December 21, 2019

Source: https://www.speaker.gov/newsroom/121919

To the Editor:

Last week, we saw/heard Speaker Pelosi slam down the gavel on two articles re the impeachment of President Trump.   The two articles are ridiculously weak and effectively unsupportable (meaning no evidence of wrongdoing).  Now, Pelosi is playing a cat-and-mouse game with the U.S. Senate which she and her party were going to lose in any event.  However, her current irresponsible actions will tend to magnify the Democrats’ gross incompetence, their disgusting lust for power, their absolute disrespect for the U.S. Constitution and the American voter.

Pelosi’s demeanor, in her black dress, with the slamming of the gavel on impeachment, may well have driven the final nail into her political coffin.  The Democrat Party has been losing significant ground  since Obama’s first term through the election of President Trump.   In fact, they lost over 1,041 total seats at the local, state and national level over that period.   It’s  true the Democrats have regained some lost ground, but all the key indicators today reveal quite clearly that President Trump is in a superior position for reelection in 2020.

America has witnessed historic and ongoing changes in both major political parties over the past generation.  The Republican Party has effectively been taken over by a conservative-populist movement, whereas the Democrat Party has been hijacked by socialists, atheists and anti-American fascists.   Much (perhaps most) of this upheaval by conservatives is fueled by the fact the average person has at his or her disposal (fingertips) the ability to check facts and to communicate worldwide.   The failures of Democrat governance are legendary and disgraceful, none more so than in urban ghettos, barrios, and reservations.

In spite of the irrational obstructionism by Democrats, virtually everything President Trump has tackled has borne fruit!   The most recent accomplishment was the passage of the USMCA (replaces NAFTA) Trade Agreement.  Every economist of note has praised the deal as a guaranteed boon to our continued  economic growth.   Speaker Pelosi and her ilk are attempting to take some credit for USMCA; they deserve no credit, it was all due to the efforts of President Trump and his negotiating team.

It is an age-old axiom that desperate people predictably do desperate things.  And so it is today with the Democrat Party; they will do and say anything to regain power, America be damned.    In my view, we’re witnessing the gradual death of the Democrat  Party, much like the death of the Whig Party in the mid-nineteenth century.   However, with President Trump’s likely reelection on November 3rd, 2020 and the probable return of the U.S. House to Republican control given the glaring lack of leadership by Democrats, their slide into oblivion is predictable.


Mike Latham

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