December 20, 2019

Rep. Thaddeus Stevens speaking at the impeachment hearings for President Andrew Johnson, March 2, 1868 (U.S. House of Representatives archives)

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Wednesday evening history was made – but not for the better. Hatred prevailed over reason, and as a result our revered constitution was crumbled like old parchment.  The purpose of impeachment is (was) a necessary last resort to rid our republic of a genuine monster – one guilty of “high crimes and misdemeanors.”   It was never intended nor to have been permitted to be used simply because the majority party in the House of Representatives didn’t agree with the outcome of a presidential election.

And now that the “genie is out of the bottle,” is impeachment to be used again and again?  Are elections to become passé?  Are we citizens to be restricted to one-party governance?  And what of the role of the fourth estate – the supposed impartial arbiter and guardian of truth – without whose willing participation in the hate-fest that was celebrated as  ‘impeachment’ – the “hatred party” could never have pulled off this betrayal of our republic.

No amount of twisting or “attributing thoughts to other persons” can justify what just happened.  It turned a new page not in history, but in infamy!  The names of Schiff, Nadler, and Pelosi will be recalled whenever chaos henceforth reigns after election results dissatisfy one side or the other.  More importantly —  the alternative to fair elections is civil war.  Good work, there, Madam Speaker – and especially bravissimo orchestration of innuendo, hearsay, rumor, outright lies, and disloyalty by the mainstream media.  Maybe they feel vindicated by the immediate outcome of their collective hate-fest, but what about later when the damage they have done becomes the norm?  The genie is out of the bottle!!

Now, let’s just think (I know this is a real trial for some, but please try): A company that manufactures a product with success over the years, sees its market share diminish, and results in their overcapacity means that jobs and facilities might have to be reduced and closed.  But instead of doing those things, the corporate board of that company decides instead to search for a top-notch CEO who has turned other companies around.  They hire one and, voilá, the “new broom sweeps clean.”  Even though the new Top Dog doesn’t know how the product is made or much about the history of the enterprise, he turns things around and – once again business is booming, and those thoughts of “retrenchment” are buried by booming sales and the demand for more product….

This is not fairytale stuff; it happens all the time!  Even though the “new guy” doesn’t know the ins and outs of production or other trivia – he has instincts and management skills!  He brings a fresh look to a stale environment, one that was locked in “process” and “history.”  The fresh look turn things around almost overnight, the ship is righted and shareholders are happy, as are the employees!

Trump is that new broom!  He is the fixer of stagnated government!  True, he doesn’t know all of the players on the international stage by name, but he knows America’s corporate interests.  And his fresh broom is sweeping clean.  Of course, such cleansing and “sunshine” may bother those who’ve spent years “gathering knowledge” (and getting things muddled), and some may even wish to “whistle-blow…”  How dare this “interloper” get into MY territory, even if he was elected president??  But under our constitution, the president is responsible for policy and direction.  And those working under him (or someday, maybe, “her”) don’t have the privilege of tantrums or “whistle-blowing!”

Please, please, give me a break.  I’ve been there and seen that.  I’ve also cleaned up messes, even though I didn’t know all of the “history,” but those who would have been adversely impacted by my failure to act were forever grateful.  Trump is the iconoclast!  He cares about results “for America” and “Americans.” The “Deep State,” with all its pretense of “knowledge,” is often in the way, and the threat of sunshine exposing their rot makes them angry.

And that, my friends, is how we ended up with “Impeachment circa 2019.”  The press doesn’t get it.  Much of the populace doesn’t get it.  But progress is “moving forward,” not in wanting things as they used to be – the conditions that made the Deep-Staters very comfortable in their government (taxpayer-funded) sinecures.    Tough.  Get over it, or get out of the way.

Oh, and for what it is worth, as a 32-year veteran of military service who rose through the ranks to senior officer levels, I never, ever, heard of a lieutenant colonel going public with a “policy difference” with the president of the Unites States.  For this P.O.S. Vindman (sp?) to challenge the president of the United States on policy with the Ukraine is not only unheard of; it is the epitome of disrespect and of courts-martial behavior.  This jerk is no hero.  He is a another phony in the mold of John Kerry and Richard Blumenthal….

Old Frank

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