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by Robert C. Laity, ©2020

Is the Secret Service pursuing recent threats against President Trump?  Is there a double standard for Trump and Obama?

(Jan. 7, 2020) — [Editor’s Note:  The following letter by New York State citizen Robert Laity was sent to the director of the U.S. Secret Service on Tuesday morning.]

James M. Murray
Director, U.S. Secret Service
United States Secret Service
245 Murray Lane
Washington, D.C. 20223

Re: Threats against the President
Under 18USC, Sec. 871(a)                                                                   January 7, 2020

Dear Director Murray,

         I am writing you today regarding my concerns in light of the several threats made against President Donald J. Trump by a number of people in the recent past. I frequently see those in the acting profession making a majority of these threats. I trust that, given the professionalism of the U.S. Secret Service, that proper attention to these threats is being applied.

         That said, I am concerned that these threats are becoming more numerous and that a common defense used by the persons making these threats is that they were “Joking”.

Such a claim that one was joking is not a positive defense against making threats against the President of the United States.

There have been several persons, including Robert Di Nero, Kathy Griffin, George Lopez, Johnny Depp, et al, to name a few that have made serious threatening comments against the sitting President of the United States. Making these threats and gestures, such as Griffin’s holding of a blood soaked effigy head of President Trump cannot be defended as being a “Joke”.


One very egregious action is the acceptance of “half” of an “$80 million dollar” bounty on President Trump, by George Lopez. Recent reports indicate that he thought that the bounty was officially proffered by the Iranian Government.

          You may be aware of the fact that I was visited by Secret Service when I made lawful allegations against Barack Obama that he had usurped the U.S. Presidency, by fraud. Indeed, I have since written a book on that matter called “Imposters in the Oval Office”. A copy of said publication was provided to the Secret Service Field Office in Buffalo, N.Y. I also provided a copy of the book to President Trump.

During the faux “Presidency” of Barack Obama, two of your agents visited me in my home in Tonawanda, N.Y. One of those agents was Greg Gramiccioni, Special Agent, Buffalo Field Office.  At the time my complaint about Barack Obama, a proven Imposter, was met with a response by Gramiccioni  that this “was above [his] pay grade”. That was a flippant remark, given the fact that a phony “President” is a clear and present danger to national security.

The current hostile environment against President Trump, being exerted upon him even by fellow politicians in both parties, as well as a large group of Hollywood actors and other malcontents deserves your utmost attention.

I recall that when Obama was “in office” a mere mention of a threat about him met with severe consequences, as when 18USC, Sec. 871(a) was actually missapplied to a comment made by Elwyn Fossedal. In his case, since Obama was not the bona-fides President 18USC, Sec. 871(a) did not apply.


I was visited merely for lodging a complaint against Obama that he usurped the Presidency by fraud, during time of war and that such a crime makes him a traitor under 18USC and a spy under 10USC. I accurately stated that if he were ever convicted of such a crime he could be executed. Being a spy carries the death penalty.

I want to see those who threaten President Trump arrested and tried under 18USC, Sec. 871(a) as were persons who threatened Obama., threats not flippantly dismissed as a “Joke” when well known personalities make the comments. It is becoming far too acceptable and commonplace to make threats against President Trump. This must cease and desist.



Robert C. Laity
Founder and President
Society for the Preservation
of our American Republic

Tonawanda, N.Y.

CC: Donald J. Trump, President of the U.S.
Kevin K. McAleenan, Secy, Homeland Security

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    EXHIBIT A: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlbBF4MZBv0

    >”WE WILL ENACT LAWS SO THAT THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN [UNTIL IT HAPPENS AGAIN]” – a favorite duty dodge of US Government polluticians

    EXHIBIT B: https://fas.org/irp/threat/arb/board_nairobi.html >>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSzXtRHPG9U


    EXHIBIT C: “There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments, and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance—that principle is CONTEMPT PRIOR TO INVESTIGATION – William Paley 1743- 1805


    EXHIBIT D: https://www.thepostemail.com/

    >So, we see, that all self-serving polluticians seem to operate by RELYING ON LYING as if to say to their naïve citizens, “THAT’S MY [HALF] STORY AND I’M STICKING TO IT”

    EXHIBIT E: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZnHlc1FbIk

  2. Well~~~~I really do believe that the
    “Swamp” will be drained and a MASSIVE arrest and prosecution will happen all at once by the US Military. The military is NOT AFRAID and they prove it every time they are called upon to defend our nation…

