What Should I Major In?


by Dominique Benson, ©2019

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(Nov. 28, 2019) — Students understand at an early age that they are expected to graduate from high school and attend college. Many know early on what field of study they’d like to pursue in college. However, just as many – if not more, are perplexed at what the future holds. This leads to the question “What Should I Major In?”

Choosing a career path and a field of study is a major life decision, and one that must be made wisely. At the same time, young people must understand that a great number of people will change their major multiple times. However, this article intends to help individuals struggling with making this exciting, but stressful, choice.

First, you need to identify your personal interests and abilities. You can do this by first listing your skills. Don’t leave out anything! Do people come to you asking for help with math problems? You might be a great math teacher, or you could be an engineer. Do people confide in you often? Do they ask you for advice about life’s problems? Are you sensitive to others’ needs? Are you not afraid of blood? You just might have the makings of a phlebotomist! List things you like, even if it is as simple as “I enjoy working in my mother’s flower garden.” You’d be surprised what can point you on the right career path.

Once you’ve made this list, take a career test online. You can find a wide variety of career personality inventory quizzes online free of charge. If you’re still in doubt, your high school counselor will be happy to provide you with a few career inventory activities as well. The answers to these tests may help to point you in the right direction where a college major is concerned.

Now that you have a few careers to consider, do a little research. Choose three or four that interest you the most. Compile a “Pros and Cons” list for each career. You may be able to narrow the possibilities at this point.

Next, more research is in order. Once you have whittled your list down to just a couple of possible career choices, research area schools to determine which ones not only offer your possible field of study but also what school is the best to provide an education in that major. For instance, if you decide you wish to attend veterinary school and live in Texas, you would want to research Texas A & M and their program.

In looking at possible schools to attend, you’ll also want to consider tuition and other costs associated with attendance. For some students, this is a major factor in selecting a school to attend.

Finally, realize that even though you choose a major prior to beginning college, you may still change your mind once you actually start attending classes. Understand that this is a normal reaction! Furthermore, if you are a freshman or even a sophomore in college, you have done little to damage your academic career. During the first two years of college, you are taking basic courses that all your peers are taking, and they can transfer from one major to another.

Choosing a major for college is a stressful decision with profound influence on your future. However, take logical steps and research your options. You’ll make an informed decision that will give you peace regarding the future.

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