The Danes Prove that Traitorous Mind-Poisoner Adam Bandt, the “Little White Ant” of the Reality of Climate Change…Wrong!


November 16, 2019

Image credit: By Arngrímur Jónsson –, Public Domain,

Dear Editor,

Oh, what national treachery: the brainwashing and poisoning of the minds (and souls) of our impressionable young (and not-so-young) people! Because there is “climate change,” always has been, and always will be!

However that nefarious Greens politician, Adam Bandt, the “little white ant” of reasonableness (not to mention of Australian society), in supporting the calls of “arsonists” against his Greens’ political opponents and dog-whistling our young people to “rise up with an intensity worse than the bushfires” is not only beyond the pale, but treasonous (especially when so many recent bushfires have been started by Mother Nature’s lightning strikes)!

Adam Bandt, please note: Greens’ policies (and influence) have led to less and less burning of access tracks and other fire prevention along with more and more excessive highly-inflammable undergrowth (not to mention much less access to water, as dams are not being built)!

It’s nonsense we’re contributing to global warming to any great degree, and here’s proof: Danish archeological scientists from Copenhagen’s National Museum (which Sweden’s Greta should pop across the road to visit) have proven (refer to Nordic Science publication) Viking King Erik the Red grew barley to brew beer some 1,000 years ago in Greenland, when it was even hotter than today!

So Adam Bandt, as you, the whacko Greens, and Sweden’s – vested-interest, wealthy-adult-manipulated! – Greta all reckon the world is ending because Greenland’s ice and snow are melting today, will you all please explain why the world didn’t end 1,000 years ago when Viking Erik the Red was enjoying – just as most Aussies do in sunny Queensland! – a well-earned beer…in very sunny Greenland?


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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