  3. Robert Laity,
    I thank you for your work on exposing the “Obama” sham which was successfully carried out on America. Your words and actions to expose the huge criminal acts involved are highly appreciated by me and millions of other caring and patriotic American citizens. Knowing you will never give up helps keep me doing what I can to help………….
    IMO the truth about Obama’s usurpation and the sham which installed him as America’s putative president is something none of the talking heads will ever fairly discuss, (if at all), even the “good” ones. Two examples are President Trump’s 5 million dollar offer to see Obama’s authentic Hawaii birth certificate, which does not exist……and Trump’s friendship and pardoning of Sheriff Arpaio whose 5 year investigation proved Barry’s claimed Hawaii birth certificate is a bad forgery. John Brennan and the CIA were also implicated in the forgery as being complicit in creating Obama’s fake birth certificate. All complicit in The Obama Fraud, (and there are many), are still covering for others and for Obama to cover themselves for being an active part of installing Barack Hussein Obama as America’s putative president and commander-in-chief, and/or just doing and saying nothing try to stop the usurpation of Barack Hussein Obama This IMO was/is a criminal act which has brought our Constitutional Republic to the brink of being lost to the Globalist/Communist who got Barry installed to weaken America in every way possible. As their puppet, Obama was successful in the job he was installed to do. It was Hillary losing to the “birther” Donald Trump in 2016 which sent all complicit in The Obama Fraud into a panic to remove him from office. To me this is all so obvious……………….

  4. Bob68, Our revered first President, George Washington once said that “Truth will ultimately prevail when there is pains taken to bring it to light”. The truth cannot be ignored for too long. Those of us who seek the truth will find it. God sees the truth and in his ultimate justice, no one can hide from having to answer ultimately for the wrongs they commit. They may believe that they can but that is not the case. It brings to mind the famous motto of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police “We always get our man”.

  5. I called the office of my Congressman, Steve Womack, again a few days ago. The staff phone talker told me, again and to paraphrase, the Congressman believes the issue of Obama’s eligibility is settled and Obama is eligible. He also effectively said that no matter what evidence I had Congressman Womack would never change his mind on this. I also noticed he seemed reluctant to want to send me anything in writing……although I have several letters from the past saying things like, “Obama is a U.S citizen and eligible to be president” or, “I believe Obama is eligible to be president”, from both Womack’s office and other congressional offices They never wanted to say anything and in my opinion have known since 2008/2009 that Obama is not eligible to be president, but……after he was allowed to be sworn-in they had no choice but to protect Obama’s fraudulent identity documents and eligibility to protect themselves……nothing has changed and they still do this…………This has never been complicated IMO. I believe they all know and have for years,….yet will never admit it, and whether or not they wanted Obama to become the putative president they became complicit in a crime, so far, too big to prosecute and even too big to openly discuss…………..to Congress the solution would have been the planned in 2008 after Obama cover of Hillary Clinton being elected in 2016…….fortunately for us. that did not happen.

  6. Wow Sharon, you actually think that because someone negatively mentions something they can’t be part of it? Your words, not mine — [“Since Mr. Crouere often mentions the “Deep State,” are you sure he is part of it?”] Funny how the left constantly comes out against racism and anti-semitism, yet they are the premier violators of both of those agendas; and of course lets not forget that leftist politicians take the oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution but NEVER do!. The NRA claims to be our to supporter of second amendment rights yet they have done the opposite on many issues! Lyin’ Ted Cruz claims to be a “devout” Constitutionalist and conservative yet he didn’t hesitate to violate that very Constitution in his desire to be POTUS! And yet you believe that Crouere can’t be a liar either?

    What I also know is that the P&E often eliminates comments that they don’t agree with, even when based on facts or physical evidence, simply because it doesn’t conform to your ideology and you can claim that it violates your terms. I fully expect this comment to be removed!

  7. The 50s and 60s school civics books defining a natural born Citizen have been summarily dealt-with using a similar process as what happened to the Jews in NAZI Europe.

  8. Our government cares little for honesty and less for justice unless it can be twisted so that only themselves are protected. I feel saddened by the cynical belief through decades of living in this great nation run by robber barons that AG Barr and his cohort who are supposedly seeking justice will come up with nothing. They are part of the problem. Investigate, investigate, that’s all they do. By the time November rolls around and we’re asked to vote once more, Barr and Durham will still be investigating. Has anyone heard where the heck Huber has been hiding? MIA.

  9. I too was visited by the Secret Service for comments made in 2008.
    I called in on a local radio station program hosted by the former head of the Republican Party of Louisiana, Jeff Crouere. Now, I may have seemed a little animated as I was taking heavy pain medication as I had broken my wrist and wrenched my neck seriously only days before but I explained that within the context of the war in which we are engaged against the pan-Islamic Ooma an enemy agent of Islam who practices taqiyya who has criminally usurped the office of POTUS by fraud has defined himself as a legitimate target of opportunity for any American fighting man to engage.

    That was my opinion and it still is.

    Jeff Crouere’s show is called ‘Ringside Politics with a Punch’ and it always advertised back then that one could take off the proverbial gloves and speak their mind when they called in.

    Former Louisiana State Treasurer Kennedy who is now a senator was a guest on the show the day that I called in.

