually, it will comprise multiple steps that will first turn MBOX into EML, and later to PST that is mandatory for Outlook. Importantly, the two clients have no in-built export tools to facilitate the process.

One could try dragging and dropping the files, or use the lengthy IMAP method through Gmail. In either case, there is no guarantee of files remaining intact on the other end. Additionally, drag-and-drop is not compatible with the freshest version of Outlook.

Professional Assistance

Here are a few of the key benefits delivered by software like Outlook Transfer. Devised specially for the purpose of migration, it ensures the transition is smooth and hassle-free. Save yourself time and keep the integrity of your files protected by installing professional software.

  1. In a Few Clicks

If you need quick results, delegate the task to a special utility. Rather than studying manuals, scouring your machine for files and going through manual stages, let professionals handle the job.

  1. Accurate and Reliable

No tutorial can possibly ensure flawless transition due to the unfortunate clash between file extensions. In many cases, you hit an impasse without a converter anyway. With a mail transfer tool, relocation of e-correspondence happens with only minimal probability of errors.

  1. Understandable UI

The program is controlled via a clear and logically structured interface. Even users with little experience can manage with an automated tool.

  1. Information Protection

If you invite third-party specialists for the transfer, there could be data leaks. On the other hand, running a tool by yourself on your computer eliminates the danger.


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