by Sharon Rondeau

(Nov. 21, 2019) — A letter dated November 12, 2019 from the American Bar Association (ABA) addressed to New York State citizen Robert Laity responds to an email of complaint Laity sent to the organization about the conduct of Mark Zaid, an attorney representing the intelligence community “whistleblower” whose anonymous complaint touched off an “impeachment inquiry” to President Donald Trump.

The firm representing the “whistleblower” is the Compass Rose Law Group, PLLC.

Laity’s November 11, 2019 letter to the ABA stated, “It has been reported that Mr. Zaid made several public comments on social media, i.e. Twitter, in January 2017 regarding a ‘Coup’ against our nation’s President, Donald J. Trump Sr.

“Mr. Zaid wrote ‘#coup has started.  First of many steps.  #rebellion #impeachment will follow ultimately #Lawyers,'” Laity continued.

At 3:51 p.m. EST during his closing “impeachment inquiry” statement, House Intelligence Committee ranking member Devin Nunes quoted the same tweet from Zaid.

Specifically, Laity accused Zaid of violating ABA Ethics rules.

The response from Mary McDermott of the ABA states that “Lawyers are licensed by state supreme court’s to practice law. As the licensing agency, a state court supreme court is most often also responsible for investigating allegations of misconduct by lawyers they have licensed. The ADA does not license, investigate, or discipline lawyers based on allegations of a violation of a state’s rules of professional conduct” and refers Laity to the four state “disciplinary agencies” where Zaid is licensed.

On Thursday, Laity, who is an “associate member” of the ABA, wrote a response to McDermott in which he maintained that his complaint “references to the ABA Model Rules of Ethical Conduct.” [sic]  “If Mr. Zaid is a member of the ABA, the ABA would be the body that censures an Attorney for violations of those Model rules.”

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  1. I filed a complaint with the DC Bar Office of the Disciplinary Counsel Board of Professional Responsibility, DC Court of Appeals, against Zaid, on November 30, 2019.

  2. Correction: I have upgraded my membership status in the ABA.

    I have NOW joined the ABA as a Paralegal Member and group member of the Center for Professional Responsibility effective November, 2019.

  3. The several adverse comments about Lawyers is the main reason I wrote my complaint about Zaid’s unethical conduct. I have been an associate member of the ABA since 1989. I have not joined the ABA as a Paralegal Member and group member of the Center for Professional Responsibility. It is these complaints that allow those of us who are truly concerned, to promote the professional responsibility of lawyers and the standards of excellence that the legal profession must exhibit in order to act ethically. I intend to forward my complaints to the proper adjudication entities mentioned in the ABA’s response. They too should act accordingly and censure Mr. Zaid.

    Marshall, Everyone has a soul. It’s is how one maintains his or her soul that matters most.

    Jonathan, You may recall that both Barack Obama and Michelle Obama voluntarily surrendered their law degrees prior to their being sanctioned.

  4. LOL, the ABA. What is more evil than an attorney? The organization which “regulates” them. Membership in the ABA is evidence of a lack of a human soul. The “whistleblowers” attorney is one of them. Pretending that he isn’t exactly like all the rest of them is hilarious.

  5. Not surprising that the ABA would abnegate its responsibility to censure Zaid, since over the last couple of decades, the ABA has become a radical Left wing organization in league with radical Democrats and the media it controls.

  6. 08-28-08- TODAY = FREEDOM FROM RESPONSIBILITY by the American legal profession et al, making too many lawyers look like liars-for-hire and pimps of Lady Justice!.

    I have no faith whatsoever that the haughty naughty ABA or any state attorney licensing Board in the USA will discipline Joke and Coke Biden, Billy RICO Clinton, Andrew WaSSerman, Michael Porn Star Avenati, Shifty Schiff, Barry Barack “Full-Former name(s): None” Soetoro-Obama II and so many other ATTORNEY-CRIMINALS and 9-to-5 OUTLAWYERS acting out unaccountably IN PLAIN SIGHT everyday on tunnel vision television!

    When I wrote to IARDC about Fraud Obama II in 2015, the lady representing IARDC who answered my letter over the phone said I should check Obama’s attorney license on FACTCHECK.ORG site!

    Seems like the Soros’ subversive “Open Society” wants USA to have OPEN BORDERS, OPEN CITIZENSHIP, OPEN LANGUAGE, OPEN GENDER, OPEN GOVERNMENT, OPEN FLAG, OPEN FAMILY, OPEN NEWS, OPEN MARRIAGE, all as part of various UNTIED NATIONS’ schemes, and now, add to this list of mindless garbage, OPEN LAW ENFORCEMENT as part of America’s Homeland Insecurity schemes!

    And We the People, the first three words of the US Constitution, are 100% to blame for all this “legal profession” shame. Why? Because WE OWN AMERICA and its attendant behavior.