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by Bob Russell, ©2019

(Nov. 15, 2019) — Left-wing dingbat elizabeth “Pocahontas” warren mocked the idea that Christian men would follow the Holy Bible in their relationships and further insinuated that no woman would want to marry a man under faith guidelines.  She goes on to comment about “hatefulness” and that no one “has the right” to expect others to live by their values.

Isn’t that EXACTLY what the leftist/satanist plan calls for?  I am called all kinds of names, including “hater,” because I refuse to worship at the altar of liberalism/satanism.  There is nothing hateful about following the Word of God; it is quite the opposite.  I hope to help others see the error of their ways and to steer them from the path of eternal suffering to the path of eternal happiness.  The truth is that the hatred comes from liberals like warren, who is only “inclusive” and “tolerant” of those who agree with her anti-God, anti-American sickness.  She assumes that no woman would ever agree to a man-woman monogamous marriage despite the millions of women now living that lifestyle.  The hatred and vitriol in the nation comes from liberals, not from conservatives, just as mass murders are committed by liberals and not conservatives.

Christians call for repentance unto salvation, and there is no “hatred” in wanting to see people find salvation through Jesus Christ, the only route to Heaven despite what liberals want to believe.  I don’t “hate” homosexuals, abortion supporters, nor moslems; I just see the error in their thinking and hope to be able to show them true love by helping them turn to the only path to eternal salvation.  I know many don’t want to hear they can’t have everything their way, but that’s the way it is.  Almighty God, Jehovah, not allah, created all things, and it is He who sets the rules, not mankind.

I haven’t set the rules to live by, but I follow His Word as best I can and try to enlighten those who can’t or won’t see the truth.  Is it hatred to tell a child not to play with matches, or stick things in an electrical outlet, or run out into the street without looking for cars?  According to warren it must be.  She was speaking to an lgbtqp group, so they naturally cheered her telling them there are no rules except the ones they themselves set, but that just isn’t true.  President Ronald Reagan once said, “It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.”

Reagan was right:  liberals, especially politicians, spout all kinds of feel-good garbage to get votes but are leading poor, unsuspecting, gullible people down a path to eternal destruction.  Sadly, too many Christians want to be accepted by godless people, so they cower in fear rather than stand on God’s Word.  I don’t care if every person in the world hates me as long as Jesus Christ likes me because He is the only one Who matters in eternity.

I saw an item a few days ago that said there are 58 different sexual identities recognized by liberals.  I only find two in the Holy Bible so that is what I will stay with despite all the hate and name-calling from liberals.  The day is going to come when moslems, the “religion of peace,” are going to force liberals to choose between islam and homosexual proponents.  When that day comes homosexuals are going to regret having cheered scum like warren because democrats will tell homosexuals that they aren’t worth getting their heads cut off for.  Right now democrats are abandoning blacks in favor of illegal aliens, and blacks have supported democrats by a 98% to 2% margin for almost 60 years.  That should tell homosexuals how secure they are in the democrat party, but they won’t believe it until warren, sanders, clinton, and the rest are helping moslems toss them off multi-story buildings.

It was liberal southern democrats that formed the Ku Klux Klan after the Civil War, created the Jim Crow laws and segregation, and destroyed black families through a welfare system designed to keep blacks poor and beholden to the democrat party.  Look at how any black who strays off the reservation is treated.  Clarence Thomas, a conservative black Supreme Court justice is vilified by the left, including a smear campaign used to try to stop his Senate confirmation.  Justice Thomas is hated because he doesn’t toe the liberal line, especially being a black man who defied liberalism and made something of himself without their “guidance.”

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are considered “leaders” in the black community, but what have they done besides cry “racism” every time they open their racist hateful yaps?  Have they done anything to help create real opportunity for poor blacks to better themselves?  The answer is a resounding NO, THEY HAVEN’T.  They will support the Black Panthers, Antifa, and BLM terrorists but have done nothing to encourage or help young blacks improve their lives.  From them and their ilk it is always “whitey owes you.”

All of the pseudo civil-rights groups have done nothing but stir up racial animosity and drive people farther apart.  Barak obama did everything he could to make things worse.  Instead of using his position to heal he used it to cause more animosity than ever before.  It is sad that liberals, despite all their ballyhoo about “civility,” “inclusiveness,” and “diversity” don’t embrace any of those qualities.  The only way to achieve their lofty approval is to submit completely to their totalitarian control, putting aside anything as “hateful” as living by the Word of God in deference to liberalism.  Those of us who refuse to do so are despised, ridiculed, and marginalized by those who worship themselves and their true “god,” satan.

Once again we see a perfect example of a liberal projecting her hatred onto others in order to disparage people of faith.  Projection is an often-used tactic of liberals.  They take their own hatred and prejudice and attribute them to people who are totally innocent of the charges but are targets that their just-as-hateful minions will leap on without question or reason.  As for myself, I will never cower before the false god of liberalism.  Liberals can project their hate on me all they want, as I believe every word in the Holy Bible and strive to follow it literally as well as figuratively and will stand against their agenda of intimidation.  I seek only the approval of Jesus Christ and will not turn from him to get the approval of men or women who reject Him.  Jesus told His apostles that before people hated them they hated Him, and we see that hate continued today.  Moslems, who truly hate homosexuals and kill them, are given a pass by liberals because moslems also worship satan.  A true follower of Jesus Christ, as I am, has no hate in his heart for anyone but wants to see all find salvation through Jesus.

I submit this in the name of The Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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  1. @Kari

    Someone, like Elizabeth Warren, who supports abortion on demand, including post birth, simply because the mother doesn’t want the child cannot possibly be more a Christian than someone, like President Trump, who opposes that.

  2. No democrat should say they are christians and support democrats in office, thou shall do NO murder, and abortion is murder, the gay agenda, read Romans I and pay special attention to verse 32. Look at the fruits of democrats, and open your eyes, I voted for a Clinton decades ago and had to repent, never again will I believe a democrat believes in the one true God. I now vote right, always , we freed the slaves.

  3. Elizabeth Warren is a Christian. More a Christian than trump who tried to deport sick kids undergoing life saving medical treatments unavailable in their nation.

  4. The Messiah called the Edomite, Pharisee Judaic Talmudic Judeans, “Children of the Devil, murderers, liars, hypocrites, & Synagogue of Satan”, correct? BOTH Islam & Pharisee Judaic Talmudism are anti-Christian sects and should be treated as such. What? You didn’t know that the Esau-Edomites were conquered by the Israelites and forced to convert to their religion, Hebrew Israelite Torahism? Yes, it was these forced-converts that hated the Israelites & The Messiah and still do. BTW, King Herod was a full Edomite.