by Bob Russell, ©2019

(Nov. 26, 2019) — I just read an item that said the corrupt democrat party is drafting illegal legislation designed to disarm We the People so they can introduce us to the Nazi Party plan they want to impose on America. This will likely be their first course of action once this farce they call impeachment blows up in their faces.

The legislation democrats are drafting and planning on imposing on We the People calls for mandatory storage of ALL firearms owned by civilians in government-approved, read that “government-controlled,” storage facilities with access granted only after “approved” paperwork is accepted and approved by the bureaucrat in control.  What this means is that any firearm “stored” in these facilities won’t be released to anyone not approved of by the left, meaning any person who believes in God, the Constitution, and liberty will never see his guns again.

This is just confiscation without calling it what it really is.   The saddest part of this is that the republican party, the elephant wing of the New World Order Socialist Party, will do nothing to stop it.  The gop may bleat and whine but is so invested in tyranny they won’t do anything to stop it.  The gop is really good about talking but not at all willing to take any real action to stop the democrat tyranny, I believe, because they want a seat at the table of tyranny and actively opposing democrats won’t get them there.  I believe that Nazi war criminal george soros controls both political parties.  Over the last half century I have seen the gop running left as fast as it can trying to catch up with the democrat tyrants.  Ronald Reagan opposed this leftward march and was opposed and hated by the gop establishment just as much as Donald Trump is today.

If they pass their illegal bill I will simply ignore it as I have ignored the rest of their garbage.  I don’t have any money to spend buying more guns or ammo but I WILL NOT surrender what I have, nor will I comply with their demands that I allow them to decide where and how my guns are kept.  I have owned guns all my life and none of them have ever been used to commit a crime: not by me, anyone in my home, nor by themselves.

Once again we see the fear of a populace that can defend itself from tyranny.  The leftist liberals know what faith in Almighty God and the determination to live free does to potential tyrants.  A people willing and able to fight for liberty are a constant threat to tyranny, so the first thing tyrants remove are the ingredients that sustain the people.  They started removing God from the public forum 50 years ago and are still trying to eradicate Him from our society.  Too many who call themselves Christians either aren’t truly so or are afraid to stand on their faith because of the backlash liberals throw at them (oops, that isn’t really an OR situation, is it?).

One praise/worship song I really like says, “If my God is with me what can stand against me” and “If my God is for me whom then shall I fear?”  My God is for me AND with me so I don’t fear what any man can do to me because I know what my eternity looks like.  I will continue to believe, pray, and live my life for Jesus as best as I can.  I will not bow at the pagan alter of liberalism under any circumstances and will fight those who demand that I do so as long as my mortal body draws breath.  I am old and disabled but God is going to restore me to pre-stroke condition.  I don’t know when it will happen but it WILL happen, in God’s timing.

Some liberals have sold their souls to satan for power and influence, now not caring or believing what eternity holds for them.  Others are deceived and likely won’t discover the truth until it is too late, partly out of ignorance and partly out of not wanting to admit the truth.  Jesus told His apostles that before people hated them they hated Him.  I can see it because people hate me due to my stand for Him but I accept their hatred because I know of His love for me and that His love will still be with me long after their hate is gone.

Democrats count on We the People meekly walking to our demise as calmly as the Jews did back in the Nazi Party days.  Some will comply but I won’t because I know what their plans are and I know what standing against them means long-term.  Times will be hard but the reward is eternal victory for those who stand with God against satan and his minions.  People like nutty nancy pelosi, maxine “polluted” waters, upchuck schumer and their ilk will find themselves in a very hot place one day and will be there for eternity.

I try very hard to show the love of Jesus to everyone every day.  Some days I do better than others but there is never any hate in my heart; there is disgust at the attitudes and actions of liberals, but never any hate.  I fought for liberty for others and deeply resent democrat party efforts to take ours away to satisfy their lust for riches and power, but disgust and resentment aren’t the same as hate, no matter what they say.  Liberals use projection, projecting their own faults on me to make them falsely feel they are better than me, but I know the truth.

All of the gun control laws that have been implemented since the 1930’s have been unconstitutional according to the Second Amendment, and totally ineffective in practicality, but politicians bent on tyranny don’t care.  Many citizens are fearful of standing up for the Constitution because they mistakenly think going along to stay under the radar will make them immune to tyranny, but history has shown that the “go along to get along” tactic never holds up.  In the end tyrants will turn against even their most ardent supporters once the main opposition has been destroyed.

The demonkrats don’t have anything on President Trump to substantiate their impeachment witch hunt coup attempt and they know it, so they keep up the dog-and-pony show hoping to damage his chances in 2020.  If that fails they want to be able to lead a defenseless population, We the People, to the slaughterhouse without any resistance. Everyone I have talked to about this legislation has said they too will refuse to comply.  Demonkrats are trying to provoke a rebellion, being too stupid to realize they can’t win and too evil to care what it will do to the nation.  Hatred is all they have to work with, and they are busy projecting their hatred onto those of us who have none hoping to intimidate us into submission, but they are finding and will continue to find that millions of American citizens will not be intimidated into slavery.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

Bob Russell

Editor’s Note:  HR4926, the “Prevent Family Fire Act of 2019,” was introduced by Rep. Mike Levin (D-CA49) on October 31, 2019.

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