Stop Your Whining, Malcolm Turnbull! You Were Always Ignoble!


November 24, 2019

By Commonwealth of Australia –, CC BY 4.0,

Dear Editor,

Spare us your “I could/would have won the election as PM” lamentations, please, Malcolm Turnbull! And fair bloody dinkum! I’ve had a gut-full of the “glitterati,” “chaff-head celeb set,” Leftist MSM pundits, ABC coteries, “clever people,” elites, “wanky people,” etc., etc. bemoaning  “Marshmallow” Malcolm’s demise and blaming it all on Australia’s — next to John Howard! — greatest-ever “Worrying Warrior,” Tony Abbott! The “Marshmallow” back-stabbed/leaked/schemed his slinking dingo-like way to the top with his George Clooney-type smirk and “selfie fetish”!

When Tony Abbott took the Liberal leadership from “Turncoat” Turnbull (who had already backstabbed Brendan Nelson, donated money to the ALP through one of Turnbull’s businesses, and crossed the floor to vote with the ALP and those “slugs in Nan’s little garden,” the Greens on climate change) it was a party room face-to-face upfront man-to-man battle (brought on by a manly Tony Abbott)!

Unlike when the ignoble Turnbull leaked like a sieve to his ABC cheer squad (with their simpering blonde cheerleader “Lean Sales” doing the high-kick each time Turnbull turned the knife in Abbott’s back!), one of Turnbull’s lowest of many low acts was to undermine then-PM Tony Abbott (and every other Aussie) when Abbott called out Australia’s Muslim leaders (who had elected a  Supreme Mufti of Australia who could not even speak English) for not speaking up and denouncing Islamic terrorism strongly enough…with Turnbull, then, actually publicly criticising Abbott for doing what Turnbull himself did not have the guts to do!

Turnbull severely suffers from “MmGW* Mania,” and if it were not for the likes of Turnbull, Bill Shorten and the Greens, Australia’s working-families’ energy costs would be but one-third of what they are today!

The Turnbull government’s ratifying of the Paris Agreement in Paris is one of history’s greatest of ironies! Why? Because France is a net exporter of electricity in Europe! And France’s electricity is so cheap and plentiful because it is produced by nuclear power, so much so that each time Malcolm and Lucy indulge in their favourite French tucker and wines when touring in France’s most opulent Citroen, they had best have a Geiger Counter waved over them, because France’s food is processed by nuclear power, and in that Citroen limo, they are sitting on seats padded out with yellowcake!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia


*MmGW = Manmade global warming

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