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January 4, 2020

Gen. George S. Patton served in the American Expeditionary Forces during World War I and led the 1942 “Operation Torch” in Casablanca and the Battle of the Bulge against Hitler’s forces.  Photo:  Wikipedia, public domain

To the Editor:

Conditioning and consistency are crucial keys to success in virtually every human endeavor.   And so it is today in America, where the very sacred unalienable rights our forebears sacrificed so much for are under constant attack, not only from without, but more disturbingly, from within.  Please take a few minutes to read this article and you’ll know exactly what the left-leaning-lunatics want America to become.

This is an ongoing fight that many do not relish, but it will not end; it will not subside, for it is fueled by pure evil.  But fight we must, every second of every hour of every single day.   No matter the time, the cost, or the casualties, we must and we will prevail. The folks must understand that if we lose this fight and lose America, we’ll never get it back.   I personally want the fight; I embrace it, for it forces the truth (as well as the lies and the liars) to the surface, and into the glaring sunlight.

My sense/feeling on the matter is best captured by a line from the late great Gen. George Patton, “God help me, I do love it so.”  A little eccentric, perhaps, but my life’s experience is, you never, ever win if you’re not all-in.

There are more good, God-fearing folks in America than there is evil, and come November 3rd, they’ll know what to do.


Mike Latham

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