    Jeff Crouere–the personification of the elitist faction within the Louisiana political landscape that runs both the republican party and the democrat party down here had the audacity to assume a leading role in the North Shore Tea Party and helped the G.O.P. to put ‘Pizza Man/Booty Caller’ Herman Cain in as the nominee until the very last minute when the booty-call phone records were made public and the republican party then–as they planned all along to do–slipped Mitt Romney into position as the nominee.

    In fact, at the G.O.P. state convention in Shreveport that year the majority of delegates chosen by rank and file republicans across the state of Louisiana were chosen to nominate Ron Paul but as they were on their way to the state convention the republican party then headed by Jeff Crouere’s good friend Roger Villere had the audacity to change the Roberts Rules–while the delegates were in their cars on the way to the convention! There are YouTube videos available for you to witness the police state fiasco that ensued.

    The Shreveport Police deputized at least one member of the republican party’s security team when they were informed that it was expected that when the delegates arrived and were told that they could NOT nominate the person they were chosen as delegates to nominate there would be trouble and there was.

    But I digress. I was visited at work at Emeril’s Delmonico restaurant where I worked as a dishwasher and prep. cook by Agent Kirk of the United States Secret Service and a power-lifter sized associate of his. Agent Kirk was up in age and no doubt the big guy was there as muscle.

    I told them that I stood by what I said and if they wanted to arrest me for it then they could go right ahead and do so. I was in such a terrible way back then that the thought of a jail cell didn’t even look so bad. I had a rough start getting on my feet here in New Orleans.

    It was a day or so later that the Sunday edition of the Times Picayune had the Manchurian Muslim from Mombasa’s face on the cover of their paper in a news story that Obama was coming to New Orleans.

    Maybe they wouldn’t even have interrogated me if they didn’t know that Obungo was coming to town.

    Jeff Crouere is now sometimes writing stories for thepostemail.com. That’s too bad because he personifies the Deep State Swamp.

    A long time later Crouere had Villere on his cable television show that goes by the same name as his radio talk show, ‘Ringside Politics with a Punch.’ Instead of demanding that someone be held accountable and changes be put in place that delegates chosen to represent the people would be free to do just that as the self-appointed leader of the North Shore Tea Party I watched the episode of Crouere’s show in disbelief as he allowed Villere to read from index cards and do a promotional spot.

    I wondered if Crouere and Villere were going to swap spit.

    1. The Post & Email is aware of your disapproval of radio host and columnist Jeff Crouere’s decisions made when he served as Louisiana Republican Party Chair. Everyone is entitled to his own opinions and difference of opinions regarding the conduct of political influencers and officials. The P&E accepts columns from a wide variety of writers and believes Mr. Crouere’s work, which is not written for us exclusively, merits publication. Since Mr. Crouere often mentions the “Deep State,” are you sure he is part of it? https://www.thepostemail.com/?s=Crouere+Deep+State

  10. Robert, thanks for sharing this letter and information. Over the many years, you have been a
    steady “point man” and have led by example. To the readers and supporters of The Post &
    Email and others I highly request that if they haven’t read your book entitled “IMPOSTERS in the OVAL OFFICE” that they would order your book, read it, and recycle it sending it to their
    US Congressmen, Senator, local reps and others…

    In the Marines we were taught to “lead by example”. I did order and receive copies of this book and I did send copies to my reps. at DC and gave copies to others. Every so often I pick up Roberts book and read it. I have been studying the issue of “obama the Usurper” for several years and refer to Robert’s book often.

    I encourage others to continue to be involved and speak out about Obama’s fraud.

  11. This is but one of many examples of the laws of the United States being violated with zero repercussions. We all wait to see if anyone whatsoever will be prosecuted for the most recent violations regarding the attempted overthrow of the current president. We also wonder if anything will ever be done concerning the widespread violations of immigration law that have fundamentally changed the culture of our country.

  12. I totally agree with Mr. Laity.
    I’m 70 years old but still remember my Civics class in 7th grade, when we studied the requirements for Eligibility to be President of the United States…the candidate must be born in the United States…On the Soil/In Country…to Parents who are American Citizens. I was outraged to read that Obama’s Father was British…why was Obama not immediately disqualified from running???
    I’ve had a heightened worry since Obama was successful in Usurping the Office. Now, no one is likely to bring this dangerous travesty forward, as it has been ignored and allowed. Yet, people should understand that the Founders were insistent on ensuring any President would have full allegiance to our country, most especially because the President carried the responsibility of Commander in Chief. It would be dangerous for a President to have Loyalty to other Countries, especially in War Time. I pray that this brazen Usurpation is revealed and consequences prescribed. However, I of course doubt this would happen, tho it should. It’s appalling to me how many are uninformed. But then Civics is rarely taught these days. Hmm, makes it easier to get away with fraud.